Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've Got Yellow Fever!

These barstools looked a little trashy. 

What did you expect? 

I did find them in somebody's trash.

They even looked worse in person. Gray is nice and all, but these just looked like junk, maybe something you'd have in your garage so you could sit at your workbench. Nothing wrong with that, but I no longer have a garage, and somehow this pair needed to get a little style on. Meanwhile, there were places on the backs of the legs and undersides of the rungs that you can't see in the pictures where they looked stricken with leprosy.

The seats appeared to be handmade replacements crudely attached. The rusty screws stuck up from the seat. The width looked to me like it should be cut down a bit so they weren't so wide. I got them marked so that one day when I had the circular saw out I could do that, but I avoid getting things out if I don't have to, because, if you get it out, you also have to put it away, along with the long extension cord.

No thanks. I would rather choose other projects with only slightly less if any "getting out and putting away" involved.

For a while, the barstools did stand in as saw horses and project tables. They could come in pretty handy that way, especially since I didn't have a place to use barstools per se. The rest of the time they've been relegated to an outdoor life in my stash where they hugged the back of the house trying to stay dry during rain storms, huddled together to stay warm during our few cold days and trying to keep hope alive that one day they would be re-rescued from their rescuer's pile of junk. They had dreams of becoming cute and useful so they could live a meaningful life.

Well thanks to Little Miss Buttercream (the name I have decided to assign the rolling cart which was recently refurbished) and her stylish new color scheme, these barstools took a cue and have adopted a copycat style.

Although the barstools and the cart grew up in the same town, they never knew or saw each other until junking fate brought them together. Yet, they are a junk match made in heaven. Seeing as the barstools' tops have a similar look to Miss Buttercream's, they were painted to compliment her.

I almost veered from the new yellow and white combo as I experimented with painting different aquas, blues and greens on each of the slats of one of the barstools as a test, but since the legs were already yellow, I decided that looked a bit too busy. This simple color combo suits them.

Line them up with Little Miss Buttercream, the new cart, and they make a formidable a team.

They have a certain outdoor charm if you ask me. The stools would well-suit a beachy porch or patio, or a farmhouse or rustic kitchen. They have no plans to put on airs; they know their place and it's with downhome folks with a sunny style.

Of course, I'm not done with subtle yellow and Winter white. I have another project underway. Any guesses what color it's intended to be?

yes, I see no sense messing with it when you have a good thing going.

You know full-well that I don't want to have to make another color decision if I don't have to.

Here she is... the fairly recent addition to the stash by way of the trash.
She's already a creamy, dull yellowish color, but she was given a wash of some sort of antiquing medium before she hopped in the back seat and came home with me from the side of the road, and frankly she just looks dirty. Her day will come soon.

You might say I have yellow fever right now. Don't worry. I've built up an immunity to it. I'll be over it in no time... As soon as another go to color combo comes along, I'll be off on that whim, leaving yellow fever behind.

I'm sorry if yellow fever turns out to be contagious, but that's how color viruses spread - blog to blog contact.

So, be careful out there!

Oh, and really do be careful out there. In a mindless mishap, I poured boiling corn on the cob water over my own hand on Saturday evening. "How does one do such a dumb thing?" you might ask. Well, I was rushing and not thinking (obviously), and when I went to pour the water into the sink, I reached to turn on the faucet to rinse it down as I started dumping it and basically just stuck my hand right where I was to pour. Yeah, brilliant, huh?

Worse yet, I made the same dumb move just a few weeks before. Can you believe I didn't learn the first time? Yes, of course you can. This time the water was even hotter. It had just come off the heat from a boil. I had to keep my hand in a bowl of cold water for almost three hours the pain was so intense, despite taking Ibuprofen immediately.

I'm hoping two times is the charm on this lesson. I don't want to go for three. My burn covers the top of my hand and the worse part is it's in the same place where I burned my hand when a handful of sparklers exploded many years ago (another pretty dumb move). This skin is looking worse with each day, but thankfully not blistering so far.

And thankfully it's not my scrubbing, sanding, hammering, prying nails or painting hand. Whew!

Until next time...

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  1. burns are the worst! take care, liz:) using the stools as saw horses is such a great idea! love the little table is a cutie!

  2. I kind of like the idea of the stools as saw horses as ours are buried beneath our kayaks. I'm keeping my eyes open for a set for myself.

    Love the yellow, by the way! They are a cute threesome. Do I see an occasional sale in your future?

  3. So many great projects! I like to idea to use them as saw horses. :) I hope your hand is feeling better.

  4. Oh pretty! I love the yellow and white color combination!

  5. Hi Liz,
    OMG about your hand. Take care of that so you do not get an infection!!! You know me always the nurse!!!! I love the trio now. I wish I lived closer I would be taking that set and putting it in my garden for the summer. I love the yellow and white together. You need to do a sale you have some pretty awesome pieces to sell!!!! Take care of that hand!!!!!!

  6. ahhhh Liz I would NOT call u a hoarder..I'm seeing what looks like GOOD WOOD in that picture..one looks like it may be WALNUT.
    *about Mother's Day..they did listen pretty much..we had the weekend all to ourselves..headed to World market today to use a gift care 'whoopee'.we're back in Mongt M-F AFTER THIS WEEK..4 more days.
    [I 'lost' my Reply option will hv to ask Heather to put it back I don't rem how to do it}

    Have a great week.


  7. Take care of your VIJH (Very Important Junkin' Hand!). If you see red lines radiating from it, go to the doctor's. As for the yellow fever stools, they are truly wonderful with little Miss Buttercream. I will take all three. The stools would make great fern stands!

  8. Oh gosh - hope your hand is feeling better today. Burns are no fun at all. Better hire in a cook I say. :D

    The stools look great with their makeover and paired with the little table! I see you're out of the pink phase and on to the yellow. Just back to the pink for your hand. Poor you. Heal fast young girl! :)

  9. Love that shade of yellow! I hope your burn heals soon! Nothing hurts worse!!

  10. Your yellow items are set off by that raspberry finial in the background!
    You created quite a pretty pair in your yellow fever days. :)

  11. This is the most attractive case of yellow fever I've ever encountered! Now, how about a bar to go with those stools! I'll bet you have components in your stash somewhere!

  12. I love the yellow and white idea, it feels summery. I was looking for a nice shade for my backyard, but haven't settle on one yet.

  13. I started using feedly and noticed you have your feed set up so that the reader has to click thru... can you tell me how you set that up on blogspot? I would be so appreciative!

  14. I love yellow, so these are all perfect. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that is ongoing. - - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/05/164th-inspire-me-tuesday.html Hugs, Marty

  15. The yellow with the white top looks great. Just the right amount of distressing too. I painted some shabby garden stuff white today. Paint sure sprucing junk up nicely.

  16. I love your new yellow pieces! The cart and bar stools turned out great. I love the shade of yellow you chose too....not too bright, but perfect for the sunshine state...:) I need to tackle another project or two, but am thinking it may have to wait with everything I have coming up. I can barely squeeze in my craft room though! Anywho, can;t wait to see what you do next...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  17. lovely set you have created with that pretty yellow paint. great job. what's next? :)

  18. I'm feeling your pain! That corn on the cob water can be so nasty. I just started plucking the corn out of the pot and disposing of it later. Hope your poor hand is on the mend.
    Love the buttercream paint. Oh yes, they do make a great team.

  19. Love the little TRIFECTA, you have there! The buttercream is complimentary to all three. :)
    Be careful girl, burns are nothing to be reckoned with.
    Aloe is the best thing for it...IMHO.


  20. Love the yellow! What a great transformation! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  21. Hi, I love the new look you gave them. It's funny, I just bought some yellow paint yesterday to paint a little ladder. It just seems like such a "springy" color. Great job...Connnie

  22. I love this yellow color you're using...it really gives the stools and table an "old" look...just the perfect muted shade. I can't wait to see what you do with the next table!

    Sorry about your burn...they are SO painful. I got a steam burn on my hand at a party at my own house. I had ice cubes on it the whole time. Then someone ran and got me some burn cream and that helped a lot.

    Visiting from Sherry's party and am loving your blog. Now a follower!


  23. The stools turned out great! So sorry about your hand...ouch! I hope it heals quickly. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays.


  24. Love the color combo Liz. I have painted a few pieces yellow lately. I called mine mustard. Really cute little trio the three of them together. Love the new find and know how fabulous she will look after you work your magic. Be careful. Sounds like something I would do. Once I was caramelizing some almonds to toss into a salad. When the sugar coated almonds stuck to the spoon I stuck my finger on them to scrape them off. YIKES! What was I thinking? Obviously, I wasn't. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. I've had yellow fever too... It does seem to be highly contagious. It is spreading throughout my house like wildfire and now it has even moved outdoors!


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