Friday, March 18, 2005

Looking for greener grass

I have got to get a digital camera! There are just too many things to photograph in a day that I miss because I don’t have my big 35 mm with me, and rarer still is a day when I have film in it anyway.

And does everybody see as much odd stuff as I do, or am I just usually in the right place at the right time? I took Casey to school a few minutes ago and on my way back to get to work, this guy who looked like he was in his forties was crossing the road in front of me on this crazy bike. Well, it looked like a humongous tricycle, like freakishly circus sized (maybe the guy was formerly a clown) but it was actually a two wheeled bicycle. It looked like a tricycle from the side because the front wheel seemed as tall as a mini van and the back wheel was teeny tiny in comparison. And it seemed even funnier because I was turning right and he was crossing the road I was turning onto, so he was hurrying to get across, thinking I might hit him I guess (which I assure you I would not have done). How could I hit a grown man on a huge tricycle thing? And I couldn’t help but see him; he was peddling with all his might to beat me out and it was hilarious, his feet going round and round at cartoon hyper speed in these tiny circles. I could have had an accident because I was craning my neck around as I drove on, looking backward trying to figure out how the thing worked, with only that little wheel in the back, and it was really skinny like an old time bicycle. I just drove on and wondered, “Where did he get that thing?” and “Why would a grown man ride that thing down a busy street?” But then, I’m sure people wonder about me sometimes too, so I’ll just enjoy the oddity of the show and keep my eyes open for what else might be out there today.

On another note, I thought you might like to get a report on how my fertilizer (weed and feed) worked. If not, I feel compelled to tell you anyway, because maybe you will know what the big problem is or maybe it will save you the trouble of fertilizing your own yard to no avail, especially if your spreader wheel is so hard to turn that while trying to push the thing, you become the neighborhood spectacle. I think they might hold a block party next time I fertilize and get their lawn chairs and coolers out and make an event of it. But then maybe I could just fertilize under the cover of darkness in the future and save myself the embarrassment.

So here’s the deal, my yard hardly looks any different after nearly a week. I watered after I fertilized and then we had two days of rain. What’s that all about? I expected a lush, green lawn with all the weeds shriveled up and keeling over as if they had been poisoned. Nope. The weeds seem hardy, happy and even sort of shiny like I applied conditioner instead of weed killer, and the sort of wimpy brown areas don’t seem to have perked up in the least. That wasn’t what I gave my sweat, money and dignity for. And I don’t want to tell you the brand I used because I hate to knock a product. I’ll just say, it wasn’t the cheap stuff. I only did the front and side yards and a little of the back so I could see if there was a difference, and as much as I want to, I don’t see marked improvement yet. Maybe I should quit going out and checking so often. Maybe I should put some more weed and feed down. If a little is good, a lot is better? Nah, that never works, or does it? I’ll give it til tomorrow and do another close up inspection. Maybe it needs today’s sunshine to kick in and give it that final punch toward growth. I just really wanted it to look like my neighbor’s yard on the corner near us. Theirs is always full and lush. And it’s always greener. Of course.

Lastly, via email, “after careful consideration” by the editor, rejection number two came yesterday. (a mini “told you so”). A very nice one if that makes a difference. They were kind enough to encourage me to submit again. But why? So I can be rejected over and over and over? Whatever. Apparently my stories don’t seem to meet anyone’s current editorial needs. I’m still mulling over what that means exactly. I think it just means, “you don’t fit in.” I’ve read other stuff in these publications and I think I’m sending the type of thing they might print, but then who knows where I cross the line. I have two more submissions out there hanging in the balance. We’ll see what kind of “editorial needs” these other two publications have and whether I can squeeze into somebody’s mold somewhere one day.

And it’s another blessed half day at Casey’s school today. So now that I’ve blogged, it’s practically time to go back and pick her up. It’s a good thing I’m “working” from home today. Well, if you call what I’m doing working. I guess it appears more like goofing off. But good thing I don’t have to be anywhere or this half day would be a big problem. Thing is I do need to make some money, so I should be self-regulating my time a little better and get working on the project at hand so I can make a deposit next week instead of a credit withdrawl. Yeah, I’m brilliant aren’t I?


  1. Ha! I see that the rejections aren't coming as fast and furiously as you planned, Missy. Maybe they don't fit their needs right now because they just bought someone else's stuff that's similar to, but really not as good as, yours and now they are kicking themselves in the posterior, wishing they'd just waited a little bit longer and gotten the goods. That's why they want you to keep submitting. So do it.

    As for weed and feed, just think back if you remember to the neighbor Steve and I had in LP who thought if a little is good, more is better and a week later looked out his window, not to see shiny green weeds and grass, but a sea of shriveled brown vegetative death. Yep, not one leaf of green, weeds or otherwise, remained. Those weeds need time to suck all the poison up (poor babies) and the grass all the nutrients up and send them thru their little green veins before anything happens. Patience is a virtue (not held in any measure by any of the Kiedis persuasion).

  2. Well, thanks for the weed and feed advice. I had no idea. But patience... I think I have an over abundance. To a detriment. Remember I am still on dial up AOL among other things. My next post will tell you what else I am being patient about.


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