Friday, August 12, 2005

The Reveal

Seeing as it's Friday, and Friday is a great home show night on TV, I think it fitting to finally post the reveal of Casey's room. I still feel we need to paint the walls, but since Cael and I just painted it a year ago and I just painted much of the rest of the house within the last month or so, and the color is sort of neutral, we are foregoing the final touch of painting for a while. We did well to get the room this far, this fast if I do say so myself.

So, Here it is. Please note the beach towel curtains and the day bed with adjustable arms that go up for a couch-like, daytime sitting area, or lie flat for sleeping.

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Quite cool! The rug has a match to it in the bathroom where there is also a shower curtain that coordinates with the flower pattern on the towels and pillow. Yeah, we are quite happy with it. We also have a large picture to hang on the wall, but the wall is concrete block, and it's not that simple to drill anything into concrete block, so that is yet another project on hold. One of these days we'll do a room and complete it all at the same time. I'm hoping anyway.

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Another view:

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There is also a green lava lamp there on one of the cubes that looks really nice with everything. Very 60's groovy. Pretty cool the way it turned out, seeing as it's all of about 6 x 10 feet downstairs below the loft. Feels amazingly spacious for a room the size of walk-in closet.

And here is the occupant. She is demonstrating the official facial expression for her teenage years.

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But that was just a ruse. She's always got a smile in there somewhere. She's such a good sport.
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But we probably haven't seen the last of that look.

So there you have it. Now it's almost time for more home shows to inspire me to new decorating heights. You know, maybe I will film the other room we recently worked on and make you some still frames of that too. I know... you can hardly wait. Woo hoo!


  1. Katie and I LOVE it. And it's so good to see Casey, too! we are just home from the airport and it's 12:30 AM and time for bed. More soon, but it's just great! You should have your own show.

  2. It is sooo nice and such a difference. One would never guess it is such a small area.

    Katie is sleeping off a jet lag, welcome to SF's altitude and low smacks you in the a.. at first. Mar is out walking the dog. All is well.


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