Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big Thrills and Free Slurpees

Well, you might not gather what big a thrill it is to get a free slurpee on what we like to call "National 7-11 day", because the girls wouldn't let me take a picture despite the event we make of it. It's become a tradition here ever since Cael let us in on the exciting news that 7-11 gives out free sample-sized slurpees on their "birthday". Unfortunatly, the girls were being a pain all morning, so due to a lack of anything better, I am forced to enclose the dorky proof our endeavor below.

We had to claim our freebie early because Cally had to go to work. Casey was still sleeping when Cally and I were ready to head out on the annual trek for freeness, so we awakened her and she just came along in her pajamas, hair askew. I know, Stacey and Clinton would have a fit. But this is 7-11, and as I recall having mentioned in the past, probably last year, the 7-11 parking lot, not to mention the store itself, carries it's weight in "ick factor" anyway. Today was no exception. Upon our arrival, we exited the car only to find a man had just thrown up by the side of a truck on the way in (still bent over and wiping his mouth). Yeah... wow. Couldn't he have gone around the corner of the building where people weren't going in and out trying to have a free-slurpee party? The fact that people pour sticky stuff out the doors of their cars onto the ground is annoying, but when it's vomit, that just lands the 7-11 parking lot a spot as one of the grossest places on earth. But anyway, we got in there and spotted the cups right off. Sadly, because we were so early, the machines were on defrost and runny as could be. Awwww.... gee.... That is not proper slurpee consistency. We turned all of the handles on to promote instant freezing (a trick you pick up if you are a connoisseur) and we got the cherry to resemble a slushy substance. We forgot straws but that was probably because we were in a hurry due to the awkward nature of walking out without paying for something, one of us in PJ's. No one yelled at us though, and there was a cop right outside the door. None of the clerks summoned him to nab us, so we felt the free rule still applied, even though the cup didn't actually have the word "free" on it this year. I like it better when it's really obvious and in large letters. I understand that they will give out 1,000 free samples per store today. I think that if our car wasn't in the shop, Casey and I would help them meet their quota and go back for another cup. And over all, desite the vomiting man and the defrosting slurpees, we were pleased with the general goodwill of 7-11 to celebrate by offering us a free-slurpee. Let freedom ring!

Here is a testimonial picture of me and the slurpee cup... me looking dorky again. Surprise, surprise! Thought I'd carry on the "me and my cup" tradition started with the dunkin donuts shot from last month since the girls weren't cooperating with photo shoots today. Heck, I could do a whole book of dorky shots. It's not that hard to come up with them as you can plainly see. Anything for your amusement.

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  1. I'd say only about 4 on the 1 to 10 dork factor. Wish we had 7/11 stores here!


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