Wednesday, September 05, 2012


You may remember a couple of weeks ago that I created a concoction that was supposed to solve my mosquito woes. According to the email my friend received, if we mixed this certain potion, which you can read about HERE, and left it in a corner for two weeks, when we lifted the black fabric cover, we would be astounded by the number of dead mosquitoes trapped by what I have dubbed this "diabolical mosquito potion".

After a week, I had to know if it was working, so I peeked. Nothin'.

Today, I went to do the final reveal and since many of you wanted to know if this worked, here is what I saw:

That would be...


All that's in there is the potion. Not a single mosquito gave its life to my cause. What a crock and a waste of time. I wanted massive mosquito deaths! All I can say is that with all the yeast in there, at least it did smell like fresh baked bread in the house once I opened it up.

So, I now know one mosquito remedy that doesn't work.

The past two days I've been nearly eaten alive, so next up I'll attempt my next mosquito experiment. I've brought home some dryer sheets from my friend's house, and I'm giving the "keep a dryer sheet with you" antidote a try, which so many people have recommended.

I'm a mosquito magnet, so I can't imagine a dryer sheet's gonna beat out the alluring scent of my ankles, but I'll be sure to let you know!


  1. I hae a giant rosemary plant, and I have noticed that when I rub some rosemary on my legs, I don't get mosquito bites...maybe coincidence, maybe not. Also mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue (I read that somewhere), so when outside avoid wearing jeans or blue colors. I read that whites or light colors are best. Hope it helps

  2. You may have to tuck a sheet into each pocket, make anklets, and fashion a bandana out of them. Good luck!! :)

  3. The dag-gum skeeters are so bad here in southeast Ga,we had to purchase a skeeter eater heater,it runs off a propane tank,and the contraption looks like something from out space,but it works!! It some how another draws the skeeters in with this bait and traps 'em in this little screen pull out drawer,I know that sounds crazy but like I said the dawg-gone thang works great,every day we have to empty the little drawer and it is full of dead skeeters.

  4. Good luck! I've heard about the dryer sheets and the Avon spray, etc., but here in Houston I don't think anything deters them.
    My grandma used to put plastic bags over her shoes and ankles and then secure with a rubber band while she gardened. She swore by Listerine, too!

  5. Time for Max Deet - it is the only thing that works.

  6. "What a crock and a waste of time. I wanted massive mosquito deaths!"

    This made me LOL!!!

    Thanks for being our guinea pig Liz-

  7. I love, love, love you very original and interesting blog, Liz! So glad your my new follower so I could find you! I have the "Paris Mondays" giveaway on the first Monday of each month, so you can enter forever! I'll be back later to go through your whole much better than reading a book! xoxo's Pam

  8. I am a meal for them too. We light mosquito repellent candles which really do work. We place them all around the garden in Summer when we are outside. Also empty all containers containing still water,it's a breeding haven for them. x

  9. I tried a home made potion to get rid of Yellow jackets in my back yard and I had the same results! UGH!
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. I remember ( sort of ) when the kids were younger that suddenly people had discovered that some AVON spray repelled bugs. AVON did not do it on purpose but it worked. I do not remember the name but I do know that we purchased some and it worked. No wonder, haha. It would repel anything DID work on mosquitos in the evening though.

  11. What a bummer! I still have some Avon Skin So Soft from ages ago that still works to repel mosquitoes. I've seen the dryer sheet thing several places. Let us know if it works!

  12. I found that once I reduced my sugar intake I was no longer a mozzie feast. Something about reducing sugar changes your insulin & makes you smell differently.
    Prior to this I was a mozzie buffet EVERY NIGHT!! No matter where I was inside or out.
    Good luck!


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