Thursday, February 17, 2005

My Magically Smooth Complexion

(Sorry, Photo Unavailable)

So I plop down at my computer after one of my daughters has exchanged huffy tones with me in place of a lilting "good night". I sigh and say to the one falling asleep nearby on my bed, "Look at this face... I'm getting older by the minute." Her reply, "You look pretty good in this light; it makes your skin look smooth." "Yeah," I respond, "here in the pitch dark." She says, "No, the way the computer light shines on your face."

Gotta love that girl. And so you have it. Here in the dark, the glow of the monitor strikes my cheekbones with some apparently magical haze, and I look pretty good. I'd have thought the blue/grey light would only paint a "Friday the 13th" palor around my eyes and into the hollows of my cheeks. I guess the eyes of a child see differently. I'd like to think they see more clearly. Yes, I'll go with that. The question is how to maintain this magically smooth complexion beyond the darkness where adults roam free. Well, that will be another matter altogether, now won't it. But, no matter, after all, I've had my moment. And it is all about the moments.

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