Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Told You So

It's not nice to say "I told you so." I know that. I normally try to avoid those words and even the underlying implication. No one likes to be talked down to. I know that uttering those words gives one the appearance of having their nose held higher than what is considered becoming. But if the words were said, say in reference to my prediction that I would be receiving rejection today, and then the prediction comes true, my head would no doubt be cast somewhat downward, a sign of my dejection. It would be difficult under such circumstances to have my nose in the air, wouldn't you say? My "I told you so" would only indicate that I have a keen sense of the obvious, which I must, not a sense of superiority. So let me say that today along with my mailman dressed in a yellow raincoat, came a letter to me from me, with my logo in the return address spot. Only a rejection notice comes in a self-addressed, stamped envelope from myself to myself. I do believe I told you so.

The surprise was the company from which I was rejected right off the bat. This was the one I sort of thought might bite, but now, looking back, I guess I should have known they wouldn't be interested in this story. And let me tell you, finding someone who would be interested in the kind of thing I write is not that easy. This was, however, the second nicest rejection I have received; and I think I've had 4 prior to this. I know, it's early in the game; I'm sure there is rejection galore awaiting me ahead. I hope I can continue to face it without letting it dash my dreams.

This company, unlike many, actually sent a letter with a list of reasons why I may have been rejected, which shows more class than others. They made a check mark next to the line that said my story didn't fit their editorial needs. However, in apparently female handwriting, someone had kindly written, "Sorry!" at an angle after it. Well, either they were being kind or making a point of how bad it was... (i.e. your writing is sorry!) I took it as a kind word implying that they felt bad having to reject me and so I enjoyed this notice more than some. I sent the same story to three places altogether. I await two more answers. I submitted yet a different story elsewhere. I expect I'll be getting mail from myself again tomorrow if my timetable continues to hold true. Four days to New York, four days back.

It's nice to know there are some things I can count on.

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  1. I live for the day I can tell YOU, "I told you so." It will happen. Oh happy day.


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