Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm Big Enough

I suppose if a person goes around saying “I told you so” when they are right, they should be big enough to say, “I was wrong” when they are wrong. And so today, I freely and humbly admit, “I was... wr...wr... wr... onnn...wr... wr... OK, I was wrong.” I expected rejection number two today and it did not arrive. Not today. However, I don’t for a minute believe that means it’s not coming, I believe that means there was bad weather in the North or the postal folks were having that ever so rare “off day.” But I will spare you further predictions. If another self-addressed, stamped envelope bearing my little imageremix logo and shouting “Reject!” via US post is delivered to my address, I will be up front and share the pathetic news with you. If a bizarre stroke of something unexplainable should paint itself across my life and someone actually reads my submission and chooses me, well then, I will be sure to give a big “woo hoo!” over the blogwaves and let you in on it.

For now you have my permission to take a break from the edge of your seat where I’m sure you’ve been nervously perched, biting your fingernails or holding your breath as you await my updates. You’ll be needing those fingers to blog on your own site; and breath, well, it can come in pretty handy too.

Carry on in your world. I was going to go out and spread fertilizer on the lawn following after my daughter as she mowed it, but she just backed out of our little deal. Argh! It’s hard to find good, cheap help these days. My big guy has rehearsal every evening and all day Saturday, (almost as if he planned it that way, eh?). The responsible one is cleaning a house and baby-sitting. The young one backed out for reasons I can relate to but nevertheless, the job is not getting done and all this rain is doing nothing to help the brown grass grow; it needs fertilizer. To fertilize, you’re supposed to cut the grass first. And you know I sure as heck don’t want to do it. Maybe I can go ply the young one with some sort of candy related bribe. Candy and money, the world’s most powerful weapons. I’ll let you know whether she, with her 21st century child savvy, has developed countermeasures against such an arsenal, or whether this ploy still holds sway over the hearts and minds of even today’s youth.


  1. hey, hey! It works and your links work and everything! Yaaaaaa!!!!!

  2. yeah, I'm still wrong. But I remembered that a couple of the magazines were slightly slower than the others. Maybe this one doesn't actually have the rejection notice olympics like the others. Maybe they are pros who get paid to waste time.


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