Monday, July 18, 2005

As Promised

Despite my misfortune with the $8.99 before tax skirt during laundering, I did manage to get a photo before I annihilated it.

Feast your eyes on this baby...

Please scroll down...

Just a bit more...

Come on, it's worth the effort...

I look so HOT!...

Ta da....

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It's my Florida Summer Outfit... in silouette form. Just look at those lines. The form is exquisite, don't you think? Isn't it just gorgeous after all? And really this photo is nothing without the accent of the new brown wall. The brown isn't exactly coming across as it really looks, but what do you expect with a throw away camera? In real life it is a rich brown, and with the textured walls, it looks like leather. I think it's tres chic.

Okay, here's the real thing, but please... this photo can be described as nothing less than dorky. But I said I'd show you and at least it's not as bad as the other one we took. See what I mean that it's not really all that summery? I guess I was confused by all the excitement of having a new skirt, $8.99 before tax.

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Cheap shoppers mustn't be too choosey.


  1. The skirt is so cute.

    Remember the three most terrifying words in Fashion are "dry clean only",,,,which translated means, don't wash it. Sorry it has been annihlated.

  2. I, too, think it is cute (as are you, of course) and yes, summery. Sorry it's gone. mk

  3. Not exactly gone, it's just gray now. I wear it in the house and expect to adventurously wear it elsewhere when struck by an "I don't care" mood.


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