Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rationalization vs Breakthrough

Word to the wise. Brilliant purchases that make you feel a little high and mighty about your shopping savvy are nothing more than tools meant to catapult you headlong into humility.

Remember my new summer skirt, $8.99 before tax. I washed it (isn’t that what you’re supposed to do after wearing something all day in the summer heat?) It came out of the dryer looking like it cost $8.99 before tax. Unfair! The black background has now been reduced to a mere tonal fraction of its original intensity. It looks like I’ve had it since junior high.

Other than that I don’t have a lot to say about this life of mine. Well, other than the fact that I did have a breakthrough today during church. I realized that there are people who go on vacation for a month+ during the summer. Lots of people. I get bent out of shape with myself if I lay on the couch and read for a while on a Saturday or sunday afternoon. What am I thinking? There are people jet skiing, hiking, boating, lounging, shopping, dining out every day for weeks, reading and doing whatever they please. Of course the month-long vacation set have regular and hefty incomes to support a life of summertime leisure, but heck, I think I deserve some summertime leisure on the grounds that I DON’T have hefty and/or regular income. How about that?

You know, you can pretty much find an excuse for anything if you give yourself the time to think it through. Due to today’s breakthrough (rationalization) you can find me on the couch this afternoon, avoiding discount stores that lure stupid shoppers with $8.99 skirts, and I’ll be enjoying my day of rest. Hope you do too.


  1. Darn right you deserve a break today...and at least one day a week you should do whatever relaxes and recharges you. God says so.

    PS have you checked Nate S's blog lately? Did you know he's married? I'm sure he's too young.

  2. Of course! I've been following his transition from college to married life like a good soap. Get with it, Mare! And yes, he is young. But who are we to say what's TOO young? He is much more mature than we were at that age. I'm certain of it. And we have to let our little ones grow up and figure things out for themselves, don't we. Ahh, it's hard being a mother figure to the world at large and bearing their burdens from across the blogwaves.


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