Thursday, May 26, 2005

Home in his own bed

They're safely back and exhausted, and only the stories remain to be told. We heard some on the way home, but I had way too many questions, and Cael was so tired and says he never wants to ride in a car or bus again for a long time after all the long bus rides they took in their travels. They had a turbulent flight on the way home and from Cael's telling, everyone screamed when the plane dropped 1000 feet. He didn't journal (he forgot he says), he took only two rolls of film (says he didn't realize he had four disposable cameras) but he says they saw the most beautiful sights (he loved Italy), he spent some time on an incredible mountaintop past the clouds, in the snow (and apparently it began snowing really hard while up they were up there) with very impractical clothing and we got to hear stories of some of the guys late night pranks and how the money situtation went. So if I can catch him for long enough to hear the stories before he forgets amid all that is going on today through graduation and the parties of the weekend, I will pass on all that I am permitted to along with some photos. The guys all grew little scraggly chin beards like shaggy but they will have to shave this morning for their awards ceremony and for graduation. Ah, what an experience.

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