Monday, May 09, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The Junior/Senior Banquet has come and gone. Here is a little recap of our photo shoot beforehand. There's much more, but we'll keep it to this for now.

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I wanted more moment shots like this, but it didn't happen. I was really lucky to get this one.

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The work of the one, the only, the talented...Elyse. You have no idea what a hit this hair was!

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Don't see this everyday!

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The ladies of the group.

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The gentlemen.

And that's all I have time for at the moment, as now that the banquet is over with, we have moved on to getting Cael ready for the trip to Europe. There's always something to occupy our time. And one of these days I will get started on those graduation videos. Really.


  1. Gorgeous girl! What a great dress - and hair - not to mention a beautiful face. Cally! Wow! And the photographer did a great job, too. And Cael, I'm not forgetting you - you handsome devil you. Hope it was every bit as fun as it looks.

  2. So wait a minute, we left 6 weeks ago. Cally developed those curves since then ? True I haven't seen her in an evening gown lately [never], but .....Cally you look Amazing. The hair is awesome as well, and I thought the bare feet lent a touch of elegance.
    Cael, you're the guy...You get awesomely handsome, nice suit and actually your hair was quite amazing too.

    Liz, I'm looking forward to seeing all of the photos when I'm home. Don't get Mom a loveseat until after the 30th of May. I need a place to sleep. I'm arriving on Thurs at 5 pm and leaving Monday 2 ish pm.

    to the editor ------the above, though not quirky by definition is requesting a one time exemption. I'll work on quirky.

    Today is May 14th. It is considered to be the official probably gonna be frost free from now til late Sept folks so go buy some plants Day. So everyone in Santa Fe and surrounding environs did.
    Our day started when the MMM's and me, wait that's, that's four M's so that's M4, got a love a keyboard shortcut. M4 met at the Santa Fe Market which covers an area maybe half a football field [ imaginative parking allows everyone in SF and surrounding environs [ SE from now on] to park in a an area half that size. We bought tomatoes and cabbage and cucumbers and lettuce mixtures and beans and a Sugar Baby watermelon for Melanie and every herb known to Woman Who Cooks which lucky fro me are M3, and oh, I don't know what else. I bought more flowers. And we all came home and planted in our little respective gardens. M2 planted at their house and will plant in our mutual 80 sq ft patch tomorrow. Mary planted in her plot that sits above the mutual plot on a sort of terrace [ read sloping hill]. I planted my Columbines, one apricot/yellow mix, one blue, one yellow in a big container outside my front steps, it's an ugly cream plastic one, but it was there and full of dirt , a big plus, and my Dahlias in an electric blue pot.
    While Mary was planting, the skies to the west got
    dark and we heard faint thunder [thunder here is quite magnificent as the sound reverbs off the mountains ]. Sometime later I heard loud PIIINNNGS and called to the cat to stop whatever he was doing [ much as you might speak to a toddler when you really do not want to get up right now and deal w/ it } The pings continued and how silly of me, it was big fat raindrops pinging on my stovepipe. Rain is so welcome here that I flew to the window to gauge the rainfall and lo and behold......we planted therefore we shall have hail. And quite a lot of it, tho most of it was pea-sized. Mary stopped by to tell me that her tomatoes were still standing after Mom Nature's NaNaNaNaNa....
    Our Vistas were quirked today.



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