Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here blogging, I mean. I can only figure that I'm blogging because I don't have any other diversions from my work that I can fall back on legitimately at the moment. Last night I managed to divert myself with hours and hours of photoshop work. I had taken pictures of the kids while they were all still here together (see above) since they probably won't be again until who knows when, what with Cally going back to college and Cael planning to go into the Marines any day now. Out of the 24 or so I took, I took three photos (all similar) of the kids together on the front porch step. Each of the kids looked best in a separate shot... of course. Once I got started trying to blend each of their best pictures together into one photo and had a bit of success... there was no stopping me. It became an obsession (and what doesn't, you might ask?). This went on into the early morning hours and became a sort of contest with myself. The good news is, I WON! Oh... which one of me won? That's the beauty of competing with yourself... whichever you that you want always wins. The me who did an incredible work of photoshop magic really did make the most impressive showing. I would include the photo to prove it, but at this point, after putting that much time into something so frivilous, I must save it for the Christmas card. To give it away so soon would be premature, for sure. Plus then you would see how much time a person can waste in an evening on something of such little consequence. So in order to make the most of my wasted time, I will wait on sharing it. I give you the above group of other photos I took, however... These I didn't do any photoshop magic on. These are our untouched reality.