Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Cuties

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One day soon I will post something really new. For now, here is the Christmas photo. I love it because it was the last good shot we got before Cael went into the Marines. I won't see him with so much hair for a long, long time. Plus, who knows when all the kids will be home at once again... times are certainly changing... (sigh) Won't be long and Cally will head back to school and I will be without the errand runner she has been for me while she was here. Gotta love a girl who doesn't mind getting in the car to make food runs for you. She even said she would go and get the oil changed in my car this week. I know! It's my lucky moment, and I am enjoying it fully while it lasts. I think she was appalled when she saw the little oil change sticker they put in the window eons ago. The mileage on it was some number so many digits away from what the odometer reads now that she probably felt she just had to intervene. Works for me!