Sunday, February 27, 2005

Let's Just Congratulate Me

Don't everybody clap at once, but I have the G4 set up next to the imac now. "Big deal" you might think. Big deal indeed. The G4 has Final Cut Pro 4 and Live Type. If I could only figure out exactly how to use the Live Type I might have something cool on my hands. I'm still finding things out about Final Cut Pro 3; I learn something new everytime I use it, but I definitely have the system down for what I do with it. Now I must begin as a novice with this Live Type deal. And so I sigh a little sigh.

The sad news, and you may bow your head and sniffle with me, is that the whole reason I finally got my dualing computers set up is that I came in to scan another couple hours worth of photos for Cael's video and, waalaa... the scanner had ceased to function. I thought it odd that it just turned itself off the other day after I was finished using it. I know, you might say, "Duh." But it's been doing odd things a lot lately. So, how special... I get to make another expensive purchase so I can do my freebie work. Does anyone realize how much it costs to love making videos? Let me enlighten anyone who cares to listen... technical life is for the rich, or the insane, I guess (and I don't fit into the first catagory). Then, if you ever do make say, a buck, you spend that much or more replacing a piece of equipment or even just buying ink to print things. I wish it wasn't a curse to love my images so.

I guess I'll be scanner shopping tomorrow... on borrowed funds at a humongous interest rate no doubt. Ugh! But shop and scan I must. I have six, count them six videos on my possibility list with deadlines in May. No time to whine, better start comparing prices and see if I can find the deal of my dreams and some cash to go with it.

For now, let's just congratulate me on the fact that I hooked everything up and rerouted all my cords. And so what if I didn't get to the speaker system part yet or figure out what to do with all the junk I had to displace to fit a new computer system into my desk/armoire. And nevermind that even if I find a new scanner and the money to hand over in trade for it, I won't have anywhere to put it because I had to put the new computer in the spot the scanner usually sits. Ha... so that'll teach me. I'm not sure what, but no doubt it'll teach me. I guess I must have an awful lot to learn.


  1. What exactly is Live Cut Pro? Sounds like a tool used by the bad guy in the the suspense novel I'm reading now. I have a scanner that you're welcome to use for as long as a month, possibly longer. Come on by and it's yours for now, free. ...and can you hear my hands clapping?

  2. Well, it was Final Cut Pro, and Live Type, but close. Grisly as it sounds, Final Cut Pro is the editing software I use to create my videos.

    Thanks much for the scanner offer. I have been hunting today for another and if I can find one that isn't too pricey I will probably just go for it via credit card so I don't have to download scanner software twice. You would have to give me a standing ovation for even one software download. I never do that myself. It freaks me out. They always prompt you to do things you have no idea whether you should do or not. I really appreciate your offer though. Thanks for always looking out for me, and for the clapping.


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