Monday, February 23, 2009

Making up for lost time

Sheesh, I just discovered that I have been absent from my blog for nearly a year! Time just gets away from me...

Let's see, what can I post... here's a little clip from an incredible time spent welcoming home Cael and just a portion of the Marines of the 2nd Battalion/2nd Marines from Iraq, where they had just spent 7 months of their lives in service to our country. The quality of this clip is sadly lacking (sorry), but I hope the respect for all that these men have given and continue to give for us is evident.

These guys are our heroes!


  1. Liz - your blog popped up in one og my Google Alerts today...I saw your video when your Marines returned last spring but had to watch it again this afternoon. Yup, got me all teared up...there's nothing better than a homecoming!!!

    Jim "Dieps"
    PMD of a 2/8 Marine

  2. Thanks, Jim!

    Sadly that video is all I have to offer lately, and that was three months ago already. Here's to hoping your son's next homecoming feels like it is upon you lightening fast.


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