Thursday, March 29, 2012

From the Front Door Looking In

After painting the East wall in my living room the other day I decided to bring in the old weathered ladder that's been outside on the back patio since I found it in somebody's trash, along with it's little mini-cohort.

The mini cohort, the little X-backed companion ladder through the looking glass,
nestled amongst some of my other thrifty finds. However, I've already changed this. That was just me trying to figure out what to do with some of the things I have found.

Here's what I changed it to for the moment:

Still needs some color here. Little by little I've been cooling off the warm colors in the house over the past many years. Rarely being decisive or bold, these things take me some time.

I already had the weathered window that I purchased at the Palm Beach Gardens indoor garage sale, and it's been sitting on my Ethan Allen Table ever since I got it. So I added a palm in place of the old fake ficus that was shedding leaves as if it was dreaming of reality, and I gathered together some of my sundry treasures from here and there and sort of threw them together. I am working on creating some sort of conglomeration. It's a work in progress that seems to be morphing daily. Until it's just right, I won't be able to stop fussing with it. It sure helps having roses growing out back and hibiscus growing on all sides. They splash the place up with loads of color and make me happy.

For now, here is what I've got going by the front door entry:

This is the scene that greets me when I walk through the front door now.

I was playing with the colors of this after the fact.
I kinda liked the desaturated look.

Love my colored and varied glass collection.
It's making it's way all over the house.

The rose played an extra in my photo shoot,
but turned out to be quite the camera hog.

My "new" ladder shelf

A close up of the chippy paint, some of which matches my new wall color. Nice!

A wider view. Waa! Laa!

Looking out to the world beyond...

I took a zillion pictures today. Kinda fun playing photographer. My neighbors must wonder why I'm always crouching just outside my front door taking pictures of my table. Oh well. Let them wonder. My girls should be happy. They're always on me to use the camera they got me, more often. So there you have it. Done and done.

Okay, well not exactly done. I've already made numerous changes including the addition of a newly painted old chair I found in the trash. I'll post that sometime soon.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love your blog and can't wait to see more posts. I'm a New Follower too! Have a great week.


  2. Yahoo! Thank you, Jody for stopping by, for commenting and for following. I have been enjoying your blog so much. The link party is such a great way to get to see what everyone is doing and I appreciate you letting me take part. I just saw that you have another blog I didn't know about. I'll be over to check that out now too!

  3. That ladder is maybe the cutest prop EVER! I love colored glass, too. I think I may have that same globe! It was from my grandparents.


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