Thursday, May 31, 2012

That "Good for Somethin" Rain

A long day and a long drive in traffic are behind me. Exhausting. I practically collapsed on the comfy couch with feet up, laptop in place and found myself privy to the homes and creative endeavors of talented bloggers galore. I could sit here day and night just ooooohing and ahhhhing over the incredible projects and outcomes. This feet up moment was but a momentary respite, because lawn mowing awaited.

After all, that and a whole list of other chores have to be done. There's no getting around it.

The sun played hide and seek with me from behind an overcast sky which made it the best time to get moving. I didn't feel like working up a lawn mowing sweat in the least, but I knew I'd be glad to have the chore of mowing "the back 40" behind me for another week so I could move on to the next thing.

Just as I was about to peel myself away from the computer, I thought I heard raindrops, and then I knew I heard raindrops. The raindrops became waterfalls pouring off the roof and awnings - a deafening roar...

...and just like that I had an excuse to stay in. The lawn would have to wait. Hmmmm...

I do so love a good excuse!

Now I can do some of the creative things I need to get working on without feeling guilty and take a few minutes to gaze out the window at the falling beads that glisten in the remaining light, and I can relish the electric green that shows up to to wow the early evening with it's snazzy show of color.

The drops were tapping out a beat announcing their arrival to a dry world that, although it often complains about the intrusion, also thrives on the interruption and the gifts it brings which are so desperately needed...

The rain IS good for somethin'.

Many things, actually. My little lovelies out on the back patio and front porch will not be complaining and neither will I.


While they're drinking in the pure, free water, I'll kick back and enjoy a Hershey's with almonds that has been waiting on me, and I'll finish my cherry coke that I put in the freezer a little while ago. It'll be good and slushy now. The plants can have their treat...I'll have mine...mine being the water show and my concessions.

Quite a pair, if you ask me.

So if it's raining where you are and you can't do what you planned and needed or wanted to do...

...make the most of the interruption in your schedule and enjoy the moment, relish the raindrops... gaze at the gullywasher or whatever else comes about with the unexpected intrusion. Go out and take a good look at one of God's finest works of art in motion, then step back in and make the most of the great indoors. After all, I'll just bet you have a project or two you need to get around to...even if it a something everyday/ordinary yet extraordinary like winding down the day with your family, creating a special touch at dinner or by loving on a special someone with a sweet surprise.

The beat goes on as the light dwindles with the ensuing evening. The constant drip and splat and pitter patter offers me a reason to rethink and restep my evening, to anticipate even more the next "blue sky and sunshine" day and to fully appreciate and enjoy the benefits of this life-sustaining liquid artwork God serves up just when we need it most. 

If you're looking for me, I'll be the one with my chin in my hands staring out the kitchen window at the back yard rain-show. 

Sorry, but the chocolate is quickly becoming a thing of the past. You expected otherwise? Silly you.

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  1. I could use a nice restful rain! Instead we got the go to the cellar and wait for the tornado kind of weather the other night. I hate that! Certainly no pretty pics. here. So happy to meet you! Thank for for stopping by and becoming a new follower.

  2. We had our first real summer rain today! Heaven on Earth, huh?
    Your shots are gorgeous!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  3. Another beautiful post. Your pictures are beautiful. Something about them draws me in. Pure loveliness.

  4. Thanks goodness for rain days! Loved your pictures, especially the water in the window. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  5. Loved your rain... we had one too last night that ended with sun showers. Perfect little drink for my freshly planted seeddlings (the ones that the rabbit left) at the trellis fence.

    I hear ya on the slushy cold drink; mine is Lime Diet Coke but you're right on with the chocolate choice!

  6. Such beautiful photos! I was just commenting that I wished it would rain all day. We had some this morning but now the sun is out again. Have a great weekend!

  7. I love rain. Even if I want to spray paint, I still love rain. And I love this post. I see you're a list-maker. Me, too. It feels SO good to cross something off! Satisfaction in a pure form. :)

  8. Hi Liz! Fabulous job on the photos. They are just breathtaking. I especially love the pink rose and the raindrops but each photo is incredible in detail and color! Great job! Susan

  9. Hi Liz, oh I love my Diet Coke a bit slushy too! Rain is a wonderful excuse to do what you want to do. And after it's all over everything looks so lovely and fresh. I'm sure your beautiful rose was saying thank you to the heavens. Thanks so much for sharing this sweet post with Share Your Cup!

  10. HI LIZ!!!!!!

  11. I so know that feeling of relief! I, too, love to sit in the garden room watching the flowers saying 'ahhhhhh' to the rain (as I've forgotten to water them last night again!!!) But also the sound of the raindrops on the roof light is lovely and reminds me of holiday in a caravan in childhood...being safe inside with the family but enjoying the sound of the raindrops. I hope your memories are sweet too. Have a lovely Sunday. Joan

  12. Beautiful post. I love the water drop pictures. You captured them beautifully. The rain refreshes us.

  13. Love the photos and you set a tone so well with your words that instead of the beautiful sunshine peeking through the blinds, I am longing for a drenching rain. :)

  14. It poured here off an on today and I immediately got off the couch and went and stood on our back porch to watch the rain! Beautiful pictures! Love the rain drops! Enjoy your Sunday!

  15. Liz
    What a beautifully written post. We, too, finally got a decent rain, Did I do housework or projects? NO - i sat on the couch in front of the picture window with two puppies and a kitty. Stephen King's Duma Key (which I have been saving to read), the darkest chocolate I could find, and pistachios kept me company.

    Your photography was great - loved the pink against the green!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  16. Sunday...Hi Liz. Thanks for stopping by my beloved blog. Loved your visit. Susan

  17. Hey, thanks for droppin by my blog; lovin' yours!! Will be back! Beautiful pics of the rain-snow. I hear you!!! :)

  18. I've only just found your blog in the last week or so...remember I commented about how wordy your posts were...Yet, I can't look away! I love your writing...and at times am wordy myself, though I've been trying to tone it down.
    But man! if I wrote even as remotely well as you...the stories I'd tell!

    ok I'd love a good rain. In fact we had a good rain this past week...but the hubby slept in, and I got up to meet the son in law at the door, for the sweetest grand-daughter on earth. I love to sleep in the mornings when it rains! But this day...I snuggled with coffee in one hand and an arm around her, while we curled on the couch and watched Rupert...on ion TV...

    I guess, I'm about to say the craziest thing ever-- I LOVE THIS BLOG... and you and your skills...and the fact that you put your Coke (product) not Dr.Pepper, or Pepsi...but your Coke of all things in the freezer to get slushy before you drink it! ...No kidding, true story-- I do the same thing.

    I'm your newest follower. no kidding, I'm just a follower. I'm not a stalker! LOL...

    I'll be back to read more!

  19. I'm not your newest follower, instead you have to email me every time you write a new post! Funny how that worked out, huh?

    fancy you, emailing me! I love it!

  20. Awesome post with vivid photos and words. Delightful! So happy you are sharing on Think on These Things!

  21. Neat post. Puts everything perspective. Over the last couple we have gotten some much needed rain.
    My hubby is watching "Price Is Right" in this room. Guess what? The model was wearing nail polish the same color as you table tops. Looks good on nails and tabletops.
    Meant to tell you I like your laundry sign.
    Have a great day, Ginger


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