Wednesday, July 11, 2012

National Free Slurpee Day

(at least that's what we call it)

The highlight of the Summer has finally arrived! 

It's 7-11's 85th birthday... 

 ...and they know how to party! 

From 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., 
you are invited to head over and enjoy what I like to call 
National Free Slurpee Day. 

It's a day of celebration, and it comes with a free 7.11 oz cup of Slurpee goodness.

Why not join the fun?

What better reason to get up and get out on a hot mid-Summer's day than to head over to 7-11 for some free SLURPEE goodness.

Here are a couple of Slurpee birthday cups past. For some reason I can't find all my photos. Our family has been enjoying this "holiday" since 2005 and somehow many of my images have disappeared or seem to be of very poor quality.

And one of our treks to enjoy the PARTY!
2009 (that's $2.69 for unleaded and we thought that was outrageous!)

 Here I am celebrating this great American Slurpee drinking tradition 
back on 7-11's birthday three years ago 
with one of the many variations my hair color seems to have gone through 
over the course of the years!
Please excuse the poor quality photo. I think it was clipped from a video at the time.

See you at the Slurpee machine!


  1. love the past pics! we just returned from our free ones! ironic that my kids were a little mad that they couldn't get the bigger ones today.

  2. ahhhhhhhhh shoot- too far to walk to fnd a 7-11 do you think they would hold a RAIN CHECK for me?

  3. I'm so jealous! I love 7-11 Slurpees but there isn't a 7-11 within 100's of miles us! Maybe next year...

  4. Slurpee make me and my one daughter barf... really! There is something in that mix that doesn't set right. I'm not kidding. So I'm hoping others don't get sick. Fun post tho.

    1. Yes, I CAN have SnoCones, but the others are weird - I mean - I like them, want them, but they cause a disturbance in my digestive area / tract that is "pull the car over, watch out, heading to the toilette" disturbing. lol - sorry, but TRUE....

  5. Who doesn't like a slurpee!! I can feel the brain freeze now…..Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  6. We don't have 7-11 stores anymore. I loved them as a child, though!

  7. Good Job Dear! i enjoyed seeing it,


    If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you liked it. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

    Blow a Rainbow

  8. Hi Liz,

    I wonder if we have free slurpee here in Canada - I should check it out!

    Thanks so much for dropping by our blog, leaving a comment, and following us. We are now following you too : )

    Virna from Craftmates

  9. I didn't know this holiday existed! Love that you celebrate it each year and document it! That's so cool. (No pun intended.) I wonder how many cases of brain freeze there will be today....


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