Friday, July 20, 2012

Treasure Trove

Last weekend I went out treasure hunting, as I've been known to do. I have a running list of things I'm looking for, and then there's the thrill of discovery that comes, because well, you just never know what you might unearth while digging through boxes and piles or sorting through the items buried within the sundry stockpile of belongings laid out like dirty laundry for all who dare to rummage around in it.

To score good junk, you have to be willing to get your hands and clothes dirty and willing to let your backseat get familiar with someone else's discards (the backseat of the car, people!) I came home a mess last weekend, but I sure had a blast.

It's amazing too, all the things I didn't know I needed, but which I obviously do, because they came home with me.

For over a year, I've been hunting for a croquet set. Mind you, I have yet to score one, but, look here... I did find this wonderfully classic horseshoe set for $6.

$6 is over my limit, but I was at a consignment store, in their mancave section, and these were probably the cheapest thing in the whole store. I decided they were worth overspending for because it was a "pay it or forget it" kinda thing. I figured I'll not likely come across a set like this again.

Would you consider these worthy of a $6 price tag? I had no clue if that was a good price, but I really liked them. So, I guess that's what matters. They are heavy and fantastically chipped up. The turquoise is especially fabulous. They are practical as well as beautiful. Everyone needs a set of horseshoes for their backyard get togethers, right?

Grungy Wonder
One of the first garage sales I came to last weekend, was, I kid you not, a spread of grungy wonder. A guy had bought this house with all sorts of stuff left in it by the previous owner. I drove up to the driveway and my eyes went wide. I got that panicky feeling inside, the one that makes you want to jump out of the car while it's still moving before anyone else gets a chance to score something you should've had. I did manage to stop without running over my own feet or even screeching to a halt. I got the car into park, and while presenting a deceptively calm front, sauntered up so as not to give away the fact that someone with a measure of junk insanity was coming their way. I knew right away my other sales would have to wait. There were tables and boxes of pure junk, much that I did not need, but the kind where you know you should take your time and touch and move each item, because you never knowing what you might uncover. (I kick myself for not taking a picture of the spread. It was just a fun sight. Everyone who came up commented about how long it must have taken to set it all out.) So fun to look through.

The man doing the selling was friendly and talkative and helped me search for things I might want. He occasionally brought me my Dunkin Donut coffee cup that I kept setting down while hunting but forgot while I began rummaging in other areas.

I asked about some rusty wire baskets all stacked up under this huge dilapidated workbench and asked how much he wanted for them. He said $0.25/piece. What!? I kept my faux cool, the one that belies the level of excitement within. There were 8 of them and each was full of wood scraps I really didn't think I needed.

Wire baskets were on my list, but not white rusty ones. Did I want them? For a quarter each, I figured I could decide later if they'd work for anything I might want to do. I stacked them up and left them on hold while I continued to look. At one point someone came near them and I had to choke back the desire to yell out "those are mine!" like some of the outwardly crazed yard salers I've come into contact with in days not so long past. I took a deep breath, watched and waited... Truth be told, no one else in their right mind was likely to want them... but my inner reaction when I thought they were threatened told me that I had made the right choice to buy them. You always know how much you really want something as soon as you think someone else wants it. It all becomes VERY clear.
The guy told me I could have the wood too (he wanted all that stuff outta there!) but I didn't really think I wanted to cart all that home and have to store it. He said I could always use it for longburning firewood if nothing else..."just take it!" he begged.

DONE! I have since realized there are several projects for which I can use some of these pieces. The fact that some were already cut into circles was a huge bonus (I don't currently have those capabilities, so the work was already done for me! Hallelujah!) and are going to come in really handy for something I got from a wonderful blog this week. (I hope to start on that project this weekend!) I'm so glad I didn't dump them all out and leave them behind in my quest not to hoard! I would have been kicking myself for sure. Sometimes you have to take stuff when you have the opportunity, because it's a one shot deal. I hate coulda, shoulda, woulda regrets. If you are a project person and think you might someday use it and it's basically free, go ahead and take it. You can throw it out when you get home if you decide later you don't need it.

I also found these great huge swivel casters (they were on my list!), two paint brushes (from my list!) and old lidded jars (on my list!). How great is that. I was all done shopping and ready to leave when I went back to find my wayward coffee cup and spotted this:

 Cue the fanfare!


I could not believe it. I have been looking everywhere for one of these wagons, and there it was, pretty as a picture (an old, rusty and faded picture, but pretty nonetheless). I figured the guy would let it go reasonably. To think I'd almost missed it. It had a piece of wood attached to it with a hose guard on that. Apparently the original owner used the wagon to cart his hose and stuff around the yard. I managed to talk the guy into selling it below my limit, for $3, and one of the young guys there was kind enough to go get some tools and remove the wood thingy for me so I could get it into my car. It took everything within me to act non-chalant about it, but I drove away and whooped it up after I rounded the corner. I intend to either plant flowers in it or use it to haul things around my own yard. Charm...on wheels!

It's been out in the weather already and seen better days, so it's not like I'm gonna ruin it by leaving it out. However, do you suppose I should try to rid it of some of the rust and then repaint and seal it to see if I can stop the decay? Is that even possible? Even if I leave it as is (I kinda like the look), wouldn't it help to polyurethane it or something to keep it from getting worse in the rain? Would that work? If you know, leave me your thoughts. I'd appreciate it.

And look at these...

At another yard sale, I found the cutest little black rubber boots ever! Based on the high prices of things at this yard sale, I didn't even bother asking about them and left. Still, I knew they would be perfect for my nephew, Micah, and couldn't stop thinking about them. So I went back and was able to get them for $1! This picture does not adequately convey their absolute adorability. I can just picture him out in his yard helping his mom and dad in their garden while wearing these! Meanwhile they are keeping my pink boots company by the front door.

These were on my list for a project I want to do sometime. At the same place, I got a bunch of old yard sticks and rulers in a handy home sewn fabric holder for $1. I just never got around to taking a picture of them. This week I discovered some things I may be doing with those in the near future. Woo hoo. Glad to have them.

Cool, junky, rusty, chippy boxes will always come home with me if they are but $1. Call me a sucker or a hoarder, I don't care. Look below at the cool removable box inside.

I got the fish hooks as a bonus! The fishing line was $0.25.

Love this little special latched compartment.

Don't know yet what I'll do with this, but I've needed watchfaces before and didn't have any. Now I'll have one on hand. Love the simple number style. Reminds me of watches my mom wore back in the day. It cost me 50 cents.

And then there was the Completely FREE Stuff....

This heavy wood stool was free at a yard sale I went to. Fine by me. It's now being used outside as a plant stand between the two metal patio chairs I repainted. Someday I'll probably paint it.

Snagged another small pallet that would fit in my car. I'm now considering making a patio deck out of pallets. See those patio stones underneath it. I long to be rid of them. They are unttractive and the weeds are always having to be pulled. I saw someone create a deck from pallets in a blog somewhere that I'll have to go back and find. I happened to be on the way to the store when I spotted this one in a place that always has pallets. There was a wonderful long one with all the wood slats butting right up next to each other. I was going to stop for it on my way home, because it would have made a great bench seat, but it was gone within the half hour before I got back. Ugh! When will I learn!

Also picked up a full length mirror from someone's trash. I didn't get a shot of it, but it's something Casey's been wanting for a long time. Done!

And last but not least... do you remember the little off white china cups with the gold trim I got for $1. See them HERE. I went to see if the matching dishes were at the consignement store the guy I bought them from told me he'd taken them to. Long story short, they were there! They had been brought in back in January of 2011. The bad news is they were originally marked $150.00 for what was left of the set, which wasn't a whole lot. They had been marked down to $120.00 three months later, never to be marked down again. The woman said she would go down to $75, and even though they'd been there a year and a half AND she said no one ever buys china, she would not take my offer of $20.00. Cally and I had agreed that we only wanted them if we could get them for $20.00. So I bought the horseshoes above and went on to Goodwill where I spotted these:

Since I was looking for simple white dishes for Cally's new place, these caught my eye. It's a full set of Royal Kent China from Poland (6 place settings - 8 cups and saucers) and all of this was $40.00. Seeing as sets that are only a third this size (everyday dishes at Target) are over $60, I figured this was a better deal, and pretty on top of it. There was way more to this set than what was left of the expensive set at the consignment store. There is also a large pitcher just to the right outside of the picture. It's missing the lid, but is really pretty. These place settings include bread plates and there is also a salt and pepper. In addition to the gold edging, there is a slightly raised pattern around the edges of the plates and bowls. Simple yet, pretty. I'm thrilled with it despite a couple of chips and the fact that some of the gold on the dinner plates has worn off. If anyone knows of a paint product that can be used to touch these up, please let me know in the comments!

It was a great day of treasure hunting... wouldn't you say?

Meanwhile, does anyone know of any flea markets or events between Florida and Birmingham, Alabama, going through Georgia somewhere between August 1st and the 6th or 7th? Even if you know some great thrift stores or whatnot, that would be great too. Please let me know!

I hope you have a junky weekend!

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  1. Do you see my face turning green? Green with envy? Oh my goodness, what a haul! I feel your excitement over these awesome treasures. Love everything especially the horseshoes, that painted box, the baskets with the bonus it all. I agree. If the price is right, take it right then and there and think about it later.

  2. I would have picked up the horseshoes, wood boxes, and wagon. Not sure hat I would do with so many wire baskets but no matter, they wrre very cheap!

  3. You did great Liz, and yes, I probably would have bought the horseshoes for $6!! And the wagon...OMG!! What and amazing price and find!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. i LOVE your awesome finds!! love the patina on the horse shoes and $6, to me, is a great price.

    my area is high priced on everything. i don't think i've ever seen anything at a yard sale under $5! happy weekend, liz!

  5. girl, you got some great stuff. Junkin' is my very favorite thing to do. Come visit me some time and see my finds.

  6. I love that you described finding out the (unbelievable) price of those wire baskets as keeping your 'faux cool'. That is hilarious. You had some really great finds and yes, $6 for those horseshoes seems reasonable :)

  7. Can you SEE my jaw hanging open? IT IS! Dang!!! The horseshoes ROCK!!! And the wire baskets. And the trunk/box. And the...


    Now I want to go junking in the morning.

    :) robelyn

  8. yikes, what a haul! that white chippy rusty metal box is giving me goosebumps, and oh the wire baskets...a quarter...really...? thanks for sharing all the goodies!!

  9. Liz! You scored again. I was laughing while reading this post - you're so funny!

    I would have said yes to the horseshoes! I actually have 1 - a white one just like yours. My kids found it in an alley and brought it to me years ago. I need to dig it out! And the wire baskets can be used for lots of things! And the casters! The wagon, too. LOVE it all. Hey - did you know the gold rimmed dishes can't go in the microwave? They spark! They're lovely, but handwashing is a must. The pitcher might make a great flower vase...

  10. What great finds! The horseshoes are my favorite, great fatina! I am now following you! Hugs, Penny

  11. Oh man, you hit the jackpot time and time again! Good shoppin'! :)

  12. LIZ! You are GORGEOUS! And your blog is so pretty too. Thank you so much for stopping by "Mama Leisha," for commenting, and for following. I appreciate the support! I LOVED your comment was so kind and personable. Just wanted you to know you brightened my weekend. I'm stopped by to "return the follow." Looking forward to reading more about you and all your creative endeavors!!

  13. Hi Liz!
    I like your treasures and your new set is so pretty!!!!!!
    Kisses my sweet friend!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wow,what great finds. Love the wagon,infact love most of it. I have the very same vegetable dish from Poland. That set is still in the shops here new. x

  15. Such great finds! $6 is a little pricy but if you consider it as $1.50 per piece it's not too bad. They are great so definitely worth it.



  17. What a great haul! Love the wagon, and for $3.00! Wow!

  18. You came home with some great things, especially that wagon. What a steal!

  19. LOL my head is spinning. Because you have all these different things and each one seems to be for some project on a list...

    So as I read, I kept wondering " I wonder what she's going to do with THAT" etc :) It's like reading the first chapter of a mystery book. Instead of WHODUNIT it's WHATSHEGONNADOWIDIT :)

    But you got some great stuff and I love the dishes

    on MY shopping trip today I came home with A DUMP TRUCK, A BULLDOZER , A JEEP, and A RESCUE HELICOPTER!!
    ( but I shopped at Toys R Us / birthday gifts:)

    I did stop at a garage sale and got one thing, but grandma's budget got busted at Toys R Us this week / month...:)

  20. What great finds!! An enjoyable read!! I came over from Wendy's Encourage One Another.

  21. What fantastic finds~love that china!! So pretty!! Would love for you to share at Feathered Nest Friday sometime too! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  22. I would have bought the horse shoes mainly because of the color. Good finds, Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  23. It's me again. Thanks for your visit. This time I actually used a step ladder. I'm trying to remember I'm not quite as young as I once was. :) Easy does it. Know what you mean about chairs slipping out from under you. It H.U.R.T.S!!!

  24. Wow, love following along to your story! You made some great finds-at great prices, I'm totally jealous!

  25. wow, so amazing! You bring bargin hunting to a whole new level, well done! jealous of the wood, so many projects you could do!

  26. Really? I never find stuff that good for that price! What I am doing wrong ... I do not know! I love all the fab finds and can't wait to see what you do with it all. Thank you for sharing with us at The "Sunday Stop" although I won't be able to sleep tonight trying to figure out how to find stuff like this! :) Hugs,

  27. Hi Liz!!
    You are a Lady!!!!!!
    Have a nice week my sweet friend!!!!!!!!!!

  28. love treasure hunting looks like you did a great job with so many awesome finds

    would love to have you come visit us over at


  30. Wow, how fun. Looks like quite an interesting haul! My fav is the dish set.

  31. I would just like to find one thing whenever I go out. Dang girl!

  32. I also need a full length mirror for my room! - Cal

    1. Was that on the list? Well, if Casey gets home and doesn't want it after all, you can have it. If she does want it, I'll find you a different one. How's that?

  33. Love all the old junky treasures! The rustier the better! Just found you today and I am a happy new follower. Hope you will stop over for a return visit! Angie

  34. Great finds!

    PS: Thank you for linking up to Show Me What You Got Tuesday's @ ODH via:

    Mrs. Delightful

  35. Wow!!! Amazing finds!!!! LOVE everything!! Plus, I LOVE your blog header!! So creative and fun!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so now I have yours!!!

  36. Love those horseshoes ... I really love the colors and the patina on them ! Great find! I think $6 was a great price.

  37. I am your newest follower. I love your finds I would have taken it all for sure.
    looking forward to all the projects you will be doing with your finds.

  38. Thanks for sharing these wonderful finds on SImple & Sweet Fridays. You really have an eye for treasures!


  39. Wow I don't think I have ever scored what you scored, yet in one day! Without a doubt I would of grabbed all of it. You scored bit time girl, love all the chippyness you found! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday's Best and helped make the the party a success!

  40. I so enjoyed meandering through your blog, Great Finds, I love the green compartments, so much fun.. Hugs, Cindy

  41. Great finds! I LOVE the horseshoes!

    Found you on Savvy Southern Style and am a new follower!

    Ashleigh @

  42. Woo, girl, what a haul you got there! Fabulous Finds! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  43. Hi...loved your page. I just had to post to tell you that I made a deck around my hot tub. The HT was sitting on a square deck. I had enough pallets to border two sides...then I used some big, wide lumber to put on the third side. The back of the HT is toward my house so I didn't need anything there. It was SO easy. I simply laid the pallets in the best fitting way, then used deck screws to cover it all with decking material. Having the whole thing look like it was there originally made me proud. I hope you have as easy a time with yours.

    1. Good to know! I started laying mine out and realize it's going to take a ton of them to cover my patio, even though it's not big at all. I guess I have some pallet collecting to do. Thing is, I'll have to store them while I collect them, or get working on them and finish them off as I go to protect them from the weather. I think it could be cool though. Thanks for stopping to give me your insight. I appreciate it!

  44. Oh my gosh girl can't believe what you found. I am drooling over those horseshoes and white rusty baskets. The price for the shoes was great. I bought my hubby a set one year and I think it was %20 or @25. I love the colors and the rustic look of them. I would have snagged those metal baskets in a big hurry. Can't believe they were only .25, you found awesome deals. Love the boxes too with the liners. Wish I was thrifting with you! Thanks for sharing your finds with Share Your Cup.

  45. OK I am sitting here after posting my fab finds at an estate clean out sale today and wander over to Primp to look and find you shouting from the roof tops about your weekend treasures. And I mean treasures to the ultimate max! I am so envious of all that rust!
    Your wagon - Clean it with white vinegar and gently use a sanding sponge to remove the heavy rust without disturbing the rust patina. Then wax with Minwax or better still car wax.

    Donna who is very Distressed Down Home

  46. Those horseshoes are pretty dang cute! And that wagon - you better hide that from me - it might somehow disappear....That's a great buy on dishes. It constantly surprises me how much people want to charge for old china.

  47. Lovely things!! I am hosting a giveaway. A chance to win a 50 dollar gift card to HomeGoods. Do drop by and enter :)Thanks Anu

  48. Wow! Amazing finds. BTW, those horse shoes sound like a bargain to me, especially coming with wonderful color!
    Mary Alice

  49. Great finds-love the color of those horse shoes! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

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  51. Oh, how much fun it would be to go out junking with you!

  52. What a haul! I thought I'd done well at the thrift store, but you've topped that!

  53. Saturday Aug 4th there is a yard sale that starts in Alabama and comes down into Florida on Hwy 183. Bring a truck and good hunting.

  54. Just now catching up with the Junkaholic and I have to say that this is the best yet, as far as yard sale finds. ESPECIALLY the Radio Flyer. I am inspired to get out and catch the last few months of summer yard sales before the cold weather kicks in.

  55. Hi Liz,

    Just found your blog and really enjoyed viewing your projects. I don't know if anyone ever answered your query about a way to repair the missing gold on your dishes... here is product I saw at Dick Blick that sounds like it may work...

    Once again I've enjoyed reading about your creative adventures!


    1. Thanks Leslie, it does look like it might be just the thing! Liz

  56. Liz, I know this is an older post, but I had to comment. It was hilarious to me as I read your description of how you felt when you arrived at the sale where all the junk was located. I have never put into words how I feel inside when I see something like piles of old junk to dig through, but you NAILED it. Thanks for making my second day of 2013 such a happy one. I needed a good laugh!

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