Friday, August 17, 2012

Not a Stitch of Fun

The time has come when I've been trying to get back around to making a few things. I've had a pile of burlap awaiting my scissors and sewing machine for some time now. The plan was to make a couple of burlap panels to go next to the white ones at my front window. 

Of course I never felt like hauling out that huge, heavy piece of fabric and cutting it. It's scratchy, messy...and there would be figuring to do. It was all such a gamble. I procrastinate when it comes to cutting fabric. Fear of results. It seems so terribly important that I get it right. Like if I mess it up, all the doors, as in the begining of the Get Smart TV show, would begin slamming behind me. And money would be wasted! And then, this is messy fabric. Would I even like the results for all my effort?

Today was the day I was to face the possibility of the clanking doors of failure, but not before I ran off to Goodwill to see if the midcentury dresser I want had been reduced to $20. It hadn't. Sigh. I decided to hit the fabric store since I had a coupon that was good today. (Are you sensing any tendencies toward procrastination here? Yeah, me too.)  I was going to purchase the yardage I want for a quilt so I'd have it when I'm ready to get started. However, as I was about to make a left in that direction, I realized that with fun fabric in the house, the burlap didn't stand a chance. The plan to work on the panels and be done with them would likely never happen. I would have yet another distraction in the form of cute, colorful and easy to manage fabric (no clanging doors) that would beg for me to drop that grating burlap and play instead. I do not need fun distractions while burlap is strewn about from living room to dining room awaiting my responsible and diligent efforts. So I made a deal with myself not to allow myself a stitch of fun until the irritating job was done. I'd be happier in the long run.

Last night I had already cut the burlap. Badly. I didn't measure well. With me the rule should be measure 4 times - cut once. I measured three times. I should have known. I always need extra room for error when working with measurements. And I should probably try harder. I was careless with my process. In the end though, I managed to make do with the poorly cut pieces. I didn't feel I needed to hem the sides or the bottoms either, just made a pocket at the top for the rod to go through. I did stitch all along the bottom and the edges to keep the burlap from fraying. Then, of course, I began running out of that thread, so I decided not to start on the other set of panels that was to go on the middle section. Probably just as well because adding the first two was already darkening the room quite a bit. With the sun moving to the other side of the house as the Summer wanes, this room will feel shadowy enough in the coming months. I guess the panels are fine as is, for now anyway.

The point of making them was that it might be a nice touch of texture and a little color contrast since the curtains, blinds and the slipcover on the couch were all so similar. So on one of our hottest days this Summer, I sat with scratchy, heavy burlap in my lap and finished the job. I was melting.

Good thing there is some Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone Ice Cream in the freezer to reward me. 

That's right. Don't be jealous. Anyway, besides being miserably hot, I also have a sore throat. So this is for medicinal purposes, you know. Hope I don't overdose! Good thing the carton is small and it's already half gone. Isn't ice cream beautiful? It makes me feel better just looking at it. 

But back to the nasty burlap. In the end, I think the new panels give the room a bit more weight, and a natural, textural feel. Anyway, I kinda like it. No, it's not love. Just like. A decent like. Nothing major, but nothing to scoff at either. And the messy, scratchy and very hot job is over!

After all that, I decided to go for gold and finish the edges of the burlap runner on my aqua coffee table. Initially I just folded and placed a wide piece of burlap there to see if I liked it. Once I got used to how it looked, I never bothered to finish it off. Typical. But I was on a roll today, and since there was no turning back from the mess I had made, I finally sewed and trimmed the edges so it no longer looks like a project in transition. Woohoo.

The fabric has now been been put away. Yea! I feel so accomplished thanks to my decision not to have a stitch of fun. Diligence served me well. Glad that heavy duty burlap task is behind me. Now maybe I can consider some more enjoyable projects.

So my house is pretty well covered in burlap fur, my scissors are dull, I'm a sweaty mess; I should probably get the vacuum out. I'm thinking the odds on that are slim to none. Then, after a beautiful blue sky and sunny afternoon, we had a huge and wild rain storm to finish off the sweltering day. It really did cool things off! Hallelujah!

Meanwhile, in keeping with the burlap theme, here's a little fabric flower pin I whipped up and used as the decoration for Cally's birthday card the other day.

I thought it would be cute attached to any number of things, even for someone who isn't the type to wear a pin.

For a first attempt at making one and after just winging it, it came out cute enough. Cally seemed to like it.

Next time I might try more layers so it's fuller, or try doing a rosette.

Now the day is done. Darkness is descending and the rain lingering on the orchids has been lit up by the patio lights. So I paused at the window and enjoyed the scene.

It was a good day. Ice cream and time with a few blogs will certainly add to a good night.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Ice cream always makes everything better! :) I love the flower pin!!

  2. I am loving this room because I am CRAZY into turquoise this year. Notice my blog is turquoise and yellow. Ya, ...can't seem to not see it everywhere. It's great and your room and those bottles are so classic. Great job!!!!

  3. The aqua color in your room is very cute...I just had that same HD ice cream...hum...cure for the very hot day?

  4. I love (LOVE!) your sense of style and the colors you use and the way you put it all together. Beautiful room! I always find your pictures inspiring :)
    Amanda @

  5. Ha ha,very funny post. I bet you feel really good now you achieved such success. MMM nice reward. x

  6. Thank you for your comments about my winter scene and barn. I took it over 5 years ago because it was just so pretty I couldn't resist. I had NO idea at the time that I would be blogging and posting it. Funny how that happens?

  7. I love the way the curtains turned out. I agree that they add nice texture and contrast. Great job! Want to come decorate my house? :)

    Thanks so much for linking up at One Creative Weekend! Have a great weekend!

  8. the curtains look awesome! actually, the whole room looks awesome, liz! the card flower is so cute, too!

  9. Liz, I am itching to death just thinking about all that burlap floating about and I have no ice cream. The reward is in the panels, though. The texture is just right for the room. What will you do when you have finished?

  10. I was attracted by that little fabric flower--it is so simple and sweet. TFS!

  11. OH much fun; I wish we lived near each other..TODAY-yes TODAY I sat for SEVERAL HOURS with burlap YES BURLAP in MY LAP-burlap bags [like new] ripping open the seam, then fringing each raw edge then tying[hand tied fringe] then using the hot steam iron then trimming away the burlap fur[quoting one of my fav bloggers] HOURS AND HOURS.. and omy the ideas that came to me as I fringed away the day. [watch for related post SOON w more details & pics.


  12. Very nice! I think the panels turned out beautifully, really add to the room. I love your room, too, the colours are perfect together
    Thanks for visiting and following me! I am following you now too
    Debbie :)

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog:)) It´s so nice to find friends all over the world...I just LOVE ice-cream!!! /Maria xxx

  14. Hahaha!!! I love all the burlap. My husband just brought home 5 bags of burlap ... you've made some cool stuff with it. Thanks for the inspiration, and the new sense of dread and procrastination. lol

  15. Hi Liz! What great ideas you have!!! LOVE all of the burlap!!!
    FOllowing you back!

  16. What a pretty pretty room. I love that coffee table centerpiece!

  17. I found your charming blog as I was out looking around to see who my followers were following. I am so glad that I decided to do this today. If not I would not have stumbled across your creativity site. There is something about burlap, you either love it or hate it. I love it. It has an earthiness about it that says, country, farmland, western, homespun. It may be scratchy and leave a few furry threads around, but it has a certain charm that you will not get from any other fabric.
    I am your newest follower and I hope that you visit and follow me back. I have many interests . . . from, re-purposing, to painting, to paper crafting, sewing, singing, playing guitar, gardening, cooking . . . what ever mood I'm in that week will be reflected in my post. I'm just a retired gal, enjoying every day the good Lord sends me. Have a great week and I hope I hear from you, Connie :)

  18. I like the curtains! Your room is very nice and cozy ....and then to sit on that couch and eat that ICE CREAM ...WELL of COURSE that was a fitting ending to the task! :)

  19. Oh my!!!
    Those jars are SOOO cute....!!! LOVE those colors!!!
    And that box.... FABulous

  20. I really like your burlap curtains even though they were a challenge. I admire the fact that you persevered! They add great texture to your room.
    Mary Alice

  21. Liking the burlap curtains, when they were a challenge you'll appreciate them more. Remember you had the perseverance to get through it and they look pretty! Love your flower too! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  22. What a delightful post! I loved reading of your "adventure." I personally refuse to work at all with burlap. Makes me sneeze and my eyes run.

  23. Love this! Your coffee table arrangement is great! I'd love for you to share this at my blog party, Twirl & Take a Bow at It's every Tuesday through Sunday. This would be a great addition! Hope you can stop by!

  24. I too have a love/hate relationship with burlap! Think they turned out great and love the added texture :)
    Thanks for sharing at My Monday Muse at Carter's Cottage!

  25. UGH. I hear you on the sweaty, itchy, not-so-fun of burlap! But it's such a great look when finished it really is worth it - once it is all done!

  26. LOL! I love the way you reward yourself for a hard day's work:) Great job:) I sure hope that dresser goes on sale this next week for you. Cute little rosette.
    Thank you for sharing not only these great projects at Freedom Fridays but also sharing your wit:)

    Have an amazing day (yes, another one, hehehe)

  27. make me laugh! I can totally relate! Loved the part about making a promise to yourself not to allow a stitch of fun until the irritating job was done. This is so me! I always want toskip right to the fun stuff. Which might explain the number of started project I have that don't get finished because they get slightly irritating before they get rewarding! Can't wait to read more of your blog!!
    Blessings - Sara

  28. Sure do love your burlap curtains and how your write about making them. I too have to make myself finish a less than enjoyable project before I'll let myself go to a fun one. The part I'm most envious of in your post is the ice cream, oh drool.
    I'm kinda late finding your blog via From my front porch to yours. I saw the part about the longest yard sale. We used to live in KY before CO and got to go twice. Sure miss it.
    Love your pin also. I tend to do better with the layered flowers. When I try to twist, glue and whatever else my flowers look pretty bad. Glad your daughter loved her pin. I've subscribed to your blog, look forward to seeing future posts.
    I'm rethinking making burlap curtains for our room this summer. We do need something darker as sun shines in our room during hottest part of day. We keep curtains and blinds closed to hopefully keep room cooler. Also have a fan in window which pulls hot air out (I hope so anyway) and a ceiling fan on high all day. Enjoying your blog so far.


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