Saturday, September 01, 2012

Treasure Awaits

I went on a trash day junkfest the other morning and scored some really great stuff. I started a post about that, but I've been busy at work for the past two days remaking the week's hauls and messing with the new trash. Unfortunately nothing's quite finished yet so I can't show you that. 

So instead, here's a little look at what I hauled in this morning at one yard sale.

All this for a total of $10. 

Suitcase: $1.00
Mirror: $1.00
Sugar & Creamer: $1.00
Three tiered tray: $2.00
Salt shakers loose: $2.00 for all
Silver lidded salt shakers in the box: $3.00

The keys to the suitcase were in a little pouch inside. Yea!

Well, today is the day we set as our deadline for picking a shop name. Hmmm... we'll see where that takes us. We are also headed South to see some cool shops down there in a revitalized area no one would previously have wanted to go. I also discovered there's an "Alley" Sale way down South, and there was some sweet stuff in the pictures. Although, I doubt we'll make it there in time to score any of it. Hopefully we can at least go check it out.

I also found a cool French door on the side of the road this morning but couldn't get it. It was huge and heavy, and sadly I had to drive away with picker's remorse due to lack of space and muscle. It was way too early to call anyone. Someone came up right after me (in a truck!). 

[sniffle, sniffle]

I drove away quickly so I didn't have to see someone else take what could have been mine.

The day's unfolding, treasure awaits.


  1. I love your finds and can't believe the prices! What bargains, all of them! Sorry to hear about the door. I've had that happen too and it's not easy passing something up just because it doesn't fit in the car or because you can't lift it. Good luck on picking your shop name!

  2. Don't look back....sniffle, sniffle....
    It is like walking past something at a sale thinking you want to check out the rest of the stuff before you commit to it and of course someone else snags it up.

  3. You are the Bargain Queen my dear! Awesome finds for such a good price. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up with them!

    Here's another perspective on the door: We have two trucks and hubby is strong -- it it would be a bloomin' miracle if he'd let me bring something like that home and clutter up the garage. Smile 'cause you know you COULD have had it. :) xo

  4. Good grief... I want to come pick in your house. LOLOLOL LOVE the salt shakers - they make CUTE CUTE photo holders/place markers!!! I think I'm drooling in the suitcase...

    HAVE FUN!!!

  5. Great finds!
    I feel for you having to leave your door behind..I just had to give up a door that I wanted for my sewing room. I had hoped the dimensions would work, but they just wouldn't.
    Looking forward to hearing about your shop name. :)

  6. I love making vignettes in old suitcases. I'm working on a fall one right now.

  7. Hi Liz, my dearest friend!!!!!
    I love your new beautiful three teared tray, only for 2.oo dollars!!!!!!The salt shakers...all stuff for 10 dollars!!!!!
    I decided!!!!!! I will come to USA just for these gorgeus trash days!!!!!

  8. Great find' them,but I want that three tier stack tray.

  9. Oooh, I love the three tierd tray. Great prices too!


  11. My goodness girl! You find the absolute best treasures! I was planning to go to my fave consignment shop this morning, but decided I needed to clean the house. Hubby and I sprayed the fence line and worked outside for a couple of hours, then I did a little fall decorating and cooked steak, baked potato and fixed a salad for dinner! WHEW!! Needless to say, no shopping time. Tomorrow's a new day, and she opens the shop in the afternoon....need I say more?

    Have a wonderful holiday!!

  12. Liz, I was in the middle of posting to TWIGG, and I clicked on an interesting post...well of course it was yours! And I'd planned to look, THEN come check out what I've been missing! How cool is that?
    Love it. AND your scores!

  13. Liz,
    great finds and wonderful bargains! I love your three-tier cake stand and your salt shakers. Too bad we do not have yard or garage sales in Italy. it'd be sooooooooo much fun for a hoarder like me LOL!
    have a wonderful sunday!

  14. Oh, I nearly forgot to say that i'm now following you!

  15. There you go again Liz! You have the eye for it..spotting things worth grabbing 'whether you need it or not"..I would use that collection of sakers to line a banquet or large gathering table with sprigsof weeds, flowers or herbs orrrrrr one at each place setting [yeah I know you didn't ask lol] and most people without your gift would have left that suitcase when actually it's just old enough to be coveted and "light" vintage...and like me GETTING OLDER EVERY DAY>the possibilities!!!
    Go get it girl [the treasures] & i just love CHEAP people...w class and good taste.

  16. I used to have a vanity case and bottles just like those wonder what happened to those. Thanks for your follow, I am delighted to follow back and add you to my blogroll.

  17. I glad to see you sticking to you $5 rule, you sure got a lot of great things for $10. Again I'm glad you don't live near me, cause I wouldn't be able to find anything! I went to a barn sale last weekend and had a blast! Great prices. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!


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