Tuesday, October 02, 2012

But Wait, There's More!

Yesterday's post told only a portion of the tale of the "great stuff-shuffle". I dubbed it "great" because it was intense and so much "stuff" was involved. But wait, there's more, including a bit of this:

More on that in a minute...

The vacuuming alone took about three hours. Ridiculous, I know, but it just did. I had to move so much stuff to get to all the floor and all the edges and while doing that, a lot of stuff got hauled around! Can you say "time consuming?"I knew you could. Meanwhile, as I moved things, I discovered one of my floor to ceiling white curtains had water stains all over it from some leak or another.

Don't ask.

So that came down, and since the washer is still caput, it got washed by hand with a ton of bleach in the kitchen sink, enough to burn my eyes and make me have to turn off the air and open windows. It was miserably hot out and I WAS vacuuming. Air conditioning should be going full blast during vacuuming, but as per the usual, I was sweaty anyway, so I got 'er done and laid the curtain outside to dry. Yeah, still no dryer either.

So with that underway, furniture and piles were relocated and some of my important treasure was crammed into my bedroom, and some was disguised in the second bathroom that is rarely used.


...and Waa, laa...


Looks like I snapped my fingers and this happened. Hardly. 

This was a hard won prize of semi-organization. The chair is a really comfy, but yes, I know, kinda ugly. However, you see, it's one that I got from someone's front yard. I'd get rid of it now that my son doesn't need it (I got it for him) but I beat somebody out for it, so I just can't let it go that easy. It was a prize. It's special. Aren't they all? So special, it's in a bathroom now. Ha! Hey, with the dryer gone for a time, there's sort of room there (more so than most other parts of the house) and I need space elsewhere, so...there you have it. I do what I must.

During the cleaning, the drudgery and the hauling of stuff from room to room, I almost thought I heard the little mice from Cinderella singing, "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it's Cinderelly..." Only I'm the one who's always keeping myself hopping. I brought the junk in, I have to keep up with it. I'm a tough taskmaster. 

Every so often as I sifted through the stuff, I'd come across one of my finds that hasn't yet been pressed into service for any specific purpose -

- Such as this little silver champagne cooler/ice bucket. I have been wanting one of these for quite some time. My dad had one that he won in a golf tournament back in the early 70's, and I always thought that thing was so cool and remember it sitting on our living room coffee table for some time. So I finally went hunting for a replica. No true sentimental value to this particular piece, but it jogs the memory in a small way.

This smallish version came home by way of a garage sale a couple weeks ago, and it's been sitting on a shelf in the living room ever since. Thing is we need fewer things just sitting around looking nice, and more things serving a purpose while looking good. So it was carted into the kitchen and given a chance to prove itself. Since we have one drawer that holds all our silverware and gadgets, you might imagine what a mess it often is and how difficult it can be to find what we need quickly. So I challenged this little lovely to take over a bit of that organizational responsibility and do it with style. It was quite up to the task, wouldn't you say? Pretty and practical! Gives my old school humble kitchen a little bit of a kick anyway.

The big thrill at the end of the day was that I tackled the giant pickle! I am so proud of myself over this feat. It had been sitting in the living room all week (threatening to become one of those finds that become a liability) until I took down the dining room picture and set the pickle on the cabinets to see if it was going to work hanging there. This is hard for me. I don't like to change things once I like them, and I did like it the way it was. The pickle sat there for a couple days and then I decided to just go for it. After all, it lives here now, it has to have someplace to reside until it finds a new home in a shop or wherever.

It took a while to measure, level, adjust, measure again and again, fret about it, figure and dawdle and second guess while climbing up and down off the chairs to mark each side and dawdle and think and measure some more. There are lots of pencil marks on the wall. Measuring requires much time. As previously indicated, I'm mathaphobic, and rightly so.

This feat came after a full and exhausting day of "the shuffle," but it was going to get done one way or another... and before nightfall. And I'm pleased to announce that the pickle does, indeed, now reside on the dining room wall! Apparently we REALLY ARE the kind of people who would hang a giant pickle in our house. Okay, it's me, just me who is that kind. I'm the quirky one. My family has no responsibility for my shenanigans. In fact, they are likely embarrassed to near death. But come on, what's wrong with having a little fun now and again.

Ah, well, I'm sure everyone will get used to it. They may even grow attached to it. Such things have a way of endearing themselves to us over time. You may have heard of the Great Pumpkin that Charlie Brown made famous, well, maybe the "Great Pickle" will give the Great Pumpkin a run for its money!

Of course, after I got this onto the wall by myself... (Did I mention the pickle weighs a ton and that I didn't even screw it up? Let's see if it holds. Keep your fingers crossed!) ...I didn't care for the vintage tablecloth with it. So I tried this one that I've had for years and years. It's my favorite fabric. The items that had been on top of the cabinets had more of a seaside vibe to them before, so I changed them out for some vintage type kitchen items, and I changed some of the bottles in the box on the table to green and added some vases with flowers in them.

Now it has a bit of a farmhouse feel going, which seems pretty summery for Fall. However, since I'm not a Fall color person (I grow weary of those colors too quickly to bother), and it almost always seems like Summer here anyway, it's an okay look for a time. I did love the soft feel the room had going before, but I am notorious for getting stuck in ruts, so having it like this for a while will be an interesting change. It's not going to be there forever (famous last words), I intend to change it back later.

The other things I did were to bring out the horseshoes from the pile in the loft room and put them in with the wood I have sitting in my ammo box by our mantle. I also found five wood plate holders at the city wide indoor garage sale this weekend. They are for a project I've been working on a bit at a time between other things. I finished that project more or less during the course of "The Great Stuff-Shuffle". I'll show you the results of that real soon.

Here are a few of the other things I snagged this weekend for a song:

This old desk phone works and has the sweetest sounding ring that takes me right back to the day. I love it! Been wanting one. The guy had three, this one, one that's a sort of flesh tone, and also an ugly dark brown one. When I got home, I realized that I should have bought two, one for me and one to go with the little phone table I found in the trash recently. I was telling my friend Kathryn who was at the sale with me, and since she was going back over to pick up something else, she was able to get the flesh tone phone for me for $4.00. I'd have rather had other color choices, but at such sales you take what you can get!

I got this for a buck! Already full of rust, stuff and thingamajigs. Even found a nickel in the one drawer. That brings my cost down to 95 cents. Nice!

This box was also a dollar. It has a nice little sliding top.

I also got a riveting tool and a bag of snaps to go with it for $3 dollars. 

And don't forget the desk that Paul, Lynette and I scored for free from someone's yard!

And the little yellow bird is keeping watch over the giant pickle from her perch on the old scale. That's a Quirky little Vista she's got there!

And so it goes at our house. Actually, the great stuff shuffle will be ongoing. Oh yeah, I've still got all the stuff; it's just been shuffled. It needs to be shuffled some more; some of it needs to shuffle right out the door. Anybody with me?

I have a feeling many of you are doing the shuffle as well and keeping much better time than I. If not, and you feel you should be, don't be a wall-flower, join the dance. Just watch out for those toes! 

So what's shuffling in your world?

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  1. Liz, I'm still lovin' the pickle. It is a real statement piece. I like the box f andles on your table too. Great use for the champagne bucket. Organizing clutter is hard work!

  2. The giant pickle...my girls would love it! (my youngest one sleeps with Larry from the VeggieTales)

  3. That pickle sign IS huge! Wow! I like it there though - I like a bit of overstatement :) I did a huge 'declutter' in the spring. If I didn't use it or love it I got rid of it! I sold over 1000 bucks worth of stuff at a couple garage sales!

  4. You must know that one project leads to another then another..... LOL. Everything looks great and your pickle looks so cute in your dining room.


  5. Oh my GOSH! I LOVE the pickle sign even more now that I see how big it is! It is fabulous. You are one busy bee my dear. Remember to attach that pickle sign securely to the wall -- or be sure to check my purse when I come to visit because I'd be trying to take it home with me!! I'm going to try and make one for sure. Maybe not life-sized like yours though! :)


  7. Love the giant pickle...and it only sat there for a week. I have a giant "arrow" that has been sitting in a hallway since last October that needs a home. I'd say you're doing pretty well.

  8. Love reading here...and that pickle sign is perfect..and all your hardwork is surely showing.

  9. There you go! I was waiting on where that pickle sign will end up and it definitely is in place now! It's a beauty on the wall.

  10. What a fun kitchen! That pickle sign makes such a great statement and I love the utensils in the champagne bucket!

  11. Anyone who has a giant pickle sign is my kind of blogger.


  12. Looks awesome. I love it with the new tablecloth. You did good!


  14. Hi, Liz

    You really do have the greatest stuff in your home. I need to make it up to your area and go yard selling with you or just hunt the streets for people's unwanted junk. LOL Enjoyed looking around. Have a great day.


  15. It is always so nice to get everything in order. LOVE your pickle sign!

  16. Funny you HAUL STUFF IN... I carry it in one thin at a time, as if it has belonged here all along. I have a husband that watches me like a hawk!!!
    I am getting to the point of 're-arranging' and shuffling...otherwise we might be over come.
    I just brought home a cool basket for storage in my bedroom...I love it in all it's shabby busted up way!

    ...take care enjoy the hunt, Pat

  17. I like your pickle sign on the wall! Looks great there! I shuffle things all the time. I just usually tend to buy "smalls", so it's an easier shuffle. I planned to keep the fall decor simple this year, and now I've dragged most of it out. That's how I am, can't leave stuff alone. I move everything...nothing's safe! I sooooo need to box up some junk and either store it in the basement,or have another yard sale. Oh well....

    Have a great weekend.

  18. The pickle piece is priceless!! (Say that three times) It looks so cute on the wall.


  19. I love that pickle. The color. The size. Just everything about it.

  20. Omgosh Liz you are so fun!! I need to inspired to do a little of that cleaning/organizing thing! ugh!! I have a few chairs like the one you have in your bathroom. haha I just can't part with them. I love the silver now utensil holder and the Giant Pickle is really great!! And it looks like you had the perfect spot for it...so it was meant to be!

    Blessings - Sara

  21. Love the pickle! I'm sure it makes for great conversation!

  22. You really have been busy! Love all your "stuff"! I'm now a follower, I'll to go back to some of your other posts to catch up!

  23. I would hang that big ole pickle over my living room fireplace!!!
    I think it's the perfect touch for your dining room. Who wants a stuffy old still life anyway?!

  24. Well, I'm so sad that I was overcome with a stomach virus and couldn't make a road trip for my pickle and ice cream!
    It does look wonderful and HUGE on your wall. Best sign ever.
    Shuffling, pushing, slamming, packing...I'm doing all of it.
    My husband leaves for Barcelona on Saturday and I'm taking loads of stuff far, far away. He's such a loon about getting rid of things, that I have to be quick while he's gone. ;)

  25. OMG I have pickle envy...??? LOVE IT!
    Janie x

  26. Liz, thank you so much for stopping by as I now have discovered your fabulous blog.... and am your newest blog follower. Love!!! Love!!! the re-purpose of the ice -bucket , may have to borrow that creative idea. xo HHL

  27. Wow you make me tired. Of course I am right there with you in the stuff shuffle. Love your giant pickle, I have no where to hang it ro I also would have been tempted.

  28. Okay, so there is a group of us letting our dirty laundry, er, cluttered crafty stuff hang out for the October Overhaul. You are seriously ahead of the rest of us. You need to go over to While Wearing Heels and link this post. It deserves respect for all you accomplished. I laughed when I saw the bifold door divider in the bath. They are perfect for hiding stuff. I have a feeling the pickle is going to jump ship and go live with someone else. Like me!

  29. Oh goodness... I'm in LOVE with that sign!!!! It's perfect for your kitchen! I'm glad you trusted your gut. :)

    Shared all over the land for SNS 155. ;)



  30. Hi Liz! Thank you for stopping by the other day! I had so much fun looking through this post - you sure got a lot done! Btw, I especially love that centerpiece on your dining table! :)

  31. Vengo del blog de indulgethyself y me ha encantado tu Rincó; por lo cual, si no te importa, me gustaría ser Seguidor de tan bello Espacio, lleno de Magia, Sentimiento y Sensaciones.
    Un abrazo.
    I come indulgethyself blog and I loved your blog, so if you do not mind, I'd be so beautiful Follower space, filled with magic, emotion and sensations.
    A hug.

  32. It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog. you're an amazing gal and your posts are so entertaining...
    oh my that pickle sign is HUGE!
    Your black desk phone is gorgeous. I used to have one it but fell and broke when moving into my new home. still have it somewhere in the abyss of my garage.
    have a fabulous new week

  33. The pickle sign is soooo cute! Love the old phone too, reminds me of my grandma's house. I remember trying to win radio contests on a phone like that. LOL Great job!

  34. This is so darling. I absolutely, love it. Come do my house. Thank you for sharing.

    ~we may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  35. I think it looks terrific in your dining room! I'll be featuring you next week at Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks so much for sharing at the party!

  36. Oh Liz! Thanks for being such a supportive blog friend! I'm crossing my fingers that the pickle sign stays up.....btw if you're ever considering selling that lovely pickle, you have a buyer! -Angela


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