Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Masquerade

I'm no original thinker on this, (okay, okay, I confess, I'm a shameless copycat!) but after seeing Carlene's old photographs wearing masks at Organized Clutter, I knew I had to give it a try in my simple attempt to play along at Halloween.

Batman and Cat Woman?

Let me just admit that I'm usually a Halloween stick in the mud. I have been for years now. Fall just whisks by with me rarely succumbing to the slightest bit of decorating or celebration of the changing season, and I especially ignore Halloween. Somewhere along the line, I guess when my kids grew up, I gave up Halloween with all the pressure of costume deadlines and having to open the door to large man-sized guys wearing black capes with their heads and faces and covered with hoods just because it was Halloween. I sure did love going trick or treating as a kid, but that love didn't follow me into adulthood.

This year, however, with the pressure off from costumes, and ever since the Great Pickle came to grace the wall of my dining room, and pumpkins came home with us from the pumpkin patch, my attitude shifted a bit and I decided to get in on the fun and do a little something.

Everyone is headed to the masquerade!

Since this was a free project and one I figured wouldn't require that much of me, I gave it a whirl, choosing a time when Casey was at work to make the masks and get them onto our living room pictures so she would discover them when she came home.

The Incredibles?

Turns out it was a bit more time consuming than I expected. The big masks were much easier to make than the tiny ones, but cutting out the eye holes was a bear on the little ones! I had no exacto knife within easy reach or it might have been much simpler. And I was making up some of my own patterns to get the correct sizes and working at lightning speed to get done before Casey walked through the door.

 Unamused by the eye dressings I gave her?


I downloaded some masks I found online and tried copying Carlene's masks as well because I wanted a variety. I managed to copy a Batman mask for my son and my nephew and made a couple of different ones for everyone else. Some worked in the sizes I originally made them, but others had to be reworked to fit the faces. One of the masks has a kind of Cat Woman vibe to it. I guess that fits since we have Batman in the mix.

After I got these underway, I also saw THIS by Tracy at Crows Feet Chic. These hats would be another fun addition to framed pictures. "The Oak Gulch Ladies' Aid Society;" they look positively witchy! Tracy's going to be decorating for a Halloween party, so check back with her to see what she comes up with! I'm betting it'll be spooky good fun!

Well, I'm pretty excited; today the washer arrives. (We didn't get a dryer yet after all. Too expensive. I didn't want to wipe out every penny I had, so we are going to wait on that.) I spent my evening last night after work clearing a path to where the washer goes from the storage area that once was a garage before we added a room in most of it. This involved lots of shuffling of stuff and piling things up precariously, both in the storage space and in the craft room and the adjacent bathroom. It was quite a feat, but since I wouldn't buy washer hoses (since I already had them), I was told the delivery guy will not bring the washer in and install it. He will only drop it at the door. So I figured I'd better have the simplest way to get it into place without having to go up and down the two steps into the house and then back down a step into the laundry area. That means it will have to go through the usually filled garage storage area, through the usually crammed craft room and through the usually somewhat blocked hall...the stuff has to go somewhere!


Casey and I got this up the one step into the house and then down two steps to the yard. After it sat here a week waiting for trash day, I managed to get it to the road; it was on wheels but they dug into the dirt and grass and it did not want to budge. It took a whole lot of effort. Within ten minutes of getting it to the road, my next door neighbors came and wrangled it up their side yard to their back yard in an amazing feat of strength, and left it right across from where I had it. We could have just pushed it through the bushes! Ah well, we all got a workout.

So in preparation for the delivery of the new washer, I did some unbelievable arranging of junk last night, and then afterwards, I got ambitious, made a decision (Woo!). I pulled out all 16 of the wood pieces (large cabinet doors) I got for free from a pile on the side of the road a while back and took off as much of the hardware as I could get off and threw the wood away. I know we'll be needing that immediately now that it's in the trash, but it was hogging about 4 feet of space and my plans for it were iffy. Gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm getting there!

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  1. Thanks Liz for the shout out about my eye masks. You are right they aren't that easy to cut out, but you did good. And so many photos!

  2. Love the masks! I'm not much on Halloween either. I do the fall thing, but am not into spooky. I know you'll be so glad to get your washer in its place. Thanks as always for your visit and comment! Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. These are so much fun! Carlene does wonderful stuff and thanks for introducing me to Crow Feet Chic!

  4. Great idea and very creative. I like them very much.


  5. Liz your are a beauty catwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. LOVE your Halloweenie masks; you did a fabulous job with the styles and variety... what did Casey say when she discovered them? Thanks too for the shout out. Just think.... some day our future generations may be adding hats and brooms to our pics! xo

  7. What a pretty family you have! And your mask project is adorable. After shunning Halloween for years, fearing I was doing something that didn't honor God, I've made the decision to reclaim the day for the Lord at my home. I may give out candy with encouraging "do not fear" type scripture on it!
    I am so proud of you for letting the doors go! I need to let go of stuff and only keep my favorites. Too much stuff is not a good thing. Thanks for being a good example!

  8. Charlene always comes up with great ideas and this is no cute exception. We've been in a letting "go" the last week and a half. Once you set you mind it's easier to do. Good luck with getting you new washer in, what's the hoses got to do with installation? Sounds like PS to me!

  9. I've not done Halloween for years... but I'm like Revi up there... I think everyday is a Gift from God... let it be lived to His Glory.
    And there is nothing wrong with a masquerade ...in fact, I've been working on a costume for one of the LITTLES...:)

    those masks are so cute!
    Glad you're getting a new washer!


  10. The masks on the photos are adorable, Liz.
    The tale of woe about the washer, not so much! LOL
    Poor things- glad you had a helpful neighbor.
    You'll enjoy your new washer.
    I'm off to see Carlene.
    Keep lovin' that pickle sign!

  11. So creative. If you can't put on costumes, dress up the photos :)

  12. These crack me up, so I'm pinning them.


  13. Oh Liz, you know I love these. I adored Carlenes and had to feature her the minute I saw them. I have pics hanging above my stairs of all my grandies. I so wanted to do this but not gonna happen this year. Leaving for Hawaii next week and just too much to do. Trying to do Fall yard clean up before leaving. All of your masks turned out so cute. I love the variety! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Hi Liz, just joined your blog, and I just love it! Pics are really cute with the mask. I am off to look around, Hugs, Lynn

  15. Liz, the masks on the pictures are adorable. I haven't really gotten into the spirit of decorating for Halloween this year BUT this makes me want to. I just love the simplicity of adding the masks and the fun feel it gives...not too Halloweeny but Halloweeny enough. It's a perfect balance. And...how funny that the neighbors ended up with your washer.

  16. Your masked photos are wonderful. What a cute, yet simple way to dress them up for the season. I had to laugh at your decision to throw the cabinet doors away...sounds just like something I'd do to clear out the clutter, but I'd be regretting it as soon as they were gone.

  17. They are really cute, what a cool idea. ahh, the things I have done to clear clutter... talk about trips to donation centers :)

    I am your new follower. It will be great if you follow me back


    Abi K

  18. Stopping by to say Hi!!!! What's that old saying "copying" is a form of flattery!! So look at it that you are giving someone a compliment for coming up with the idea. Sounds good doesn't it? They are really cute, and a cool idea not matter who comes up with it.

  19. Loved Carlene's and love your masquerade family! How fun - you're no stick in the mud this year! How funny that your neighbor took your washer after all your hard work!!

  20. I probably shouldn't say this out loud, but I'm a Halloween stick in the mud as well. For several years my husband and I would just go out for a long dinner/movie on Halloween so we didn't have to suffer through trick or treat. I didn't even like trick or treating when I was a kid. I think I quit trick or treating in 3rd grade. All that said . . . I do like these masks! Very very cute!

  21. This is absolutely hilarious! Love the masks!!!

    Found you through Coastal Charm, and glad I did!

  22. This is such a fun idea! You are a STAR tonight over at I Gotta Create!
    Thank you for linking up at the Wildly Original party.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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