Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Free Showings Daily

It feels like I started working on this sign forever ago. It kept getting put on hold while I tended to other things, but I'm finally calling it "done" - well, sort of - maybe - for now anyway. 

Yeah, we'll just see about that.

I used the transfer method where you print out the reversed image/words, place the paper where you want it, get it just slightly wet and burnish the image onto the surface, as I have done before.

On this one, I started out thinking it would just be a sign with black letters, but it was way too plain and uninteresting. I had to mess with the colors as I went and figure out what I wanted by trial and error, creating the right shades of colors by mixing paints together.

At this stage I still had "Sunrise" and "Sunset" in black, but it was too dull so I painted "Sunrise" in the only yellowish paint I had which was actually cream, and "Sunset" in an orange I mixed up. I repainted "Free Showings Daily" several times trying to get it light or bright enough. This shot was from when the sign was in it's more raspberry phase (which shows well in this picture, but it didn't show up from a distance when I had the sign hung in the house). The color wasn't bright enough and the wood was just too brown. Even though I highlighted the letters with white, there wasn't enough contrast for it to pop. 

The wood was a piece of fence I picked up from someone's trash pile and has a great weathered quality to it. I realized too late that I should have washed some watery white paint across it first. It would have made for a lot less repainting as I tried to get the colors to show up. Lesson learned. If I did this again, it would likely be a much quicker process. The figuring out is what takes all the time.

The lighter pink doesn't seem to show up well in this photo, but indoors it's more visible. I may try to find another brighter raspberry color and repaint it one more time.

So it goes, and on I go to clearing out, cleaning up and finishing up as many other projects before Thanksgiving as I can!

My plan now is to do at least one small project a night. Wish me well on that front, because with it getting dark earlier now, it's gonna be tough. I don't have much gumption after dark. My desire to work tends to fade with the sunlight.

What about you, were you happy for daylight savings time to end or do you long for extended sunlight? Whether you enjoy the rising and setting sun early or late, the shows are free every day! Why not get out there and enjoy what God has created for you to richly enjoy!

I'll be sharing my sign at:

Saturday Nite Special @ Funky Junk Interiors
Wow Us Wednesdays @ Savvy Southern Style
Cowgirl Up @ Cedar Hill Ranch


  1. That turned out great! I love it! I, too, am in full project mode before the holidays arrive!

  2. What a fun sign, I love it! You find the best trashy stuff. I'm kicking myself for not saving more fence boards when our fence blew down about two years ago. Oh well, someone probably made signs out them.

  3. I read that sign 3 times before I got it! Am I slow or what?
    I get it now...
    and it made me smile. First the sign...then at my being slow. duh.
    ...wishing you luck on after dark projects and 1 a night. :) Pat

  4. Great sign! I used to make signs out of pallet wood and handpaint then. I didn't re-paint them, however...I would have given up...I'm way too impatient. good on ya for hanging in there!

  5. I'm just starting to do some signs. It's always fun to experiment with colours. Love this sign.

  6. Sweet and clever! I'd call it done. It looks great...
    Thought of you today when I voted!

  7. Your sign looks great! I have a piece of driftwood that my son wants me to make into a sign for his room. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm with you on the daylight savings thing....give me more daylight :)

  8. I fade with the sun too...can't keep my eyes open after 8pm :)

  9. Wow, so cool! Good luck with your project goal. I'm no good after sunset haha.

  10. Great sign Liz... love it with your aqua cabinet with my favourite faucet handles! :)

  11. Hi Liz,

    I love your sign; it made me smile! So true, isn't it, what mother nature has playing 24-7 for our viewing pleasure!

    I'm finding that as the days grow shorter, so does my energy! The only thing I have no problem with is blogging, especially visiting lovely blogs (like yours); so much to see and learn and appreciate!

    Poppy :)

  12. very clever! transferring onto wood is something i'd like to try.

  13. I'm saying WOW liz..great post..beauties; dontcha just luvv yourself when you get it done!!

  14. I think your sign is lovely! With what few signs I've done (2 or 3), I've put a lite watery coat of white on. It does help. Yours looks great as is!

  15. Great sign! I, too, was a bit slow reading the message. Love the final result (if it is the final :>) !)

  16. What a great sign! Yes - I hear you on the sunlight/energy thing. Other than getting kids ready for bed, I don't tend to be very productive after dark.
    Good luck with your goal of one project a night!


  17. this is so fabulous, liz! love the transfer idea:)

  18. Fantastic! I love how this turned out! :) Claire


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