Thursday, February 21, 2013

From Trash Heap to Trash Heap

It's hard to let go, even when you've only known a cute new piece of junk for an hour. 

Today was free trash Thursday, and I went looking...just because, you know...stuff might be out there.

I happened upon a pile of chippy green wood, and this little matching table was sitting upside down on top. It was filthy, but I liked the scalloped edge that went all the way around. It was going to make a sweet little back patio table.

I hauled it into the backseat where I promptly got mud and all manner of filth all over the passenger headrest and the seat. Who cares, I thought. This little sweet thang is worth it.

I arrived home and hauled it out. Someone had covered it's chippy top with contact paper. You do have to question people's choices sometimes, don't you think? No problem, I thought. I'll make quick work of that mess. So I drug it to the back patio and got busy peeling. The paper was coming off easy. I was getting excited about my happy little find.

...until I peeled back the paper and discovered it had termites.


I quickly hauled it to the curb at my house, and I'm just hoping to goodness that the trash truck did not already come down my street while I was out junkin'. I'm anxiously awaiting the sound of that noisy monster that prowls the streets each Thursday morning before any termites escape. I can hear it nearby but I feel like it has passed us by. Please come back!

So there you have it. The perils of junkin. Easy come, easy go, right? But then again...not so much.

I had already fallen in love with this precious little thing.


So long sweet little chippy green table with the cute scalloped edge.

It was nice knowing you...

...this morning...

...for about an hour.


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  1. AGHHH - GET IT BACK lol - you can redo the top with pallet wood ( free at home depot )
    Go. Run. Get. It.!!!

  2. haha!! I looooved it.. until you said termites. You might be able to save it but when it comes to bugs, its

  3. Go and torch it! It'll be sad, but also crazy fun.

  4. wow, a great reminder that all free stuff isn't always free :)

  5. I put a little table in the back of my car that had a bunch of daddy long legs living on it. When I saw them I pulled that dam thing out so fast, took off my shoes and got the ones that stayed in my car. It did end up coming home with me but I hated the drive not being sure if I got them all!


  6. Wouldn't you just die if someone else came by and picked it up??? LOL!

  7. Put a sign on that little aqua devil at the curb before someone puts it into an area of their home or garage where those Termites can do serious damage.
    Not seeing the humour in that.
    I remember back in the late 70s, my Mum was "Mactak"-ing everything. We changed a "Mac-attack" from from needing a lousy whatever our Mum had gotten ahold of lately.
    Keep-up the good hunt.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario.

  8. I don't understand my attachment to junk finds either. Even when I find something way better, I can't seem to let go of the lesser item.

  9. Ouch! It was SO CUTE! I feel your pain...since I was imagining it mixed into all your other turquoise furniture loveliness.
    Hope it's gone!

  10. Oh, No, Mr. Bill, not termites! That poor little orphan. Did you at least put a sign on it warning the next treasure hunter?

  11. I'm with Suzan....I'd take off the top but keep the base. It's loverly!

  12. Sigh. that was a cute one! But termites are nothing to mess with huh? Guess you could soak it in Raid for a day or so if the trash truck doesn't come back!

  13. Awwwwwww that is a shame. Love the chippy legs on that piece so so cute. I hope you find another chippy piece like this again minus the bugs!!!!!! Better luck next time

  14. Ah, a sad story indeed. The woes of trash day. I've been known to 'discover' a piece curbside now and again, but haven't experienced this unfortunate business of termites. The most unwelcome of pests.
    Keep searching - there's a green table out there somewhere for you!
    Thanks so much for your visit, too. :)

  15. Oh but it was sooo cute and that color! I'm sorry:-(

  16. It was pretty while it lasted. It was the perfect green color though. How did you know it was termites? I love finding a good curbside treasure, but not sure how to recognize the little critters.

  17. That's the worst, isn't it! I bet your next junk hunt will be fruitful. I plan on getting up early next week and doing the same thing (I'm sure my boyfriend is thrilled, lol).

  18. Too bad! Hope the termites and their minty home have been picked up and hauled to the dump. What a let down. ;(

  19. I found you through The Cottage Market.
    Your beautiful chippy green table had me at a glance........poor lil table !
    Bad termites, why couldn't they have eaten something else ?
    I had to laugh about the contact on top though. My Grandmother used to do things like that. My parents inherited her beautiful antique Kaori pine table when she passed away and it had so many layers of contact and lino on top. In between each layer was a nice thick layer of paint ! lol

  20. I was drooling over your newfound treasure....until the bug part!!! I am addicted to watching "Infested" and know for a fact you did the right thing. Yes, that's how I spend my Friday nights. Glued to the TV watching the horrors of homes infested with any number of creepy crawly things. Ummm, have you sprayed your car with Raid? :O

  21. Hahaha sorry but I did the same thing! I dragged home a whole pile of wood from someone's old porch and found termite holes all through it!
    The color was great, it was a good try!


  22. I was wondering the same thing as others...can't you take off the top and save it? Listen to us...we want to save everything!! Even a termite-ridden table!

  23. This is so sad! I feel for you. Creeps me out it was inside your car! Mary

  24. Oh dang dang dang I was soooooooooo excited for you.

    That is SUCH a sad shame.

  25. What a huge disappointment! That was the cutest little table! Good thing termites don't eat cars - you should be safe! Life to the full, Melissa

  26. Oh no, thank goodness you found out about the termites early on. It was cute, though!
    Mary Alice

  27. was so cute! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  28. Thank goodness you didn't bring it inside anywhere! What a was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! Thanks for sharing...she is pinned and featured : ) hugs...

  29. Oh no! What a bummer. For a minute I thought - gee - how do I get rid of termites? And then realized that yuck, you can never get rid of termites. Ugh. Found you thru The Cottage Market!

  30. sometimes there are "those" reasons too why people throw things out!

  31. So sad! I was super jealous of that piece of shabby perfection until the word "termites" came into play. I hope you enjoyed her while you had her:-)


  32. Oh no! And it was soooo pretty! I'd be tempted to wrap in in plastic bags and bug-bomb the thing... Better luck next time.

    Free big trash day is coming up next month in the upscale area just north of us... I can't wait to get digging through rich people's trash! lol

    Happy Wow Us Wednesday!

    -Jessica G from My blog The Cabbage Rose Cottage

  33. Oh no! I think I would have kept the legs at least....until my husband found out...

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