Friday, February 01, 2013

When The Back Goes Out

I have NOT fallen, but even so, I can't get up. Absolutely nothing happened and out went my back anyway. I'm immobile, and it's even more the pity because I was in the middle of painting my tall chest of drawers when it happened.

This one.

I had the sides and top done and was working on the first two drawers when my back went out, so the painting has been temporarily abandoned.

It was a bit of a Laurel and Hardy scene here, actually, as Casey tried to intervene while I screeched and stood motionless unable to move right there in front of that chest of drawers. I was holding a drawer and had just lifted it with one hand. Something misaligned and I was a goner. Casey helped me (but not without a bit of drama and commotion from me) onto the couch into a position where I could be left while she went to a meeting. Then I was stuck in that position and couldn't budge an inch with out intense pain. It was quite a scene... comedy gold to be sure. Had the cameras been rolling, it would have certainly been a moment worth sharing with you. We are nothing if not good for a laugh. We couldn't help but laugh either, because it was so ridiculous it was hilarious, but I had to force a stop to the laughter because that made it hurt exponentially worse.

I'm not sure, but after having to try and maneuver me, wait on me and listen to my groans and sundry sounds of pain, I think maybe she has decided to change her major, which had been leaning towards physical therapy. Well, if I can clarify one child's life mission, even if it's to help them cross off the list those things to which they are not suited, I'm glad to help.

So much for a picture post. This is getting wordy again. So let's pause for a pic of something I found recently...

Thought the shape of this plate was quite pretty. I've seen other Last Supper plates, but none with this shape.

Resume story:
I'm not much for sitting around though, and I was in the middle of the painting project that I wanted to knock off the list (even though it was never on the list to begin with), so being stuck on the couch was utter torture. Casey got me Ibuprofen and water and socks, my phone and a blanket before she left because I had started shaking, which only made my back go into further spasms. Once she left, I was stranded. There was no getting up. I wanted to take a picture of the scene as I lie curled oddly on the couch, but I couldn't get up for the camera. I know, you're disappointed. I'm very sorry.

Then Casey returned but had to leave again shortly thereafter to go to class. By then the Ibuprophen had kicked in and movement, even though quite painful, was possible if I did all sorts of contortionist efforts to inch my way around. So I did. I found my body was twisted, and it could only stand or walk (it had taken upon itself a mind of it's own) if I was leaning to the right or left - mostly right. Oh, dear. Turns out that I can't get my body to go back straight now. I'm curved like a backwards S still tonight. Weird. I sure hope it isn't permanent.

A Good Dose of Junk

Well, enough about me and the inevitable effects built up over time of leaning, reaching and lifting improperly which can land upon you like a ton of bricks. Don't let this happen to you. Lift smart. Let me be a lesson. Despite the groans and other sounds of pain that have been my accompaniment for the past day and a half, and the stalled status of the chest of drawers, I felt the need to share something, so I figured a few thrifty finds and old junk would do the trick. After all, junk is good medicine, and there's no telling how many of you are also ailing, be it from bad backs, the flu or even a case of cabin fever. Maybe you need a good dose of junk too. Let's all get better together, shall we?

For starters, here's a remedy for what ails you...silver! Take two pieces and call me in the morning. If needed, take three!

Tarnished, yet cute.

I polished them a bit to see if they were keepers, and despite being cleaned inside the creamer still looks like it was used for a spittoon.  Oh well. I still like 'em.

All of this stuff was found over the course of the past couple of weeks or so.

These keys and the bar of soap were found inside the blue suitcase I found in the trash. The story of that find can be found in the post: My Halfway House For Junk.

This Peter Rabbit set is a bit like one I already own. Twelve adorable little books.

Fun stories

I had already taken pictures of some of my finds, so I can eventually list them on Etsy if I get around to it.

This art deco brush and mirror set isn't my style, but I've seen this set sold online for a decent price.

And then there's the tea pot and sugar bowl made in Japan which is reminiscent of a set that I use to own that had been my mom's and her mom's before. It was a different sort of set overall, yet the same color as this lusterware.

Is it cuter in the grass or in the mulch. I couldn't decide.

The newest items, which I found at Goodwill shortly before my back gave out, had not been photographed by the time of my undoing, but I was sure wishing I had done so when I had light and a cooperative body, because my back was hurting so badly while I took these that I was shaking. The light was poor as well, but I knew I had a limited amount of time before I quite literally crashed. So I offer what I can. (And I do believe the trip to Goodwill was an accessory to my back going out. Be careful lifting and moving heavy stacks of dishes around at Goodwill. Ouch! Oh, and also be very careful when rifling through the silverware tubs. Sharp and serrated knives abound.)

The bigger wood tray above that says "give us this day our daily bread", and the small wood tray with a handle, are going to be painted. The silver footed tray is unfortunately reflecting the wood ceiling in the room so it looks brown, even though it's very cute. There is a box of glittered Christmas cards, a nutcracker and four picks, three Anchor Hocking lidded jars that I would like to paint and...

a Big Ben wind up Alarm clock.

I'm happy to pick up a souvenir plate if it catches my eye. These did, and I got the little gold and white easel at Goodwill too.

So there. If you need it, take your junk medicine and feel better.

Okay, so let's review. Now that we know what to do "when the car breaks down" and what to do "when the back goes out", I'm hoping the next "what to do" will be something more along the lines of "what to do when you win the lottery" because it's time for the current "what to do" streak to go in a different more positive and less financially and physically painful direction...

...said the temporarily (I hope) twisted lady with the twisted back and the twisted love for junk and stuff.

I'll be sharing my treasures at:

mop it up mondays

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. Oh, Liz, I can commiserate - I have back spasms from time to time. You feel like a turtle on its back. At least your sense of humor has prevailed. Love the junk photos - the suitcase keys with the little man are my favorites. Ice and heat and two junkin' trips for a cure.

  2. So sorry about your back! I hope you're back up and running again soon. There's junk out there that needs to be rescured and you surely know how to find some gems!

  3. So sorry to hear about your back problems, that's no fun at all and I sure hope you're taking care of yourself. Love all your finds, especially the hand mirror and brush, and those sweet luggage keys.

  4. oh, liz, take good care of yourself--pain is never fun:( love your found treasures--the keys are great!

  5. So sorry to hear about your back! But please go to the doctor, not that it might get worse or that you may miss the best time for therapy! It sounds really awful, so I am worried!



  6. I occasionally have my sacroiliac joint go out while picking up an empty clothes basket or someting non strenuous. It's bad. Great finds, Liz. I have thought about an etsy shop but haven't done it yet. I used to sell on ebay in the late 1990's until about 2006.

  7. I shouldn't laugh, but I'm laughing WITH you, not at you! Were your ears ringing yesterday? I just emailed Tracy CFC last night that she needed a little retail therapy. I myself treated myself to one, two, three, no FOUR doses on my lunch break yesterday. After losing my only day off, I felt it was justified. It worked! Today I'm in tip top shape and ready to go!

    On a serious note, I hope you are fully recovered in a day or two. I pulled my back out when I foolishly carried a small air conditioner from an upstairs bedroom down to the basement by myself. Three days of excruciating pain taught me a lesson. No more lifting heavy things by myself. UNLESS it's a curbside freebie and there's nobody to help. :)

    Great finds!

  8. Oh gosh... hope you are feeling better today and moving again! Both you and your car are out of whack at the same time -- you really ARE immobile! Great finds; what interesting keys! Hope you are on the mend and Vickie's right -- a little retail therapy is good. Especially at our prices!! :) Get well!

  9. Liz, get to a chiropractor now! You don't have to suffer like this. Get some TENS therapy and an adjustment. You definitely need treatment.
    Love all your new junk and I hope you feel better soon~

  10. I feel your pain...literally. I have back issues myself. No bueno. I just LOVE those salt and pepper shakers. They would go nicely with my collection! hint, hint...

  11. Liz...take Tina's advice above and get that back worked out by the Chiropractor.
    Now as to the twisted love of junk...I'd deny it.
    get well , Pat

  12. This must be "back" week. My sons' up in bed in agony...cold packs then heating pad, tylenol and magnesium drink.Something has to relieve that stressed-out back!
    I love the silver, the salt & peppers look great used as place-card holders on a table. Even a sweet miniature flower if you can get one with a narrow enough stem. You've had a great time getting the goods.
    Take good care of that back though.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario

    1. Thanks, Brenda. Let me know if you have a blog and I'll stop by for a visit! I sure hope your son is feeling better soon!

  13. Good junk! I hate it when my back does this! It happens more often than I would prefer however! I think you're right, it's the way we lift, twist, pull, on heavy objects. I can sometimes just move a certain way and my back goes out. It even "cuts" off my breath! Just pure misery. I've recently been bothered with sciatica! Now there's a great little nuisance. Hurts like $%^##!

    Hope you feel better quickly. There's lots of stuff to do! :)

  14. So sorry your back is out - I've had that happen too and it is not fun. Hopefully it will soon be back where it belongs!


  16. Ooh so sorry about your back. One thing's for sure...when your back hurts, everything suffers. Get well soon...looking at your silver made me feel better!

  17. Get yourself straightened out lady! I twitched in my chair in sympathy pain. After all, you have to, otherwise how will you get to the store to buy that lottery ticket?


  18. So sorry to hear your back went out. I have back problems myself, but I've never been in the kind of pain you're talking about. Mine just hurts chronically, but never enough to incapacitate me. I got out my list of exercises the physical therapist gave me some years back, so I can get it in shape for garden season.
    Do take care of yourself and get better.

  19. I hope you are feeling better. It's so frustrating to be prevented from doing what we want by pain (RA talking here). Your finds are amazing. The little keys are adorable and I'm completely in love with that tea set. I think it looks gorgeous in both pictures - very elegant and zen in the first one and a bit "Alice in Wonderland" in the second.

  20. Liz, I feel your pain. :-) It sounds a lot like your sciatic nerve. I've been there and it does get better. I hope it's nothing more serious than that. I'm so glad to have found your blog through From My Front Porch...I'm liking what you pick up; so much my own tastes. Looking forward to seeing what else you do, and when I have time I will look back through your older posts. I have signed up to receive your updates through email. I hope you are better and back to the thrifting and junking! No need to reply, as my blog is only used as a travel diary for the most part.


  21. Hope you feel better soon! You poor thing! Your haul is pretty amazing and I have featured it today! Sending hugs and hope you feel better SOON!


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