Thursday, March 07, 2013

Penny Pinching Weekend

I was trying for a penny pinching weekend last weekend as usual.
Item by item, I did pretty well.
My flag at home was very faded and this one had a metal pole and an Eagle finial. 
I got it for under $2.00. Quite the deal. 
I like to keep Old Glory flying and have to replace flags often 
because of the harsh sun and the beating wind and rain. 
It serves me well to find replacements on the cheap whenever possible.

This was my Goodwill metal haul. Four letter organizer trays...

a round metal tray with leather straps (love that thing! I've been using it to serve myself tea on my Goodwill teacup set from a few posts back), a silver bowl to add to my collection and a cake pan with the sliding thingamajig to loosen the cake. I bought the handled tray with a plan to alter it, so the discoloration didn't matter. I got some of it off with steel wool, but much of it wouldn't come off. Good thing I didn't count on that.

Got this metal drill bit case for $1. It's pretty cool. I need something to hold the bits I have. This sort of folds out in sections.
The outside finish has lost its luster and is a bit rusty, but the case is pretty cool. I think it's from the General Hardware Mfg. Co.

The longer you're out there on the hunt, and if you go to Goodwill one day and yard sales the next...

 ...those pennies and dollars add up quick.
 I have a weakness for metal hardware and whatnot.

The bunch of scalloped edged linen napkins cost $1.00. I mainly wanted these for the lacy edging.
And what do I have to show for my time and the treasure spent? Well I sometimes end up with stuff I realize I could have lived without just fine. However, you KNOW that casters are a worthy buy at 25¢ each! I needed the clamps too at 50¢. I've already had to press one of these into service to fix one of  my broken arrow signs. The paint brush was free.

The picnic basket was a gift for Casey. She had mentioned wanting to go on a picnic, so when this popped up and the lady knocked two dollars off her price, I fell for it. Casey was pleased. I guess I could have done worse. It was only missing one set of the utensils and didn't look to have been used. 

It's hard to get around to going on a picnic though. I wonder how long it will be until she uses it, if ever. Meanwhile, you know I'm enjoying the casual suitcase style. I'm absolving myself of any spending guilt because I passed up the purchase of another old picnic basket (the kind with hinged wood on top) for the same price, $3.00. I had already purchased this one or I would have gotten the other one because it was pretty cool (although completely different), but where would I have put it anyway? There was no way I was spending $6 on picnic baskets. This one can be tucked under something else and the other was taller and would have been troublesome to store. I can't remember if it had any sort of utensils or dishes in it. I think it did. Anywho, I'm not that big on baskets and the world seems basket rich, so I rarely lament passing one up.

There you have it, my penny pinching weekend finds. Bargains await. Get hunting! I'm off next to look for something free at the curb. That beats all! Stay tuned. We'll see what I find.

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  1. I am goggling that drill bit box - love it and its patina. The numbered holes are so cool! The tall picnic baskets with the wooden hinged tops are great to stack in a corner and hide junk, er, treasures in. I am glad to see that at least one person was able to rein in the spending!

  2. Good finds :) Remember to show us the redo of the metal pan with leather handles!

  3. I made a rule last year that I would never leave reasonably priced wheels behind. They come in so handy. So what are you gonna do with the baskets?


  4. Is wonderful your work and your blog, congratulations and kisses.


  6. Ah, the just don['t miss much do you I especially like the Napkins..confession: I never buy NEW NAPKINS and we use cloth napkins 99%+ of the time. flea mkt, yard sale you name it.CHEAP CHEAP that's my focus


  7. As usual, I love all the cool junk you find. I'd have grabbed them, too. :)

  8. No yard sales here, so I'm safe from buying too many baskets. Your collection of wire baskets is pretty cool, and I like the door lock, too. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  9. Wow Liz you struck it rich again with your junkin travels. I love the wire baskets too and the picnic basket is great. I too think you can never pass up wheels or coasters. Great finds.

  10. Hi Liz, I stopped by to see what you were up to and it looks like you had a profitable weekend. I love those napkins, I have been looking for pretty white ones forever,but haven't found any yet. I have a picnic basket like the one you passed up. It isn't used for picnics, although it probably will find itself in a post this summer looking like a picnic basket! I just sit it on the kitchen floor next to the little chair and keep extra Christmas littles in it..Happy Thursday..Judy

  11. I need those wheels. Period.
    Love the picnic basket! So cute...
    And lastly, did you know that you can contact your local Boy Scouts of America or the American Legion OR the V.A. Hospital...they will take you old flag and give them a proper disposal.
    I attended an Official Ceremonial Flag Burning with the Boy Scouts (my nephews) was truly heart warming and a proud moment!
    You can call the American legion and they will tell you if there are drop boxes in your area, for pickup.

    :) Pat

  12. So many wonderful finds! I can't pick a favorite!

  13. You did good! I really like those metal letter organizers and you know I love a good hardware haul. I'm sure the picnic basket will be put to good use too:-)

  14. So fun to do some virtual treasure hunting with you! I have been itching to get out and shop but haven't had a chance to this was a great post to tide me over for a bit ;) Your photos are lovely!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  15. Some really great treasures you found!! It's so exciting finding "new" old things to re purpose to use for something else :) Happy Sunday! xx Holly

  16. You always find the neatest treasures for a song! Love that cool picnic set, and anything with casters is amazing! Thanks for sharing your finds.

  17. Great haul!! I bought one of those metal trays this weekend for $.50!

    Jenna @

  18. Wow, you scored some great finds! I think you chose well on that picnic basket -- the inside is so colorful and fun!


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