Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You've Got Mail! Springtime Style!

Not, "you've got mail", as in YOU, but, "you've got mail" as in, ME! I got mail!

Come and see what I got!

It wasn't just mail, it was a package. And it wasn't just a package. It was a priority mail shipping box. And it wasn't in the mailbox because it was waaaay too big. It was sitting on the floor by the front door waiting for me when I got home last night. Oh joy! When does that ever happen, except maybe at Christmas or my birthday? But this one wasn't from someone in my family, it was from Kris, at Junk Chic Cottage.

Before you read on, please click here first: Junk Chic Cottage and check out the last picture in the post. Go on, I'll wait. No, really...go on! It'll only take a second and you need to see what I saw there before you see what I saw awaiting me in the box.

Cute wasn't it?! Adorable and junky sweet. What a fun Springtime idea and, aw... it incorporated one of those cool old lunch boxes I've always wished I could find but never have.

So what could it be in my package? I could hardly wait to find out. I began clawing my way through the packing tape trying to discover what was inside, just like a little kid.

What?! Kris was sending me something on my wish list?! My jaw dropped at this sweet note and at what I found wrapped up inside:

Surprise! I was floored. I've wanted one of these for soooo long. Kris even sent bunnies and moss too! The whole thing was over the top. I had everything I needed to create a cute Springtime centerpiece. She helped me kick up my Spring style tenfold, and she made it foolproof.

Yes, it was my lucky day, but even more than that, the overwhelming thoughtfulness of someone sweet, whom I met through blogging, sent this package to my doorstep. I mean how often does someone just nail it when they give you a gift? I mean really? How often when you open a package do you shout with glee loud enough for the neighbors outside the window across the street to hear you and turn their heads and squint with a "What the heck is going on over there now?" kind of look?

 So I gathered up my goodies and added a pot of flowers (It just so happened that I had a few left that I got with my giftcard that hadn't been planted.) and waa laa!

 Isn't it the sweetest thing for Spring?

Well, clearly some people have a knack. Not just any knack, but the kind that compels them to seize the moment, and with an open hand and heart offer up something of themselves to someone they've only met through conversations online. They have a way of giving you a glimpse into who they are beyond what you've already seen played out on their blog and in their comments and emails. They step out of the distant and invisible world of blog writers and put their personality into a box, complete with their handwriting on paper, and it's like they have stepped right into your living room.

If you've seen Kris' style, at Junk Chic Cottage (I told you to click the link!), it's an invite-you-in-and-make-you-want-to-be-her-permanent-guest kind of cozy chic style. It's light and white and full of imaginative uses for ordinary items all wrapped up in comfort and eye-appeal.

And now her style is sitting on my mantel. I've been Junk Chic Cottaged!

It's like a dream.

I had to add this shot because while I was trying to get a clear picture in the waning light, Casey, who was sitting in the chair behind me, tried to mess up my shot by whacking me in the rear. I had the camera set on too slow of a shutter speed anyway, so between that and the swat to the butt, along with me flinging the camera while the shutter was open when she smacked me, I got this gauzy shot. She felt she did me a favor by helping me get this image. Thanks, Case.

By the way, you might want to head over and visit Kris at Junk Chic Cottage asap. She's got a giveaway going on. If you're lucky, you might get Junk Chic Cottaged too! Wouldn't that be fun!

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  1. I love the term "junk chic cottaged". I LOVE Junk Chic Cottage and Kris too. Her style is perfect.

    Enjoy your lunch pail.

  2. What a perfect little gift, so pretty and ...ready for Easter. What a thoughtful person!
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  3. The items she sent made for a perfect setup and the flowers you added put it over the top! It's beautiful and the little bunnies are way precious:)What a sweet person she is to have sent it to you.

  4. What a thoughtful gift- I can hear you squeal thru the excitement in your words. And your addition of the raspberry flowers made it perfect. Glad that little lunchpail will brighten your days. How could it not?

  5. You are the best Liz to do this post. I am so happy you love the lunch box and the bunnies. Had to send those little cuties. I like your lunch box better than mine now!!!!! So adorable. Love it. I am so glad I sent it to you. You gave it a really nice home. I can see other cute things coming of that box in the future. You deserve this special treat my friend. You are so genuine and have become a wonderful bloggy friend and I am so glad I sent this to you. Enjoy.

  6. What a sweet surprise! Your lunchbox looks so cute with your raspberry colored flowers and the cute little bunnies. Kris is a thoughtful person with great style, too!

  7. Not only am I impressed by the thoughtful gift of the lunchbox, bunnies, and moss, but the handwritten note is something special from a friend. I love how you are displaying them. The gauzy pic looks intentional!

  8. Very sweet gift. I have two old lunch boxes. Never thought about painting them but I might now!

  9. What a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend! It looks great the way you styled it!

  10. Liz,
    I know this Kris from Junk Chic Cottage and she is every bit the angel she appears to be. Her random acts of kindness and ability to lift people up when they are down or brighten their day is amazing. I love that you call it JunkChicCottaged but it could also be that you've been "Krissed" by an angel.

  11. Liz ...I did it. I stopped and went to visit your friend Kris.YOU KNOW I loved her blog am following now and will go back when I can linger and 'take it all in'..
    ISN'T THAT FUN...getting a surprise in the mail like that! I would be jumping up and own and clapping doing a gleeful silly dance too.

    Thanks for you generous comments..it really is rewarding knowing there is aN AUDIENCE like you reading what I share. ...am loving you girl.


  12. What a wonderful surprise!! So much nicer than the usual lizard-in-the-tall-grass kind of surprise! Love, love your new spring vignette and the goodies are adorable. Kris is such a sweetie with an amazing way with white! My dad had a black lunchbox like that... I remember packing his lunch with sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper. Hope mom still has it because I think it needs a new spring look a la Kris & Liz!!

  13. Hi Liz! I just discovered your blog today and am oh so glad I did! I think we are kindred spirits...:) I have been looking at some of your old posts and I just love all your thrifty finds! I would love for you to stop by for a visit sometime...:) I'm your newest follower and will definitely be back!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  14. What a sweet surprise for you! I love how you added moss and the bunny. Perfect for Easter. I love the shabby look. Happy Spring.........

    The French Hutch

  15. Kris is a lovely friend!! Such a sweet gift for spring. So full of charm. Love it!!
    Mary Alice

  16. So, so sweet and beautiful! Perfect for the season. Blogging friends are the best!

  17. you gotta love kris, huh? your lunch box is darling, liz! and just is time for spring!

  18. That is so sweet! Love what you've done with it. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Patti

  19. What a wonderful surprise!! What a fun way to display flowers and the bunnies make it extra special. What a thoughtful thing for Kris to do. Thanks for sharing Liz.

  20. Now if that isn't the sweetest thing! I don't know Kris, but she sounds like such a sweet gal. I hopped over and loved what I saw. I have my dads old lunch pail. It's out on my porch filled with plastic eggs. Really like the white washed look. Think I will do that to mine. Thanks for sharing your sweet gift with SYC.

  21. What a great gift! Makes a perfect spring decoration!

  22. What a sweet Spring Surprise....love how you decorated it! Beautiful!

  23. What a lovely gift you received. You arranged it so sweet. Don't you just love old items that you can use for something else.
    I am your newest GFC.
    Have a great week,

  24. I just found your fabulous blog via Knick Of Time. I wanted to leave you a comment, but every post is worthy of comments! How to decide? Well, Kris and I have become fast blog friends. I am saving my pennies (even thought Canada officially doesn't have pennies any more) to go and visit her. I love the shops that she features. She is such a dear heart, and your lunch box is a really nice addition.
    Nice to meet you.

  25. Such a cute vignette with the lunch box! Especially with your yummy silver stuff.


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