Friday, April 26, 2013

Saturday Fun for $7.75

The need for a certain kind of casters got me out and about this past Saturday morning, as well as the desire to score some inexpensive hooks and cup pulls for a project I'm working on. Didn't find what I was looking for, but for $7.75 I snagged all these goodies and had a good time talking to some fun people along the way.

 Most of these finds have already been put to good use. Can't beat that. The first aid box actually came to my aid as I began my junk overhaul and cleaned out my tool drawer. It helped me organize by taking over the job of holding lots of screws, anchors and nails. A lifesaver!

The basket is on duty in my kitchen now, and I've needed the brush and the screwdriver already as well. The little Safeglides floor protector things will be used for the feet on a little bench Lynette and I got when cleaning out that business a couple weekends ago. The bench has been painted, but still needs the cushion recovered.

The pink book is The Five Little Peppers Midway. I read The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew when I was a kid, but hadn't heard of this one.

An old sprinkler FINALLY came my way too. Yay! It's the heavy duty yellow metal kind from back in the day that won't break in a week. I go through sprinklers like I go through hot fudge! And you know how fast that is!

For less than the price of what one cheap new sprinkler would have cost, I got a heavy duty sprinkler that will last, as well as a whole load of treasures. I also had fun while I did it.

Seeing this baby twirl kinda makes me want to put on my bathing suit and go running through the grass to jump through the spray.

Okay, putting on a bathing suit might be pushing it. I live in Florida and even with the beach down the street and the Florida sun beating down, I won't don't put on a suit any more. However, seeing this sprinkler in action did take me back to a time when cooling off meant turning on the twirly yellow sprinkler and running and jumping through the water to cool off, whooping it up as we went.

I truly did not need these wire fence pieces but then again, I felt I must bring them home. We'll see if they sit and rot or whether I can find a use for them.

I didn't need a rusty wrought iron plant stand either, but for a dollar, what the heck. I hated to see it get trashed. It's a bit too rusty for my liking, but with a little work, it'll be just right.

There you have it. The hunt for casters and a few other things will continue this weekend.

I can only imagine what will find its way home instead!

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  1. Liz,
    Wow I know I keep repeating myself but you find the best stuff for cheap!!!!! Love the sprinkler and I love that it is yellow how cute is that!!!!

  2. You found some great stuff! Love those books-the colors are my favorite!


  3. LOL'd on the "goin' through sprinklers like I go through hot fudge"!! Hee hee. Great finds, as always!! :)

  4. rusty plant stand and fencing... cool! Forget the bathing suit... I say run through it clothes and all...
    well, that is how we did it as kids.
    Who cares if we got our clothes wet. I tell you the truth, while most kids would shy away from a water hose, because "what would Mom say?"...It was my MOM who encouraged it! She'd say...just go run through the sprinkler. And away we'd go!

  5. Fun finds! I love that stand - I'd use it rusty for awhile ;)

  6. Awesome finds and I can;t think of a better way to spend a Saturday....or any day for that matter...:) Have a blessed weekend and good luck junking!

  7. Hi Liz,

    So cool when you set out for something specific and end up scoring something with super potential - with a little spray paint that rusty, banged up plant stand is going to be superb!

    Have a fun weekend,

    Poppy :)

  8. You did not even give a smidgen of respect for the Dick and Jane! I love the rusty plant stand and fence wire - they just need a tiny bit of sanding and a waxing to keep that crusty patina. I once had a sprinkler collection and then I sold it. Really - you don't put on swimsuits? In Florida?

  9. Yesterday was first day of the season for garage sales. Woohoo!

  10. You are just the cheapest sort of girl aren't you? Make sure someone snaps a pic of you running through the sprinkler! I remember the Five Peppers!

  11. That yellow sprinkler just makes me feel happy...I'd run thru it with you. ;)

  12. The rusty plant stand is great the sprinkler reminds of the times as a child when I spent time running through them. Such good finds.

  13. You find the most amazing things Liz!!!
    And talk about a blast from the past - ( Dick and Jane and I see Spot in there too lol )
    I would give anything to find one of those books!
    See Suzan. See Suzan run. See Suzan run to find the treasures Liz has found.

  14. All of that for 7.75? Wow! I love the rusty plant stand and the wire fencing. You'll come up with something fabulous!!

  15. My FAV is the DOLLAR rusty plant stand..that just reminds me I HAVE some metal chairs that are beginning to cry out for a PAINT JOB. Thanks.:^)


  16. LOVE the rusty stand, and for a buck, it was a fab find, liz!

  17. Your sprinkler brings back memories of all the kids in our neighborhood running through the sprinkler to cool us off when we couldn't go to the lake. Simpler times. Sigh.

  18. Liz - Great haul! Love that old sprinkler and yes, it will probably never wear out (not like the plastic ones nowadays). Love the wire basket also. Great shopping spree,


  19. We must like the same stuff, I have that same sprinkler and it's yellow too! I scored some great casters, knobs and hooks this weekend, Great finds!

  20. Amazing finds! Love the sprinkler and the books.

  21. Liz, great finds for great prices. I love the rusty stand! I collect old sprinklers and I just picked up a yellow one a couple weeks ago. I display them on mhy potting bench, but they do get used now and then. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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