Saturday, April 04, 2009

Conservative Hollywood, The Brave

During a time in 2003, our family watched the movie, The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, on DVD after having seen it much earlier at the theater when it was released. I was at that time trying to live an impossible scenario, beyond my ability with which to cope or even to drag my feet through some days. I watched as Sam and Froto struggled through their mission. They looked like I felt, things seemed hopeless and they were sinking into despair. It had been a long haul with victories along the way that managed to keep them going. Theirs were discouraging and scary times, and it had become too much for them. They were doubting their strength to keep up the fight.

I realized as this scene unfolded that I must and could keep on, and that maybe God was trying, once again through the movies, to tell me something I would hear no other way. Yes, I'm tired, exhausted...weary, overwhelmed with a mission I don't always "get", and of which I rarely feel worthy. This scene marked a turning point for me, and I wrote about it at the time, watching the scene again and again so I could handwrite the words line by line (pre-youtube) to keep as a reminder.

I was intrigued this week to find THIS by Russ Dvonch at BigHollywood. It is time to get back to Heroic Hollywood. For all of the media and the industry's influence in a profoundly negative way, it is imperative that the messages of truth find their way to the big screen. There is a lot of work to do by those entrusted with the gift of storytelling. The scene comes to a close as Froto says, "Froto wouldn't have got far without Sam, the brave."

And we won't get far without conservative Hollywood, the brave.

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