Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God's Silent Fireworks

Bright, full moon contrasts deep, solid blue.

A brisk, breeze parades memories across the back yard, memories anchored to summer evenings on the water, boats swaying, clinking and clanking. Tonight that rowdy breeze rushes through surrounding trees with a gentle, almost comforting howl, the scent of the nearby ocean in tow.

Church bells toll the end of another day, and Casey and Cael wander in and out of the house in turn.

Lightning shows off in an intense game of charades, silent against a puffy backdrop of pink and white. The clouds create a drive-in movie screen setting against the dusk of an eastern South Florida sky.

As the blue sky settles itself into darkness, the lightning bolts heat up into a fever- pitch of competition. Back and forth, each in turn try to outdo the one before and set the standard high for the flash of light to follow. The show is free and it's fabulous and it is larger than life.

God's Silent Fireworks are ablaze for all with eyes to see.

I pull up a chair and a camera instead of a car and a microphone. My eyes are wide open this evening and I don't even have to leave home to enjoy the show. I don't believe I have ever seen such a sight.

Simply beautiful...what God can do with a moment.

(There are 4 videos below; are all short - 25 to 45 seconds long. The lightning seems to get more intense in each successive video as the sky grows darker.)


  1. Beautiful indeed. Especially appreciated as I'm just in from my first walk in the rain since last fall. Oh, the smell of ozone and the feel of rain on my face!

  2. WOW WOW WOW You really captured that incredible storm. Amazing. Great photos, too. Take care. Susan

    1. Thanks, Susan. It was the coolest thing. I had never seen something like it. A silent show with the full moon hovering right above the clouds. It went on and on and on. God's wonders on display! I'm so glad you came by. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. I do appreciate it. Please come by again!

  3. Amazing photos and videos! Was this lightening from the heat as it doesn't look like a rain storm. I have to admit, thunder and lightening storms scare me. I try to be brave while my husband and daughter take their seats on the porch to watch the show. I so much prefer to see your videos :)

    I am also happy you joined Think on These things!

    1. It was certainly different. I think it could have been from heat, but it was contained in one huge cloud surrounded by blue sky and topped with a full moon. I have a feeling you could've handle this one. The cloud didn't move and it just sat off to the East over the water. There was no sound, it was just like watching a show. Thank you for checking out my video and for letting me take part in the party!


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