Monday, April 23, 2012

Retro/Vintage Beachy Tags & Cards

Wasn't long ago I went through a spurt of tag and card making using fun vintage images, beach sand and tiny shells. It became a sort of compulsion to create new colorful designs as well as some black and white ones. I ended up with quite a stash. Some friends and I got a booth at a local market in Palm Beach Gardens and I sold them there last year along with vintage necklaces and other such sundry vintage treasures.

Taken during set up of our booth

Forgive the image quality. I hurriedly took photos of the cards and tags after I made them in order to have a record of what I'd done at the time, not for blog posting, but didn't have time to wait for proper light or even use my good camera. These will have to suffice.

The little pearls, shells and crystals had to be used sparingly and carefully for those that would be mailed. Depending on the bulk of each, it cost extra to mail them. Typically it takes an extra $.20 to mail those with something bumpy on them if they can fit through the post office's quarter inch slot. Those with a charm or larger shell, etc. were considered a "package" and cost over a $1.00 to send. Had to be careful with my use of the larger embellishments and save those as gift inserts or gift tags.

For some of these, I went with black and white images with pops of orange and bright pink lettering and tropical flowers.

This is one of my favorite combos, the big and little matching tags referencing Matthew 5:14.

Just for fun! 

Time consuming, oh yes! But it's always worth it to give something handmade.

Some were embellished with charms as well.

Another of my favorites. As if this ever happens.

Place cards, gift tags, lunch box notes, luggage identification you name it!

Love me some old Florida!

Can you say, "beachy"?

Having a stockpile of cards and tags on hand is always a good idea, and the tags can be used for so many things. I made a set of about 20 of these for a friend to use as name tags for a coastal table setting she was doing for a party. Each one was made with a vintage figure resembling the individual for whom it was designated. I made some shell topped toothpicks to go with them and put them in a huge shell as "wrapping". Snapped this shot in a huge rush before heading out the door Christmas Eve night to deliver it, so it's not much to look. I suppose it gives you the idea.

Sadly, since I took up the task of scraping, sanding, priming and painting 56 years of paint off my house, I've not had time to enjoy the creative joys and mod podgy mess of designing anything new. I am seriously losing my will to scrape. Heaven help me finish the last leg of the job!

With all the killer outside work taking my time, I have been thankful to have these available when cards and tags are needed, whatever the occasion. 

I've got a set I made for Cally's birthday one year, and another huge lot of them I made for Casey's graduation party. I'll post those and what I did with them another day, along with some other colorful card designs I've made in days past.

For now, work calls...

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  1. I could use a second bike shop to fix up the lovely ride I found by the side of the road. Too bad you're so far away. Instead of its proper use, my bike find is currently being used as a patio decoration and the basket is holding a colorful array of springtime blooms. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Amber, I still have quite a few of these. Many were sold when we had a booth at a local market, but I know I still have a stash of them and will check and see which ones are left. You can send me a message by email through my profile page and let me know your email address and I'll contact you that way to discuss it. I don't have an Etsy site set up for selling at the moment, only as a buyer, but it's something I intend to get going on. Thanks for stopping to look around and thanks for asking!


  3. Hi, Liz

    I had a feeling you live in Florida, but you are down south from me. I live in central Florida. Nice to meet another Florida gal! Love the tags!


  4. I'm so glad you stopped by and left me a link to this post. Your tags are FANTASTIC and such an inspiration. If I was visiting Florida, I'd snap up a bag full of these beauties as gifts to people back home. I just glitter the edges of vintage postcard art, but you are a true artist. One of my favorite images of childhood is the Coppertone girl and little dog. What a treat; thanks for sharing this post with me.


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