Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Crowing Glory

For years, my kitchen window, the one that frames my view to the green, green grass of home (my backyard), has been unadorned up top. Yes, topless... and like some people, not really worth looking at in such a state.

The last time this window had any sort of dressing up top was probably when rumblings about Y2K had people bracing for the end of the world or at least it seems that long ago. And that last covering consisted of three cloth napkins folded in triangles and hanging as a make-shift valance. It passed as window dressing in an "if that's the best you can do" way, because getting by and getting everyone where they needed to be was about all I could handle at the time. However, I have always longed for something a little more quirky, interesting and cool.

I didn't want ordinary. I also didn't want fabric hanging down and blocking even one iota of the little bit of light I get in my tiny kitchen. So I did what I am known to do until I know for sure. I did nothing for a very long time, until yesterday that is. That's when I gathered up my new brackets (Thanks Cally!), a level and the piece of wood that I scavenged two weeks ago from a trash pile. You see, I had finally come up with an idea. Technically I came up with the idea about two years ago, but these things take time, people. What's the rush?!

My daughter Cally, gave me the brackets for Easter (What? You think I'd pay $18 a piece for brackets? Ha! No way! I'd been searching for them for cheap or free. Then when I finally found a piece of wood, I knew the plan was coming together. All that was left to do was to conjure up was the will to take on E.B. You see, E.B. and I don't get along all that well.

For the record, I didn't name him, or emblazon his name on his chest, I bought him that way for $5 from a sale at a storage bay about a year ago. 

So I plundered the junk drawer in search of the right nails, but woe is me, there were none to be found. I found an odd assortment of semi-similar straggler screws, but wasn't sure these were right for plaster or that I had anchors for them. Here I was so close to actually having a window topper, with E.B. and all the mess of the world out on the counters and the stove, and somehow I had to make what I had work , I was not leaving the house to buy ANYTHING. Uh, uh. No way.

In the end, only a certain amount of rigging had to be done. Oh, it'll be fine. Quit worrying.

It took over an hour and a half to get to this point and there may or may not have been a lot of fuming at no one in particular and at all inanimate objects in general and many, many threats about never drilling again spoken with an uncivil tone.

I also got a great thigh work out by stepping up and down from the chair to get things I forgot on the other side of the room

So the brackets are up and fairly sturdy after all the hassle and trial (does one wonder why I procrastinate when it takes so much trouble to put up a couple of brackets?) At one point, E.B. finally kicked it in gear and managed to help me get those screws in good and tight despite the concrete.

So I whooped it up and clapped my hands and shouted for joy and gave E.B. his kudos.

The wood ended up getting bowed, so I went out to straighten it out and actually cracked it, which was perfect! It was already uneven on the other end and I wanted both ends to have a natural feel, and I happened to crack and break it in exactly the right place to get the length where it needed to be! Woo hoo! Good thing that happened, because I don't have a circular saw and didn't know how I was going to cut that thing.

I hung the 25 cent ball jars I found at a garage sale last month with tealights in them. The jar hanging here is up for debate. Is it awkward or cool? Such things can have a foot in both worlds. I kinda like them, especially when it's dark out and the candles are lit. They lend an air of an outdoor patio to the kitchen, so they'll probably stay. I can use them to hold flowers as well.

And look...that chalkboard is made from one of the cabinet doors I found at The Thrice Picked Pile a few weeks or so back.

The wood I made the shelf out of is still bowed, but I will likely just flip it once in a while so it has a chance to straighten out. 

 Shooting into a sunny window and trying to get good exposure on the rest of the shot is not my forte. 

And there you have it. After all these years, I have something dressing my window and I can change out the shelf contents to reflect the times and my finds. Yippee!

Even better, E.B. and I ended up having a meeting of the minds and have decided to let bygones be bygones. We are gonna try and step out together in project world more often. Who knows, we may end up becoming quite the pair.

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  1. Liz, I think your new window treatment is awesome,and guess what? it is almost identical to the shelf and brackets my hubby put up over our bi fold doors through from the kitchen to the sitting room. Only one thing though,mine is a bit too high to appreciate the blue and white china I display there. Only I notice it, visitors never do,but heh who cares I like it. Just like I think yours is great. :)

    1. Jeanetteann, like you, I'll be the only one who notices this, because after all, how many people are in my little galley kitchen longer than the time it takes to pull something out of the fridge? There certainly isn't anyone else in there doing all the dishes, making all the dinners, etc. Like you, though, I'll enjoy it. Thanks for stopping to comment!


  2. ROFL, this is hilarious! Glad it all worked out in the end, it's very charming. On a side note, I wont admit how much time I spent staring at the OOK letters trying to figure out what on earth they spelled. Cook. Duh....

  3. Hi Liz! I think it turned out beautifully! I even like the bend! Glad to hear you and your nemesis (EB) have called a truce, and I look forward to seeing more projects!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Ι like it! It adds so much to the space! Great details!

  5. Wow! Great idea for over the window!!!! I am in love with it :) Thanks for sharing it at the "Sunday Stop".

  6. Love the way it turned out. There is a shelf over our sink window also, and no curtains. There are bird feeders in a tree outside it so we need to be able to watch them.

  7. And it's PERFECT! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by earlier! Beautiful blog! XO, Aimee

  8. The hanging jars are just perfect! Remember you have to live up to the name QUIRKY!!!

  9. Darling! I love how it appears as if a giant bite has been taken out of it!

  10. I love the hanging Ball jars with the tea lights in them. I think they really set off the whole display. Looks great!

  11. Hey girl..I STOPPED in my tracks when I saw tht 'reclaimed' board over the top of that window. YOU ARE MY KIND OF LADY! btw my phylosophy when it comes to window treatments is: 'LESS IS MORE-BETTER" luv to take down curtains and doors whenever i can [kitchen/bath cabinet doors] fun, fun!
    at Grammas House

  12. Aaaah! I love this! It makes opening up the window so easy... no chords, fabric, etc. to get in the way! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great week!! :)

    Stringtown Home

  13. LOVE this spot!! It is just adorable and I love how you hung the mason jars with the lights in them!

  14. Love your new window treatment. I saw something like this in BHG back in the fall, tore it out to place in my inspiration file. Visiting from WOW.

  15. Your shelf turned out super cute! I love the hanging candle jars and the chalkboard frame. Very nice! ~ Jamie

  16. Great job! Love the brackets, and the shelf definitely adds some fun and interest to your window.
    Mary Alice

  17. This is really cute...LOVE those brackets.

  18. Congratulations! Your window topper was featured on Doodles & Stitches Fabulous Friday Link Party at There's a new party starting today and I'd love for you to link up something new :) Thanks so much for participating!

  19. You were just featured on my blog. Grab a button and share again with us sometime soon!!!


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