Friday, May 18, 2012

The Match-Light of Morning

The morning is a match light, struck across the grains of sand just over to the East, by the seaside. 

With a gentle flash, morning flares and glows (seemingly created from nothing but God's brush with the earth). Edges of firelight reach out, rushing across the waking present and into the working day ahead. 

The glow ebbs and then it latches on, anchored to an unexplored horizon, sweeping across a landscape that provides fuel for it's brilliance, drawing our eye to shape, form and purpose that would have gone unnoticed in its absence. The world is full of possibility and we are asked to step into the phenomenon that is another day.

Morning beams glide confidently across the miles like streaming ribbons of opportunity, reminding us God has designs on today, and those designs hold a purpose beyond a daily routine. 

There is a world awash in this brilliance just waiting for what we might do with all that stretches out ahead.

From low in the eastern sky, intricate details and alternate views are highlighted from the ground up.

Uplit, backlit and beautiful, we see what noontime will never disclose: secret scenes, known only to those who delve into the mysteries of morning. Its fleeting rays reach from below and come alongside, highlighting scenes with shadows and sparkle unknown to those who linger too long with their pillows. Those who rise and watch for these moments learn truths and witness secrets whispered...

...of sparkling rays dropping diamonds on the water's surface...

...precious gems unearthed and lying aglow with the shimmer of a new day,

the silky underside of a gull, floating overhead... 

...the soft curves of a weathered life, 

and three dimensional details which will soon disappear in the full-on, harsh light of day. 

It all comes compliments of the creator, free for the taking at sunrise... new every morning, when the world is aflame and brilliant with color and the-as-of-yet un-lived moments. 

With sunrise as my inspiration, what am I burning to do and be today? 

Standing in the light of early morning; we're awakened to the amazing opportunities.

...the sparkling, bubbling life that rolls in and washes out is waiting at our feet.

...colorful ideas emerge to spark our soul and make us smile.

In the spotlight of a brilliant beam that aims our way from over on the eastern horizon, we are being sketched into this work of art called today. 

How will we feature in the unfolding story? 

Will we keep someone's eye moving across the page of the day as it turns and they wait to see more? Maybe we'll be a line that conveys meaning, or form that gives structure to an idea. Could be we'll set a pattern that repeats and calls attention to what is important. We might be the ones to spark excitement or set a tone that inspires a new thought or offers someone the hope of God's eternal truth, to see something they never noticed before. 

Soak in the sunbeams and the joy handed off each dawn and carry them along as the mood shifts and the daybreak glow exits the stage, as that fleeting and fresh sparkle lags and the day begs for a smile, crying out for mercy from the drudgery and the harsh reality of midday.  

The beauty of morning light is too soon gone. It's casting us as featured players in its beautiful glow, but its brilliance is on the move. Will you light up as it shines across the landscape and washes your way? Will you carry it with you or miss it altogether as you rush through your routine checking off your to do's? 

The shadows shift, the moment for inspiration comes and goes. Catch it while you can. Step into the early hours of what God is doing and allow his torch of inspiration to glow across the horizon to present you as his masterpiece...etched onto the landscape of your world. 

You too are on display...what will your life and the shadows you leave behind show and say today? 


  1. Hi, Liz

    Truly a lovely post! My favorite part of the day is early morning. I love to see the sun rise and the sun set and it never get's old. I enjoyed reading your post this, thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend.


  2. Great shots. I could almost smell the ocean. You should be linking these up to Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday next week to name a few memes.
    My favorite one is of the wet rocks close up.

  3. What beautiful pictures. Makes me dream of visiting the ocean!

  4. Lovely pictures Liz! Thanks for coming by my blog earlier in the week and leaving the sweet comments - we South Florida girls have to stick together! Looks like you live near the beach and get those lovely sea breezes - not land locked in the center of the state. How about sending us some of that lovely rain you guys have been getting - we sure could use it! Have a great weekend!

  5. Gorgeous pictures and you are such a beautiful writer. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful photos! Love photography! Thanks for visiting my blog, am your latest follower :)

  7. What beautiful pictures. I'm really bad at getting up early!

  8. Great photography, wow!! I love early morning pics, they make the greatest yours!! Thank you for your sweet wishes for our son in law. Bless you.

  9. Dear Liz, you have a gift with words! The photos are beautiful and the words are amazing! A lovely post and I so happy you have share on Think on These Things!

  10. Gorgeous post with beautiful pictures and words! I love morning when the sun is out, the birds out and my coffee is ready :)
    Thanks for linking up.

  11. Beyond beautiful pics!!! Love them all and thanx so much for joining THT! Hope to see ya again!:)

  12. Beautiful pictures and poetry welcoming a new day.

  13. Such beautiful pictures and words. Thanks for sharing!

    @ Creatively Living

  14. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. You really know the perfect words to use and your photos are awesome! Love it...


  15. Great photos. Love all the lighting and beautiful scenes.
    Thanks for linking up to STL Wednesday!


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