Thursday, September 20, 2012

...And How Was YOUR Day?

Today, I've been working on transferring an enlarged ink jet graphic to the round table I found in the trash...

... and how was YOUR day?

I hope to finish picking up the pieces (literally) and see about bringing this project to a close tomorrow. I'll show and tell as results allow.


  1. I will be watching for your table, Liz. I have not attempted this process yet myself.

  2. This process may require an entire bag of M&M's. Good luck my dear. :)

  3. you're kidding?! i would not even know where to begin. you definitely have that creative talent!

  4. I can't wait to see it, although I'm wondering which process you used to transfer the image - I can't tell in that photo. Whatever it was, I hope it worked well!

  5. Looking forward to the finished table. It's so creative of you. My day was nice, spent most of it reading a a book by Colin Powell.

  6. Talented and HARD WORKING TOO! I"m always excited to see what you're into today :^)
    Hope you will check out the Harvest tour of homes Monday-hosted by Heather at Stringtownhome..have a great weekend. YAAAAY fall is here!!


  7. I can't wait to see it finished. I love transferring graphics.


  8. Hi, Liz

    It's been a while, enjoyed looking around the the posted I have missed over the summer. I love what you have been up too lately wish I lived near by there is so amazing treasures where you are at. : ) Can't wait to see this table.



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