Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Fridge Got in the Way

I had hoped to get a post up about the table I finished working on yesterday. However, as some might say, "Life gets in the way". For me, today, it was the fridge that got in the way.

My day began with the discovery that the fridge door had not been closed completely last night. When I went to get the cream out for my coffee this morning, this little bit of unpleasantness came to my attention. I was hard pressed to sense "cool" when picking up the cream carton, which caused a slight shudder to run through me. I had just gone to the store yesterday and stocked up on cream, milk, yogurt, etc. I wanted to panic, but didn't have the energy (it was early), so I poured my cream and went about my morning, putting it out of my mind. I proceeded to get ready for church, figuring everything would cool back down fine before long. After all, it had only been open a crack.

It wasn't until later, close to 9:00 a.m. that I opened the freezer, this time to get a glass of ice. What I found was that the freezer's contents had thawed. Much of the ice was in a puddle and the ice cream was nothing more than cream soup. The meat I just bought yesterday, and which I had frozen, was mushy, along with all the other meat that was already in there. With a loud "oh no!" and a sinking feeling, I realized that everything needed to be cooked. I wasn't going to take any chances.

So I got to work right away and had four meals going at once, trying to use up the hamburger, sausage, chicken and pork cutlets. Casey was kind enough to allow me to rouse her from slumber to run to the store for a few ingredients. So my day's detour began.

The plan for what to make was decided quickly - I'd work up some chicken pot pie, chili (with hamburger and sausage), baked pork cutlets and I cooked up some more of the chicken to use in quesadillas or chicken salad. At least now when I'm feeling pressed for time and don't want to cook this week, we'll be covered.

Then I headed over to my friend Lynette's house with chili in tow. There was no way Casey and I could eat all I had made. Casey doesn't even like chili and I had made a big pot full. Lynette had lots of finds and items she'd brought back from Nebraska to show me. She got some very cool stuff! We spent the afternoon trying to create some stencils using her Cricut. We also tried our hand at painting on burlap, something we've been wanting to do but hadn't gotten around to with all of the other projects we keep getting involved in.

While we were at it, we tested out the making of some little decorative pillows.  "I love you" was the only phrase the Cricut had already to go that was remotely worth putting on a little pillow, so we figured these might perhaps work as a gift for a newly married couple or whomever.

I didn't have my good camera with me, so you'll need to put on your bellbottoms and a headband and pretend it's the 70's. The color and quality of the following shot is like looking at something from a day gone by. I took a few quick pictures of the mess we made, along with the pillows, using Casey's little camera. However, for some unknown reason, the images will not export to the computer. The only way to get them on my computer was to take some pictures of the pictures from the camera's screen. I don't recommend it. I'll just show you one. Sometimes you can only do what you can do. 

We also made a pillow that said "Sweet Dreams"; it turned out really cute. At least we think so. We decorated it with tassels instead of fringe, but we ran out of fiberfill to finish it off, so I'll have to show you that another time.

And with that, the day was done.

Too bad I had to trash the ice cream this morning, because I could really use some right now.

The good news is, I'll be okay; I still have a partial bag of M&M's at the ready! After all, you know how THEY melt, and I appreciate that on a day when everything else melted all over the inside of freezer.

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  1. Good thing you were able to cook up the thawed meat right away. I wouldn't look forward to all that cooking, but now you will have some meat at the ready. Cute pillows.

  2. OMG!!!! about the refrig. Don't you hate when right in the middle of starting a perfectly good day something like this happens!!!! Sounds like your organization in a crisis is working and you will have some good meals. Love the pillows. So cute.

  3. Sounds like you have quite a few meals all ready to go now. My refrigerator has been making strange sounds for a long time; I'm sure I'll wake to warm milk cartons one of these days soon. On a brighter note, I love those sweet pillows

  4. What a crazy, unexpectedly busy day! Actually sounds VERY productive!

  5. UGH about the fridge but you also made me hungry what with that cooking list...: )

  6. Oh the feeling you must have had. Sigh. My sister's fridge has an alarm on it as does my deep freeze. A great idea but a bit annoying when you are trying to take out a lot of stuff at once or to put a lot in. Beep, beep, beep goes the alarm and it is frustrating but would be way better than what you experienced.

  7. Thank goodness you had some emergency M&M's on hand. I feel for ya... nothing like having your day turned upsidedown and the $$$. That's the pits. You did turn it into a good thing though with chilli and pillows! :) Hope today is much better.

  8. o lIZ I could have cried for you when you got to opening the freezer-I stopped reading right there-could u feel my heart going out to you? I am serious..the only thing I can find to make me smile after one of those incidents is looking at the fridge AFTER EVERYTHING IS CLEANED UP AND NICELY ORGANIZED..:^)

    Come on over- it OPEN HOUSE on Fleming Street beginning today-am still posting additional pics as I find I HAVE MISSED SOME.


  9. Dontcha hate it when you re read a post and YOU LEFT OFF A LITTLE THING LIKE "APOSTROPHE S"


    1. I am embarassed-Oh no Liz I would NEVER SCOLD someone else about their was MINE in my original comment-hate to take up time and space w this but I had to clarify :^((

    2. Oh my, Jonell, I didn't think you were scolding at all. I would love it if someone would help me if I had a glaring error. I just wanted to fix it if it was me. I even reread your first comment after you wrote that about the S, and I didn't see it there either. See why I think I could use the extra eyes! :)

  10. Glad you were able to salvage your meat - that is such a sinking feeling :(

  11. nice save! It happened to me once...I know the feeling...

  12. I've had to cook my entire freezer contents on the grill before when the electricity went out. We ended up with some dang good meat! I really like the I Love You pillows! very cute.


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