Monday, April 15, 2013

Junk Eccentricity or Junk Insanity?

It was another intriguing Thursday morning trash day in our little waterside town. The battle of Me vs Me started before dawn while I still lie in bed thinking those interruptive thoughts that snatch my sleep because the subject matter is soooo weighty. 

Would I go hunting for junk that morning or not? That was the important question that separated me from my slumber in the dark. 

"There's no room for more stuff!", Rational-Practical-Would-Love-to-Sleep-Past-5:30-Me told Maniacal-Junk-Greedy Me. No need to go hunting. Settled. I turned over and nestled my head soundly back into my pillow, happy that another daily dilemma was wiped off the "worry chart" and I could sleep on until the next worry butt in to wake me. It was simple really. I couldn't go, for I am in danger of being run out of my own home by my kids who think a safe walking path and room to breath is of some import. Case closed.

Maniacal Junk-Greedy Me is persistent though, and drives a hard bargain. "We'll just drive a few streets and look! What if there's something out there?!" I lured myself with the promise of a possible discovery. By "SOMETHING", Junk-Greedy-Me means something that would be a heart breaker to see lost forever, whether we want it, need it, have room for it - or not. It's the principal of the thing, and for all of Junk-Greedy-Me's gimme-gimme, grabby hands, that Me's attitude is rooted in the past and aggravated by the present. My love for the past longs to fight a valiant battle to beat back the present's evil desire to suck all the treasured wood and metal relics down into the ashes of the earth and make a sort of historical compost out of them. Uh, uh!

The battle lines are drawn and so are our junk warrior weapons!

Shut off the alarm, fire up the coffee, rev up the engine, and we're off. 

Yes, Practical-Rational-Me is a pushover.

Plus my sleep was already ruined. Once I'm awake, I might as well get up and drive. I know I'll never fall back to sleep.
So the fun began. When this baby was first spotted, it reminded me of a little three drawer box thingy I found one day a couple years ago on the way home from work. I put wheels on that and it's come in real handy.

But this was different. It was bigger and had large drop leaves with gate legs, and it already had casters. Kinda cool ones with patina that looked like it might be brass (still haven't looked closely to figure that out. They could be cheapy things). If nothing else, these casters would be good for the chair I found in the trash last week. The wheels on that chair had to be discarded due to poor working condition.
 One end of this has a drawer and one end has a roll top opening. How cool is that!
Now, it wasn't comely in shape or form, but it did appear to be a practical little gem. I wasn't gonna just leave it there because it didn't have curvy legs and a pretty face. Practical hulking workhorses are valuable too. However, it was heavy as it could be and wouldn't quite fit into the back seat. So I tried to lean it over a bit to see if the wheels would come off easily. I gouged my thumb trying to pry one off, but got it. Anything for the cause, but while trying to get another wheel that was really stuck in there, the weight of the whole lumbering thing started to tip it over.

I didn't want any watchers to see me flailing around with their junk or letting it crash onto the pavement (I am junk-conscious, you know.) So without thinking, I used my left knee to stop the fall. Not so smart. The thing weighed a ton and my old flabby legs, while seemingly cushy and perfect for softening such a blow, actually took it pretty hard. The weight of the beast left a corner-shaped indented scrape, bruise and cut in my leg. Pretty impressive. (Sorry I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to gross out the squeamish among us.) My thumb was dripping blood and I was struggling to get the piece back up right while shoving the one caster back in as best I could so it would stay up. I didn't want to be hunted down by the police with accusations that I'm some sort of vandal who comes by tearing up people's trash, flipping things over and then running off.

I got it set right and drove on to decide who would be the lucky recipient of my call for help to drag this baby home. I had to have the casters if nothing else, but since it had drawn blood and left a mark, I was not going to go home without it. I am stubborn, if nothing else.
My friend, Kathryn, who is also my employer, was the lucky recipient of my early morning call. The good news is she was able to come and help me get it. Thanks, Kathryn! Just look at that wing span, my friends! What a work table this unassuming little beaut could be! The top is made of particle board covered by laminate, which is peeling off the edges. I hadn't noticed that at first glance. I just saw everything else. I may have to replace the skinny little piece of the top in the middle or cover it because the corners are fraying. I checked out sheet metal prices yesterday and woo, were they high, and Lowes didn't have any pieces big enough for the drop leaves, which was disappointing. It would cost a fortune to cover it with that anyway, but would it ever be cool! This lovely being is now sitting inside my front door even more obvious and annoying than the console. I had to bring it in because we were expecting thunder storms and I didn't want the particle board further damaged while I try to decide what I'm going to do with it. It rained for two days after that and may yet again today. It needs another place to stay now, and soon because it's time for the afternoon showers to go into full effect here in South Florida.

I waited for Kathryn in a parking lot nearby where the gateleg table was and hoped we'd beat the trash truck. When she finally arrived, we zipped in just ahead of the truck. He was one pile of stuff behind us. Yes! A close call, but a victory none the less.

There was also an arbor lying in front of someone's yard so we went and got it too. I checked these out on ebay and this very one is on sale by some company for $150.00.

I don't have a picture of them yet, but there was a trash pile with four white dining room chairs in front of someone's house. I directed "my delivery lady" to that heap of stuff and we snagged 'em. Woo hoo! They could use a good cleaning and the seats will need to be recovered, but they are heavy and nice and sturdy with no breaks or problems other than the dingy cushion fabric. Kathryn drove those home to put in her garage. Hallelujah!

I also scored some crummy metal number plates off a plastic mailbox. They aren't impressive, but may come in handy for something someday. I can always repaint the faded ones.

There you have it. Junk-Greedy-Me was right again about going on the hunt and Practical-Rational-Me was happy because everything we got was good for something. Win/Win. Except now I have to go around looking like a bruiser with my knee wound because it's too hot out for long pants. Ah, well, the battlescars are the price I had to pay this week. For the cost of a knee and a thumb, I got some good stuff.

Here's where the insanity comes in...

However, that little batch of stuff, it turns out, was just a drop in the bucket compared to what came my way via my friend Lynette on Sunday after church. There was a business that needed to be cleaned out and it was ours for the pickin'. Suffice it to say that we are both now getting a little worried about the thin line between junk eccentricity and junk insanity

Does anyone see anything that looks familiar (like something I already have) in this shot? I couldn't believe I found the companion to the one I brought home some time ago and repainted aqua!

We found ourselves up to our eyeballs in psycho junkin' with more crazy stuff than we necessarily want to discuss with the rational among us. However, we were equal to the task. So far anyway. The test will be what we manage to do with everything we procured during our 4 hours picking our way through the madness and the three trips to drop everything off at Lynette's junk corral.

This is just a drop in the bucket of what we unearthed and believe me, we dug through reams and rooms of literal trash. This came home with me in my car. I don't know what came over me, but I forgot my camera (and my phone) when I left to run over and meet her at the shop we were clearing out. The place was a disaster. I did take some photos with Lynette's camera though, so hopefully I'll get some of the "before" shots from her. We still have to photograph what we took over to her junk lair. That'll take a while.

Meanwhile I'll be trying to stay junk sane because everyone in my house is getting a little crazy over all the stuff (who can blame them), but some of it really is pretty darn cool!

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  1. So glad to be among kindred spirits! My kids (who thankfully don't have to live with my junk) occasionally threaten to call the Hoarders show on me! But the truth is...I really do repurposed the things I bring home, or am saving it until I have all the required parts.

    Is it a sickness to say I'm a wee bit jealous of your scores?

  2. I think my favorite is the table type piece with the brass casters! Thanks for sharing. Take care, Laura

  3. Whatever do you do with all that stuff? Too bad you live so far away cause I need to have a major clean out at my house. My daughter is moving back home again this summer and I really need to make some room for all her collections. We'll have a yard sale in June and hopefully a lot of it will go away then, but if not, then out to the curb it will go.

  4. I am looking for one of those sweepers. Is it a Bissell? They are awesome. I had one when I was in college and my daughter leaves in August and I'm looking for one for her. And the table.....I have one very, very similar to it that I bought at Ikea. Here it is.. Consider your find a score!

  5. Liz,
    Great scores as always. You find the best treasures. I love that arbor and want that!!!! Can you pop that in the mail to me!!! Have a wonderful week.

  6. Great finds, I just love the arbor. I can vines and flowers growing on it.


  7. I am pretty sure as much as my husband keeps telling me I need to head in to the burbs on trash day, that sleep would win.


  8. I am commenting in a Holier-than-thou attitude because I have managed to go nine days without purchasing or picking a single thing! Tomorrow however the beast within will be unleashed! I hope to score at least as many treasures as you found, but I have to pay for mine! I think that drop leaf table at one time had folding chairs inside the compartment. Please encourage your children to move nearby with houses with garages and sheds!

    (It might be suspicious to leave a trail of blood behind when hunting!)

  9. WHO throws an arbor away? WHO does that?
    No one around me, that's for sure!
    Wow - can't believe it!

  10. Oh man!
    the Bissell Sweeper ...on my list, very handy item to have.
    The TV stand?! Love it...
    and the arbor?
    I'm sure that would look awesome in your back yard patio area.
    In fact I was staring a hole through my monitor...thinking, I could build one from pvc pipe and spray paint it white or black...and it would look almost as cool!

    great junk.

  11. Once scored! I seriously can't believe the stuff your neighbors throw away! They seriously have more money than! Lucky for you though! That arbor is great...:)Hope your knee is on the mend...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. You sound exactly like me. I have that argument with myself every weekend, should I or shouldn't I go out and hunt, lol. You sure did score, that table is amazing. Love that round blue stool too.

  14. What a great junk story, Liz! An arbor? Seriously? That little crystal shaker in the last photo is pretty sweet, too! I brought home another junk haul yesterday also. Photos soon :)


  15. to junk or not to are the modern Shakespeare.

  16. Fantastic finds!! I've pared back my trash & garage sale days because I have no room for all the stuff I pack home - but I miss it so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great week xox

  17. Love the arbor! The table looks cool! Girl, you are one junkin' lady!! Enjoy!!

  18. Sorry about your knee but, Girl, you make me laugh out loud!! I'm not sure this is your style, but someone out there in blogland covered a work table with bright cheerful oilcloth pulled tight and stapled on the bottom.

  19. ouch on the leg and thumb! LOVE that garden arbor, liz! enjoy your week!

  20. Wowza again! You personify that old "early bird gets the worm" saying - Kudos!

  21. Isn't it amazing what people throw out! I've picked up picture frames, chairs, dressers and pots just to name a few. Love that arbor. Happy hunting, Laura

  22. You are an animal! ;) great finds, sorry you were injured.

  23. You seriously cracked me up reading this. I am not a hoarder, (oops did I just write that out loud?) so I would be in fits during those raining rescue days but Mr. Home No Place Like Home would be ecstatic with such a haul. I always envy you gals who see treasure and grab the trash and then I see it after and think I must be blind...I would have never dreamed it could be so cool. Some of us are just born with it. I loved reading of your adventures I must say though I catch that disease once in awhile and I have the scars to prove it. Happy Hunting. Oh, and I am so gonna follow you. I think I could learn a thing or two. Wanda

  24. You are funny! You sound like me...except I don't think I could drag myself out of bed that early. An early bird I am not! My hubby is threatening to disown me if I bring more stuff home. But I am selling things, so as long as I sell at least as fast as I bring home it's okay, right?

    Can't wait to see what you do with all of it. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week!


  25. I canned myself reading this...ha..ha..ha. What a jinkin adventure. I am glad Junk-Greedy-Me was unleashed, 'cos you found some cool stuff:)

  26. A day with you woman has gotta be a blast!!! And where did you say you are OPENING UP SHOPPE???
    I wd luv reading your posts even w/o pictures Girl! btw I have my WISTRIA PROJECT REVEAL up on LGH..Come on Over..think u wl enjoy it.


  27. Can't wait to see what you'll be doing to that table, it looks sturdy enough for any upgrade you've got on your mind!

  28. You're hilarious and so very eloquent about the fine line we all walk... we ALL DO right? I Hope it's not just you, I and your Friends?!? *Winks* My Blog Post Today is about my clutter and Beautiful Mess due to crossing the line between Junquing Eccentricity and Insanity. I think my Family may be conspiring to put me away if I don't Inventory the piles and spirit them away to the Showroom?!? *LOL* And even though the mess is distressing me... Today I'm attending THREE Events that Promise to 'Score' great Found Treasures... and who knows how many Bulk Garbage Day Piles we'll have to pass in the City to get to said Events?!? *Smiles* I think I may just be a Hopeless Case? *Bwahaha!* Hope your War Wounds Heal fast... sending Healing Energies your way so you won't be put out of commission for the next 'Pick'!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  29. that table is so cool! and there is nothing wring with junk eccentricity! well, if there is, then there is a lot wrong with me, too.

  30. Oh my goodness, imagine you don't have to fight the practical-rational you! You scored big time! I love the table with the brass wheels and that arbor is awesome! Enjoy all of your finds! :)

  31. What a day...glad you were able to get your goodies home :)

  32. My grandparents had a table just like that. The area underneath with the rolling door held 4 wooden folding chairs that went the table. I can remember them rolling the table out on Sunday afternoons when the whole family was at their house for dinner. It was the ''kids" table. Then when dinner was over, the chairs got stowed underneath and it all folded down nice and neat and got rolled back into the corner. A tablecloth went over it and knickknacks placed on top. :)

  33. Oh sweetie your escapades always make me laugh. Except for the part when you started bleeding. That table is amazing! Oh, and that arbor; my gosh! Could I please come stay with you a week or so just to go junkin? lol! Maybe it's a good thing that we don't put large items out by the trash here. Nope, only what fits in the garbage. The men just pick it up and dump. No getting out of the truck. I might be having hoarder trails if they did. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  34. Soooooooo in love with the table!!!!! : ) LOVE IT!!!!! hugs...


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