Friday, April 19, 2013

Mob Rule

To drag home a few things and set them up against the wall here or there or inside the front door or piled up out back, stuffed in the trunk of the car or crammed into the garage storage space would be manageable in and of themselves, but get them all together and it turns into mob rule.

The individual has no rights under mob rule.

Whatever the collective decides, the individual becomes a slave to. Freedom finds itself on precarious footing.

I've been living under junk mob rule.

Oh sure, it all starts out with hopes of Utopia, but let me burst your bubble now and get it over with. Utopia doesn't exist here on earth. Personal liberty through God's eternal promise is our only way to Paradise.

 The turning over of my freedom at home happened one piece of junk at a time.
 One trunk at a time.

 One garden arbor dismantled and lying on the patio at a time.

 One cool piece of salvaged treasure piled up outside the back door at a time

The junk mob is definitely seeking to take over my individual rights at home right now and I'm ready to go and fight the battle to secure my liberty once again. If you do not see me for a while, you'll know I'm on the front lines. You may wonder while I'm away whether or not I've allowed myself to bend and bow to the rule of the majority. Perish the thought! Individual freedom at any cost! I want my life back and I want to make the decisions, not have them made for me by the collective junk. Right now they are having way too much say about how my family and I live. No more!

The junk came one freebie at a time.

Will the vintage library rack put its heavy boot to my neck? Will the amazing paint splattered Costco step chair trip me up? Probably since they already have.

Will I find myself boxed in by the cool gate-leg table? Will I be misguided by the groovy console?

These "treasures" have already laid down the challenge before me. Perhaps they will try to overtake me, but never fear, I will fight and fight valiantly to regain my personal ability to come and go as I please.

I may also be further assaulted by the barrage of the insignificant "smalls" that lie in wait on any and every horizontal surface. They beg with their hands out for me to free them from their poverty of style.

My fingers may end up worn to the nubs with sanding or painting my way through the fight, and the cuts and bruises on my arms and knees will certainly be among my battle scars as the junk attempts to break my spirit and my will. I know the struggle will not be short-lived. A victory today is only temporary. For freedom to endure in the land of salvaged junk, we must be vigilant, constantly. Liberty must be protected at all costs and at all times as new junk finds its way into our lives.

Junkers on Guard

Junkers must be on their guard. For junk in the form of a mob is physically dangerous at the least, and it's effects upon the spirit can be much more significant.


Remember that the junk of life woos the unsuspecting and it spins lies dressed as promises into all its glorious speeches of what it will bring if we just trade a little more of our time, a little more of our spacial liberty to its collective power. These are sneaky lies indeed. They encroach upon our lives one fantastic, promising find at a time. It happens in increments, but stack them all up and it looks indeed a little different, no?

I intend to reign victorious and secure my personal liberty back from the tyranny of the junk I have allowed into my life. May my home stand strong with individual rights and freedom trumping the mob rule of the collective junk that I've invited in piece by piece. I'm not even sure where to begin, but begin I must. Begin I will.

And while we're at it, may the Republic for which America stands find the power to do the same. The battle in the United States rages on as well, with those in power clamoring for CONTROL on every front. Their attempts to separate us from our individual rights and replace them with collective control (for our own good, they are saying) are well underway and backed by the media. Don't be among the gullible or those who sacrifice personal liberty for temporary security. The mob who promises to take care of you can also turn against you. History proves it will. Once mob rule is in place, the individual no longer has a say.

Guard your individual freedom. It is precious. Guard your family, your home, your religious liberty, your constitutional rights and let no one take away your spirit. We must watch the junk they spoon feed us through the media. Watch the garbage they are teaching our children at school. Who's voice are we listening to, after all? Maybe it's time to take back control of our lives and our children's lives and their futures from the collective influence of the "junk peddlers" who are supposedly "progressing" through our land. One look at the progress they've achieved so far should have every one of us shaking in our shoes.

The Junk of Life

The junk of life comes in many forms. Some is made of wood and metal, and with a little grit and determination we can restore it and even make it into something beautiful and useful. There is another kind of junk backed by forces much more powerful, though, and it weaves lies much more insidious than those we allow our junky finds to whisper in our ear. Our only hope to beat back the junk making its way through America is to stand guard and begin to stand up to the aggressive attempts to undermine our liberty to start rooting out the stuff that has piled up. Otherwise, the repercussions will be devastating.

Meanwhile, the work to restore my home and gain back personal control has begun.
I moved things around so the console makes a little more sense in the living room. It's not perfect but it's a little better. My son pleads with me not to paint it, to leave something with a wood finish. We'll see. For now it remains with the wood look, but I don't know how long I'll be able to take it.

I'll keep you posted as I take strides to reclaim the rooms of my house, beginning in the living room. It seems to me if I can't handle my own home and the inanimate objects I collect, I have little hope of standing up to help preserve our nation.

Freedom begins at home in more ways than one.

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  1. WOW! Liz, great narrative essay using the allegory of junk in our lives controlling us. I will be definitely interested in the comments here. You have made a huge step in the right direction with rearranging the living room. My new rule is if one comes in, two have to go! There will be a lot of going this weekend.

  2. Liz! hahahaha, your photo selection caught my eye. You have a bunch of pies to keep your fingers in don't you. I just pinned your lovely last picture into my board titled: 'fun blogs I follow'. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Wow! I like you, we should get together and go bowling. :) I thoroughly enjoyed this, and can agree on every account. :)
    Danielle @ Antique Recreation

  4. Bravo! Bravo!

    "Junkers must be on their guard. For junk in the form of a mob is physically dangerous at the least, and it's effects upon the spirit can be much more significant."
    Brilliant words.

  5. WOW!I couldn't agree more with every word you said! I also sorta snickered at the end when you said your son wants to have a least one piece of furniture unpainted and I noticed the little wooden table by the ladder in the room past this one. You needed that ammo right?! I love that console btw so no matter what you end up doing with it it will look great.



  7. Interesting post, Liz! We must absolutely stay on guard where our freedom and personal rights are concerned!

  8. OMGosh, this cracked me up! I can soo relate (hence, must love junk-ha!)

  9. I can relate. LOVE your rearrangement, Liz.

  10. If there are no places in your area to set up a booth or a flea to set up at - you and your friend should get a truckload together and travel to where there IS a place to set up! you could make a killing with all the great stuf you find and fix up for free!

  11. I swear Liz you were writing about MY house. What's up with that? Happy to see I'm not the ONLY one who is victim to the junk mob ; )

    On the console, why don't cha have it half paint/ half wood. Maybe leave the inlays wood? Just a thought. OR, distress the heck out of it so ALOT of wood shows through.

    Hope you're having a great weekend ~
    Hugs - Deanna

  12. I wasn't sure when I finished reading your post if it meant you were done junking, slowing down, thinning out or what? Sounded very serious. I know I don't find that much free stuff so having to pay slows me down some.

  13. Your house sounds like my crap, I mean craft room....which is also my home office and now ETSY junk home, as well as the projects of my own that I will eventually get around to making/finishing! Most of my junk is small...:) Now....if I lived where I could pick up the furniture and stuff you do, my whole house would look like my craft room! Your living room looks fab though! Love eclectic!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  14. I know what you mean, sometimes even the most wonderful of "stuff" becomes just that "stuff" taking over our lives. I'm with you, let's fight back!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. I am tackling my garage one piece of junk at a time! And, this week I hope to get a LOT accomplished! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  16. Love the console in front of the window... and I'm thinkin' painting it would be very cool. But then I don't have to live with Mr. Smurf either. :)

  17. Nothing like a lovely candle centerpiece among the stacks on the dining room table. Man can I relate to that! That console looks great there but it does need to be painted! Tell your son sorry!

  18. Wow....I have been trying to do this very thing too! Letting go of all the creative piles of freebies (and very cheapies) has been hard, depressing at times but then ultimately joyous. My realization is that I'm just getting older now and don't want to be dominated and guilt-ridden by the very stuff that was supposed to be making me creatively happy. My goal is to keep getting rid of one box of stuff a week but I think Donna has a good plan in, two out!

    Thank you for the wonderful post...I may have to come back and visit it every so often as garage sale season heats up around here.

  19. Thanks for the encouragement, Molly. I was just looking at pics of my house a year and a half ago before the junking went all out of control and I like the uncluttered look so much better. You're right, the very thing that was supposed to make me happy is exhausting me. I just threw out some more old drawers. I'm working on it! So glad you came by.


  20. Liz: YOU CAN DO THIS! and I know you must be planning to open up a shoppe and make some money from all this resourcefulness and creative energy..Make some money girl..then you can BUY MORE, lol.


  21. Hi Liz, hey thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world and following me! I am your newest follower! I have not been bloggin for a while due to the fact that I am organizing a sewing area in my garage! WOW is all I can say, cleaning, re-arrange, move shove, push and pull!!!! The charity came today to pick up! I've given away, thrown away, so much my hands are raw from the dirt and dust! :( Anyway, love your post on this, I am so glad I found it! Seems I am NOT alone! LOL! have a great weekend lady! Kat =^.^=

  22. Oh girl, now you know why it's a good thing we don't put out treasures with our trash. If they did, I'd probably be buried alive. lol! I've decided that after my basement is finished that anything that I don't use must be sold or given away. Love junkin, but I must have a bit of control! Your efforts look fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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