Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Mod Squad

Mod: popular, fashionable, modern - Yep. This fits the bill.
I've had my eyes peeled for one of these for a very long time. I passed up a cute blue one at a garage sale about a year ago because the woman was only willing to go down to $25.00. Being uber-cheap, that was too much for me. I hadn't seen another since...

...until last Saturday. 

This one is kinda petite and comes with a handy carrying case in a creamy butter color. A bit grungy here, but I've cleaned it up since I took this picture.

I was hoping I would find an aqua colored typewriter in the same general style, but since I snagged this Montgomery Ward cream colored version for $5.00, I'm happy.

Unfortunately, I do think I'll have to pay at least twice that and then some for a ribbon. The ribbon in this one still has a hint of ink left and my pinky and ring fingers are like puny weaklings up against 1, 2, q, w, a, s, z, x, 9, 0, ; . / and any that need the shift key.

I must confess though that I can't even type numbers with the correct fingers anyway so I would never use my ring and pinky fingers for numbers. I taught myself how to type with a typing book I found when I was a kid, but lost interest when it came to the numbers. The top keys were too hard to reach so I gave it up and went outside and played. Kinda like what happened with me and the numbers of math. Numbers are  my nemesis.

This typewriter does have a key for 1/2, 1/4 and ¢. Gotta love that!

The typewriter itself being cream and brown can sit pretty much anywhere and fit right in looking completely mod.

So, like I said earlier this week:

Speaking of mod...wanna a sneak peak at what else joined forces with my new typewriter to create a mod squad at my house last week? I'll show you what it is as soon as I can. Please be patient. If you must know, I'm dragging my feet because I've been dragging home a lot of junk. Junk doesn't come with sparkle. Sparkle'll cost ya. Grunge is free.

So I've been hauling, cleaning, clamping, gluing, rearranging, scrubbing, figuring, thinking and deciding, cleaning some more and then moving and arranging until the pile that was here is now there, and the stuff I stacked out back is now cleverly leaning up against the wall in a hallway and the stuff outside for painting is now inside because of a storm and don't bother trying to open the garage door or the trunk of my car or my friend's garage or trunk, or my other friend's garage. Oh, and stay outta my room if you're claustrophobic. 

If you want dinner, there is a couch in the living room you can sit on that doesn't have anything on it at the moment. You can eat there, but hurry. The stash is always in a state of flux. I'm not responsible for where it ends up. Oh, wait. Yes, I am.

I hate when that happens.

Well, the dining room table has signs and other small paint projects all over it. I know, I know...I'm working on it. There is not enough room in here for projects AND people. Not really room just for all the people. The walls are closing in, or is that a cool magazine rack and an upside down chair covered in clamps and a paint splattered costco stool and a midcentury end table with a picnic basket on the lower shelf and some cabinet doors and shelves that are being made into signs and an old bike and a drill and some miscellaneous stuff I need to sell that are closing in? Might as well be the walls.

If you don't hear from me within a few days, it's probably too late. I've probably gone under or just been squished. Or I may just impale my ankle on a clamp or break a toe on the mod new item in my living room or blindly fall headlong over items in the walkways like I sort of did earlier. It's a mine field in here. I sure hope no one decides to get up in the night.

Here. Let's move along and take a sneak peek at the newest mod addition. I'm really mad at myself because I forgot to use it today! All this retro cool and I was so busy I forgot!

Who knows what it is? Anybody? Some of you retro chic mammas probably had one of these in your own home back in the day. Not me. We were not fashionable in that sense. Our neighbors were though. They had it going on.

I've always wanted one. Now I have one.
I feel so mod now (in the best retro sense).

Then again, I wonder if people who surround themselves with curbside junk can really be considered mod? I'm thinking there is probably an offset there based on the type of junk and the quantity. 

If that's the case, all bets are off.

 I may have just gone into the negative.

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  2. With a name like VibraSonic I am afraid to guess what you have dragged home. I have cleared my dining table several times and the projects just seem to migrate there. I like to sit and work where I can look out the window. The other spaces don't provide that opportunity. The little typewriter I adore. Chucks and I had a portable Olivetti that got us through college and grad school and a whole lot further. Unfortunately I used it in my classroom and it was destroyed in a fire.

  3. Well, I don't know what the VibraSonic is. (cough-cough) Anywho, like the typewriter. I had a small one that was similar to that, but don't remember what I did with it.

    Hope you find some more neat stuff, because I like hearing about how you find everything. Have a fun weekend.

  4. If I were you I'd spray paint that typewriter the aqua blue that you wanted. Why not? As for the clue..but it sounds fun!

  5. Oh Liz I think I may have owned one of those Montgomery ward typewriter back when I was a teen!!! Now I feel old!!!!!

  6. I love coming by to visit Liz - always always leaving smiling or laughing out loud...............
    Love the typewriter - can remember my Aunt having one of them - the Vibra Sonic - is that something to do with those hairdryers back in the day lmho ?
    Have a great wknd,

  7. I still have my typewriter from high school! Various kids have used it because they think it's fun to play office! The hard part is finding replacement ribbons! I think I saw one of those VibraSonic things in a motel Mom said "never you mind" when I asked her what it was.......

  8. Hmmm - vibra...sonic. Is it a vibrating massager or something? Or an exercise machine? WE WANT TO KNOW!

    Girl - you just emptied your house out to meet the boyfriend at Thanksgiving. I still think you need to find a cool shop that will take your creative extras and bring a little extra cash-ola in. It's a win/win, I'm tellin' ya. You still get to create and junk, and make a little extra money for whatever.

    I'm checking out a new place this weekend for just such a venture. :)


  9. Love the typewriter! And as for your house....mine is the same though filled with different kinds of collectables. It's your life. Enjoy what makes you happy.
    Oh, and until I read comments about "vibrating" I was going to say it looked like a radio but on furthur inspection...I decided it was probably a timer.

  10. YAY! you found a typewriter.
    Ooops... you already said that.
    But I still think it is cool...if nothing else but to leave notes for people that are looking for the cheese doodles or something.

    Dear Son,
    The cheese doodles are in the upper cabinet over the fridge.
    Don't eat them all. You know your sister LOVES cheese doodles.
    That is why they are hidden above the fridge. She is too short to ever find them there.
    If you have a problem reading this, get your sister to help you sound out the words.
    Love Mom!

    Cool, huh? Bet you didn't think of that?!

    Hmmm...the Vibra-Sonic. I'm thinking it is a belt massage thingy for jiggling that waist down to a slim size 12...(you know back then the dress makers fitted you for your dress and when you told them your dress size...they just grabbed a size 9 label from the drawer and stitched inside!)
    If it's not a jiggle-sizer...then, maybe it's an Ultra-Sonic Vibra-Sonic...with a moon rock needle! LOL!


  11. Yipee!! You found your typewriter... in your price range!! So fun. I'm guessing the vibrasonic was the jiggling bed. Although, I think they just had those in motels. Hmm. You got me. And you've got one. Enjoy, you retro cool queen! :)

  12. Great find!! I can kick myself for getting rid of my old high school one!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!



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