Thursday, May 02, 2013

Just Another Workday Heist

The hardware on the discarded armoire I spotted on my way to work is what caught my eye and tempted me to commit highway (actually byway) robbery. My heart beat fast at the sight of the jewels (hardware) daring me to come and take them. 

The uninspiring door almost didn't make it home with me. It wasn't even attached to the armoire anymore, yet I almost drove away before I caught myself and said, "Wait, grab that ugly door too!" Despite the fact that it's made of mdf, it was suddenly obvious it would make a great message center.

The hardware was the true prize, so my trusty tools came out of the glove compartment and I started prying while my car idled as if it was manned by an invisible getaway driver on high alert in the midst of a bank heist. 

Furtive glances, darting eyes and rapid heartbeat were my accomplices as I made quick work pilfering the armoire's gems. It was nothing more than unwanted trash to its owner, but even so, junking leaves me trying to avoid detection like a criminal on the lam. 

Fast and furious did I pry.

You see, salvaging hardware leaves a junker vulnerable to prying eyes way more so than grabbing a piece and making a run for it.

The decorative pieces that became my spoils are cheap baubles indeed, made of rubber and painted to look antiqued, but in the world of up-done junk, so be it. It's the style that counts. The whole armoire was less than stellar quality... 

...however, the sum of it's parts was certainly greater than the whole. 

This cabinet door handle was the prize of the loot.

And look at all the drawer pulls. They screamed "potential!" They rode home attached to the drawers to save some time.

The door sat around a few weeks in it's ugly state. Doors are good projects to hang onto for those days when you can't decide what to do because of the overwhelming number of things crying out for mercy, begging to be set free from the prison of junk. 

Since cabinet or armoire doors are usually destined to get some chalkboard paint around here, they make an easy pick-up project. Knowing what to do is 3/4 of the battle. Color choices are a nailbiter for me, and sometimes when I haven't a clue who a piece will end up with, I just go with what's available and easy. 

This time it was blue chalk paint with some white and green blended in which is hard to make out in these pictures because they got washed out. The black/blue contrast with the shabby white accents is a pleasing combo and made this a fun project to work on.

Of course I had my signature share of trouble, as always, and spent a number of Saturdays on the hunt for a cup pull to use to hold the chalk, after first attempting to put knobs there on that bottom part. I did it wrong twice, only to have to patch the holes and repaint. I hate making dumb moves and redoing. You think I'd learn.

You'd think wrong. 

This cutie kept me going.

One cutie attracts others of like kind, and soon this little treasure joined us. I never scored a cup pull at a garage sale, so I broke down and bought one that seemed to have a complimentary style.

The matching hooks were found at a yard sale for about 30¢ each and the other hardware was part of the goods I lifted off the door before I decided to bring it home.

 Everything got painted and distressed a bit so that the darker and golden finishes could shine through.

It's a heavy thing so it's gonna need a couple hangers on the back. Surely I have some of those lying around, I thought, but so far they are no where to be found. Typical.

Today it's been raining cats, dogs and lizards all day, and I was on the road for about three hours of it, which had my nerves frazzled. Boy was I glad to get home, sweet home.

I'm dreaming of a day when I can lie around in the sun like this cute little lady I found for 50¢ at a yard sale on Saturday. Not that I seem to understand how to do such a thing, nor is Sunny South Florida living up to its name today, but it's fun to think about. 

She inspires me to relax. 

Well, she inspires me to be inspired anyway. 

A girl's gotta start somewhere though, right?

Relaxing just doesn't seem to be in my DNA, but then, maybe that's why I sleep so well at night... Perhaps that's how it's supposed to be.

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  1. You are amazing at finding treasures on the side of the road. I need to ride to work with you one day just to see what we can find.

    LOVE IT!

    You inspire me!!!!!

  2. I LOVE what you did with the old door! The color is fabulous and the pretty! I love the hooks on the side to hang stuff....pure genius! Man, I wish I had an old door. I will be on the lookout...:) Awesome job!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. I'm hoping some of your mojo will rub off...and I'll figure out when and where to drive and grab! LOVE, love, love what you did to the door and the hardware! It's pretty, clever and functional - a holy trinity of wonderfulness. :)

  4. it's adorable and i really love the handle used for the chalk holder, you clever girl:) happy weekend, liz!

  5. Very pretty piece! Love the chalk holder pull! So innovative. Happy junkin'!!

  6. The first message on that wonderfully turquoise-y blue board should Relax! I love the cup pull as the chalk holder - very imaginative. Of course the distressing is my favorite part of the project. The cowgirl? So cute!

    Relax, don't do it!

  7. You had me laughing through the whole story:-) I can just see you now. It was all worth it though, I love the color on your new chalkboard.


  9. That hardware can cost a pretty penny as you well know. Great score! Your message center is a fabulous design on a dime!

    I sleep like a log at night when I've worked up a good tired, too.

  10. You lucky gal! My big problem would be that I would not have the right tool with me! See....learning from a veteran is always good! I'm putting a screwdriver in my glovebox today! Just in case! I am stealing the BEST idea I saw...that upside down bin pull to hold chalk! I can't believe I never thought of that! I make and sell chalkboards too! Once again....experience talks!

  11. I was almost rolling out of my chair laughing with you. What a sight you must have been trying to get that hardware off then deciding to keep the door. Smart gal keeping tools in the glove box.
    I see things too on the road but stuffy hubs won't stop for yard sales let alone things on the road, no spontaneity. Says I don't need them, it's junk. Yeah buddy what do you think I want it for? For someday when I find the perfect use for it.
    An old bird house that's falling apart was lying on the front porch, I was trying to get the decorative pieces off, hubs comes along, takes the whole thing to the trash. I went and got it out, took the pieces off I wanted. He couldn't visualize how awesome the pieces would look on one of my boxes or tray sides. I have to fight for every little thing he builds for me. Time to learn on my own huh? I'll just have to show him, huh? The man has no imagination, sheesh. Well now that I got that out of my system, I'd better go fix him some breakfast.

  12. Love all the detail on your message board. I think your little "lady" is actually "Little Boy Blue", sleeping at the edge of the haystack with his horn. He's great at relaxing, too!

    1. Ha, I think you may be right, but he/she sure has the face of a woman starting to show her age, if you ask me. I wondered why "she" was relaxing with a horn in her hands. Little boy blue makes much more sense. Good eye!

  13. I would love to go junking with you! I would even be the getaway driver. Kindred spirits.

  14. Liz, what a fun creative gal you are! I loved the hardware, but you turned it all into such a wonderful piece! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  15. I just ordered hardware off eBay so I know that was a find! I love what you did with the door.. Smart girl! Great job!

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  16. I love a girl who pulls over for hardware! And just look what you did with that door - awesome!


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