Friday, May 03, 2013

Letting the Swatches Fall Where They May

Sometimes projects just don't fulfill our decor dreams. [pouty face]

Even though I managed to fit the 1960's console with the cool radio and record player into the living room (sort of - at least it's not sitting right inside the front door any more), it was sucking the life out of the space, a space I've been in the process of trying to lighten for the past year and a half.

Since my son begs that I not paint the console (and since, for now, I'm humoring him), I scoured Joann's for some fabric that would fit in color-wise with my greens, blues and aquas. Unfortunately I couldn't find the style, color and print of fabric that I was hoping for (I rarely can), so I just bought what they had that looked like it would at least sort of fit in.

Take a lesson from me and don't do this. Do not settle for something you know isn't what you want. It just doesn't suddenly become right because you want it to or because you want to be done with your project.

But then, you knew that, didn't you.

I knew the fabric I bought in a rush to be done was wrong and not what I wanted, but would I wait? No. It had to be done this instant.

The darkness of the scratchy brown fabric panels was overwhelming me. I shrugged my shoulders about my fabric options and forged ahead.

After a few ideas were nixed, I figured out a way to attach the fabric to the speaker panels so it can be removed at a later date. This was done because I'm not sure what will become of this piece and I knew I wasn't thrilled with the fabric. Double-sided tape was used to attach it. Yes, perhaps that was a bit of a rig (I'm the rig queen), but so far it's still holding on after a week - a muggy, rainy, warm week.

The result: It's definitely helped brighten the room, it's just that the print of the fabric is too small and busy, and, well, I just don't like it with the overall look of the space.

I'm happy for the pick-me-up the lighter color adds, though. I just wish I'd had the patience to find fabric online or to scour a few other shops off the beaten path. Luckily I got this on sale, so it didn't cost much. Nevertheless, no one wants to waste time and money. The thought of redoing this with another fabric later does not make for happy thoughts. But I won't think about that today.

Tomorrow is another day!

Once the fabric was attached, it became apparent that the unpainted wood box sitting on top of the console (wood-on-wood) didn't provide enough contrast. [yawn]

So I did a wash of white over the box. I made three of these boxes, so I didn't mind taking a chance on painting one of them.

That helped a bit, but alas, the fabric still just isn't cutting it.

In another place and time and for another project, I'm sure that fabric would be just fine, but not for this, not in the overall scheme of the room and not with my desire for a large print with some contrast. I just don't like this (especially so much of it), but since I took the time to do it, I figured I'd at least show you that such a thing can be done without permanently altering the piece. 

In the end, once I figured out how to undo the hardware and attach the fabric (the dreaded learning curve), it didn't take too terribly long either.

So there you have it. 

And there I have it, because you know it's staying for a while since I did the work and I'm not likely to find the perfect fabric to replace it with anytime soon. It's not awful, but it does bug me. At least it won't bother me as much as all that brown did. 

I'm trying to rationalize myself into a temporary acceptance of it.

And at least I'm happy enough with the box I painted that hold my painted bottles.
It wasn't a complete failure. That always helps.

So it goes. I hope you can learn from my mistakes, but if you're like me, you too may find yourself compelled to do what you feel you must just to get a project done. 

If so, the chips (or swatches) will have to fall where they may.

 Onward I go because a whole world of other "hurry up and get me done" projects await. We'll see if I can play those a bit smarter. 

What are the odds, do you suppose?

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  1. Oh I think we've all been there. Sometimes I just can't find what I want, so I settle. Other times I just don't know what I want, so I pick something just to be done. In both cases I usually wish I had waited it out. And funny thing, it probably bugs you more than anyone else. I think your console looks great!

  2. Hi Liz,
    I have to agree with Sharon. This probably bugs you more than anyone else, I think it looks great. I actually like the fabric and it does brighten up the console. I know that feeling when you can't get something right!!!!!

  3. Oh yeah, Sharon is so right! We've all been there. The console is so beautiful, I love its hardware. Good thing you made it a temporary solution for when you find the "perfect" fabric.
    Have a great weekend, Liz!

  4. I do think you're on the right track - the lighter fabric works well to lighten up the piece. I prefer painted wood with a little natural wood here and there, too. Maybe you could compromise with your son and leave the top natural and paint the body of the piece? Then you might be able to find a fabric you liked better...
    Still, it's not a fail. You learn from every project, right? Keep up the good work, Liz.

  5. I too really like the fabric you put in. Maybe what it really comes down to is you want to paint that console and nothing else in your mind will work until you can. Oh boy have we all been "there".
    The fabric you used does lighten up the piece in a great way. Your mind can't accept it cause that's just not what you want. Think maybe your son will like it once it's done. Guys (many of them) can't visualize how something will look and they have a thing about painting wood. The console really does look very nice in the room. Happy Days

    1. You are so right. Nothing will work til I find what I want. My son might like it once it's done, but he's against painting because I painted a big mid century hutch white and it really was not the best way to go with it, so he thinks I shouldn't do this either. His concerns are justified. :) Still the hutch I painted is better than having a humongous brown piece in the room. I couldn't have stood that darkness, even though the wood did look nice in its original state.

      Oh well. Thanks so much for coming by and leaving your thoughts. Do you have a blog I can visit? I didn't see one linked to on your profile or an email to respond to. I'd love to stop by if you do. Just let me know.

  6. I really do like the fabric that you used and I think it brightens the piece up and adds interest. I do know how you feel though, no matter how many people tell you they like it doesn't, change it for you because you just aren't happy. That is all that matters anyway, that you in the end are happy with your choice. You will find the perfect fabric for you.


  7. I think the fabric looks just fine! But I understand - i've had stuff that just bugs me cause it's not really exactly what I want.

  8. Well... I am known to settle...a lot! That is why my blog is Corn in my Coffee Pot! I use what I have to gitt'r done!
    Truth? Most times, I'm satisfied with the end result and the fact that it's finished. But very often...I'm left wanting something more out of my projects. Think that is the big thief 'discontent' getting in the way of progress!
    I like the you you think something with a bigger print would be seen as well? This appears to lend some flair to the nostalgia of the piece while keeping it in it's most natural state. ...I like it!
    The paint on the bottle box...definitely helped to lighten it up too.


  9. I get that feeling a lot....just not quite content with the final product. I'm like you though and just try to live with it for a while. I change things up so often that I usually don't have to live with it too! The fabric is really pretty. I almost bought that exact same fabric for some project I was doing a while back. It does lighten the piece up and I love the whitewash on the wooden bottle box! Everything looks great..:) I love your style!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  10. In my humble (and unasked for) opinion the fabric is lovely, but not for this piece. I think you are looking for one of those early 60's atomic prints in a brighter turquoise. However, you have solved the big, dark hole problem.

  11. I love your fix for covering the stereo! The pattern mixes so well with your colors and style. It looks great, don't sweat the small stuff!

  12. I know you aren't completely happy with it but it looks so much better and brightens the room up.

  13. I think you are a bit hard on yourself. I quite like it. It definitely lifts the room. x

  14. Yeah, I love this idea! You can always change it later because you WILL find the perfect fabric. Love the light wash you put on that fabulous box!!

  15. The stereo did take on a much more upbeat appearance with the new fabric. It will grow on you, maybe?

  16. I really like the fabric you used and the colors of your bottles look great. What I would like to know is where did you get your couch cover? I've been in search of finding one I like.


  17. Such good advice-I can definitely relate! But I still think the piece is really improved with your clever solution, and fits better in your space now! (At least until you get exactly what you want) :)

  18. I love the fabric! It may not be what you wanted for the space but I think it's awesome. I also spent my day painting jars for centrepieces for school and I'm currently obsessed with them.

  19. Liz,
    I think the fabric looks great! I do know the feeling though, "been there, done that"! I'm always doing things I don't really like, but sometimes they grow on me after a bit, so maybe that will happen. Have a great week!

  20. I like the fabric! I think it's fun and a nice bright color.
    I'm visiting you today from C.R.A.F.T. I co-host a Linky Party Tuesday and would LOVE for you to add this. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog, leave a comment and Link Up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Mother's Day Frame~ Printable

  21. Consider it a 'work in progress'. Drives me bonkers too when something doesn't work out right the first time... must mean that better things are to come. :)

  22. For what its worth....I love the fabric and think it looks great! Big change in the room. Maybe you are like me and have an idea in your head and this fabric wasn't it. Ha Ha! Thanks for sharing, visiting from BNOP.

  23. Hi Liz,

    I agree. The fabric was not the best choice, BUT...when you made the switch, and topped it with the painted bottles, it burst with PIZAZZ!! Love the end result - very hip, cheery and new vintage!

    Poppy :)

  24. The console looks great! I usually get in a rush and want something finished right now! It never works out well. I am always glad when I just wait for the right thing! But, I really like the new fabric! Life to the full! Melissa

  25. Liz,
    I too like the fabric, but if you don't, you just don't. It does make a huge difference, really brightens that side of the room up. I would want to paint it also. You'll get it the way you want, eventually it will all come together. The whitewash on the box really lightens it up, looks good.

  26. Yes, as many others have said, we've all been there. I was just wondering, though, if you considered using burlap in those inserts? You may not be a proponent of burlap, I don't know, but it is coming out in more different colors every day it seems. I like the box you made and think it looks great the way you painted it. I like your touches of turquoise around the room. If you can just be patient, an idea for the console will just come to you one day when you are not even thinking about it -- at least that's what happens with me!

    1. OOOH Burlap! I'm a big burlap person right now! I noticed it comes in a lot of different colors, too. That's an interesting idea, Carol!

  27. What a good idea! I never thought about replacing that fabric! Your whole post made me laugh because I have a similar personality when it comes to just wanting to get things done! My husband tells me I'm always rushing, but I tell him I get MORE done that way!

    I think this looks awesome, and I love the bottles on top. Those are my absolute favorite colors!

  28. This is so cute! I think it looks great and what a huge difference just fabric can make! I love all of your decorations you really have such a good eye! If you have time I'd love if you'd share this on my Linking party Happy Wednesday!

  29. I am so with you, sista!! How many times have I been in need of fabric only to spend hours perusing their selection and not a one was what I wanted! And yes, I buy the ol' substitute, come home, and think why did I spend my time and money over that??! You wanted to add lightness to your decor and that was accomplished.. even if it wasn't your favorite. With the cute tablescapes you're creating, I think you did darn good!!

  30. The fabric made such a huge difference! And I love the box painted out... the console does look really pretty the way you have fixed it up and dressed it:)

  31. Krista, I should consider that fabric its dressing and go about redressing it in a new wardrobe now and again, shouldn't I? No one should have to wear the same clothes all the time! Good thinking!

  32. The console looks much better with the fabric Liz. I like the box painted too. Have you considered painting the fabric? It would probably take 2 or 3 coats, but you could try it on a scrap first. I'm not sure if it would be faster to paint it or just change it out when you are ready. I do love the look of fabric in the panels!

    Thank you for sharing it and your cute chalkboard door at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  33. I really like the fabric! I think its very unusual! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back! Have a great day,Nicole

  34. This is really awesome!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing it with us at Junkin Joe!!! hugs...

  35. Such a great update, thanks for sharing on Monday Funday!

  36. Liz, it really brightens up the room. I think the fabric will grow on you more each day. You and I were on the same page as far a white washing. I just white washed an old wooden box this week also. Love how yours turned out! Thanks so much for sharing with SYC.


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