Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mad Men Style

I've never seen Mad Men, but I'm not so out of touch that I don't know this would make a few fans of the show swoon.

Long before the show enticed people with the sleek lines of mid century style, many of us grew up with this simple yet cool vibe.

This beauty was found curbside by my friend, Lynette's husband, Paul, the one who rescued the vintage library magazine rack for me a while back. 

Last night, Lynette and I took to hauling it out of the garage at her rental property where Paul had placed it to await whatever its future holds. It needed a good cleaning.

Here's it is without the cushions.

I took these photos right before we cleaned it and tore the cushions apart.

Yes, unfortunately we had to dismantle them. They were disintegrating, and the foam inside was crumbling. Besides, it carried a hint of the scents of ages past. Nothing devalues a fine relic like lingering odors.

The little legs are adorable and the couch is in fabulous shape (other than the need for new fabric and foam. There is also one leg missing in the middle, on the front.)

And isn't this cool! The tag was still on it, and as Lynette noted, you can tell its age by the use of tacks rather than staples. It was made by the Gregson Mfg. Co. in Liberty, N.C. 1958

 Lynette did go around and add some staples to hold the loose lining on the bottom so it wouldn't get caught on anything and rip.

 I have to say, despite the fact it reminds me in a way of the bench seat in an old truck, I love it!

The parchment colored naugahyde was tacky and dirty, but we gave it a good scrubbing and it cleaned up real nice.

Of course I'm drawn to this like a sweet tooth to hot fudge sauce. Oh wait, that's me too.

I've been dying for a curved version of a couch like this, but can you imagine this stylish lovely paired with my recent console purchase? I think the room of my dreams would come together quite nicely with such an addition. The only problem is, I don't think I could give up my comfy couch. I waver between style over function and function over style. But how many times do you suppose a find like this comes along.

I can't imagine this one would compare in comfort to the overstuffed couch where I currently spend my sedate moments. Oh, if only I had one more living or family room!

Meanwhile, my mission is to find out how much one of these babies could bring in. I tried finding one like it online but didn't have much luck so far.

Well, kids. I should have left for work already. There was a pile of cabinets someone was putting out by the curb a ways away last night. I couldn't stop then and wanted to go on a hardware salvaging run on my way to work today. Didn't get moving fast enough.

Well, I may take a drive by and push my luck!

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  1. Liz,
    What a beauty. I love that the tag is still on there too. How sweet is that!!!! I bet this could pull in some $$ they are all the rage now. I can't wait to see what you do with this. Great score.


  3. Gorgeous! You could definitely get a nice price for this!!!! You hit the jackpot with the couch and console. :)

  4. Very cool! Mad Men indeed. I'd keep that tag, and maybe add another for it's new incarnation. :)

  5. That couch is a sweet find! Oh but you guys need to open up a cool shop!

  6. I recently acquired a turquoise, velvet, 3 piece sectional that has a similar look to it. I purchased it for my daughter who loves mid century modern.

  7. No junk is safe from you.
    I think this is truly a wonderful sofa with good bones...:)

  8. Cannot believe it was FREE! It is so mid-century modern - I can just imagine it in a low=slung ranch with a stereo console, a bar over to the side, and a sleek coffee table with bright glass vases. Oh, right, that was my friend's house back when I was just a toddler! We had a sofa like this, but the back folded down to make a twin bed. Love the tag!

  9. I love this sofa...very funky! It would be s pretty upholstered in so many different fabrics too. It looks to be in great condition for it's age! It's quite a bit older than me! Furniture used to be built to last...:) Let us know is you choose style over function!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  10. Amazing sofa! My daughter's family is looking for a sofa like this for their mid century home. Awesome find!

  11. Yes, I am old enough to remember sofas in that style. My parents had a brown tweed very similar, but had low square arms. I must say I like the color and texture of your naugahyde better than brown tweed.

    I am your latest follower. How could I pass up following a blog named Quirky Vistas...makes my blog list alphabet more complete (Q) for one thing. :)

    Thanks for stopping by recently and leaving a nice comment.


  12. My oh my!! What an awesome find! You have us all swooning!!

  13. Very cool, Liz! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  14. Love that tag Liz! This is truly a Mad Man's dream. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  15. Don Draper would be thrilled to put this in his penthouse : ) LOL!!! hugs...


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