Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday's Junk Has Far to Go

Like a race horse out of the gate, I took off at a gallop down the street. The blinders were off though. Mine was a race to win the prize of the day... some good old fashioned free junk from the curb.

And whatayaknow, there this little mid century sweet was, standing with her back to me like she wasn't even interested in watching the race. She must not have been betting on me, and perhaps she knew I'd slow to a trot, pick her up, take her home and put her through an overhaul if she caught my eye. As we age, we get set in our ways. Perhaps she wanted to just go to meet her maker. The trash truck was closing in whisk her away, but I'd have none of that. She couldn't hide from me, not with those legs. She would do nicely as my first score of the day, a little worse for wear, but if all else failed, those sleek legs would be a big win in and of themselves. I do so love me some mid century sensibility.

Turns out she is missing a thin slat of wood that fits into the top. In some worlds she might be able to carry on topless, but this isn't France, you know. Then again, I'm not sure if I'll bother replacing her top. Call me scandalous, but we'll just have to wait and see. You could also call me lazy. Sometimes I like to just make do.

Home I went to drop her off and make room for the stash I was sure was yet to come.

I was right. The streets held plenty to net me a few prizes, if not first prize for speed, at least for refilling my back patio with junk. Yes, I sacrificed speed once I made my first score and began to meander the drives and boulevards, criss-crossing town, ever so slowly through intersecting streets, my head swinging wildly as I passed each, craning my neck to see if anything of interest was lying in wait to the left or the right. 

This rowdy little pair was hard to miss as they jumped up and down trying to get my attention with their obnoxious primary hues. My eyes simply cannot handle these colors together. It was hard to look past that and imagine something worth snagging them for. I also happen to dislike most bamboo furniture, so these had two strikes against them. At first, the thought was just to take the hardware, so I grabbed a couple drawers to pull the handles off of at home, unscrewed a couple other nobs and took off.  Turns out one of them was missing almost all its hardware. Strike three. 

Of course the color could be remedied and something could be done to tone them down and help them navigate into a more grown up, subtle style. After all, this was a pair, and that counts for a lot in the world of furniture finds. Despite the three strikes against them, I decided that if I can't figure out what to do about the hardware, I could always throw them back out later. (I'm learning.)

These things are made of solid, heavy wood and I had to heave the first one up and over awkwardly as I tried to get it in the car where I had left nary enough space between the car and the garbage can. It took some work and a lot of back muscle (or lack thereof), a little shove and a lot of desire to hurry before any more cars drove by slowly to go around me (and to gawk). There wasn't room for both of these at once, so home I went, hauled the one out and around to the back yard fast as I could, with little kindness or concern for my tricky back. Did I mention how heavy these are? My back told me in no uncertain terms later on.

As I said, I'm not usually a fan of bamboo, but these little handles are so cute and the red was actually nice by itself. The finish was so glossy. I like that. 

Finally after the third trip, they were mine. The owner was outside at her car when I came to finish the job, but after circling the block once, hoping she would go inside, I had no patience for wasting gas driving around hoping she would go inside. I stopped despite her and was hauling the end table into the car when the neighbor next door came out to walk her dog and said she had just seen the little chest of drawers and thought about taking it herself. She said something about how she bet I probably go on Pinterest and get ideas. She thought these were perfect for a redo. We talked for a minute and then I forged ahead toward the rest of the waiting junk.

We'll see if these turn out to be good for a redo when it comes to time and trouble versus payout. It turned out that some of the drawer glides were unattached at one end and only one of the drawers would slide right. Ugh. That made it strike four!

Here's the stuff found in the drawers and behind the drawers of the two chests of drawers and the midcentury piece. I found a dollar, and there was a Fred and Barney book without the cover. Woo hoo! I made a dollar while junkin'. Nice.

Two of these countertops appeared, but I didn't think they would fit into the car and thought they would be too heavy, so they were passed up, figuring someone else would come and get them, but at the end of my run they were still there. They ended up sliding into the back seat easily, and after carting the bamboo end tables around, these were a piece of cake.

Somebody I know has to have a use for a granite look laminate countertop. If not, we'll just try to sell these at our upcoming yard sale.

Then there was this lone and forlorn chair. It so happens I need a single chair for a wicker desk recently procured from across the street. You haven't seen that yet. It was a funny story and there just hasn't been time to tell it yet. (The cabinet doors came from a junk pile I found on the way to work on Wednesday.)

The chair had some detail at the legs that could be either a deco style or a Southwest look. Take your pick.

The painted leaves or tree or whatever it was just did not cut it and the chair was a mess. It had potential though, and I imagined it painted all white with the seat covered in the fabric my friend Lynette bought for me for just such an occasion. We had also bought batting on sale on Tuesday, so everything I needed to promptly makeover this unique chair was within reach. What a joy.

Here's the fabric. Isn't it perfect for the chair style? The fabric seems to mimic the design on the back. And it's adorable besides!

So there you have it.

A cute chair to go with something, even if it doesn't end up working with the wicker desk. It may be too big to pair with it. Since my friend Kathryn came and drug the desk to her house to store it, I don't have it readily available to try out.

The day started with high hopes of getting way more done than just the chair. I did find some screws and tacked down the drawer glides on the chests of drawers, but problems remain. One of the end tables has been sanded and painted with a first coat, but now I am rethinking the plan. Since only a couple of the drawers have complete glides and they're missing so much hardware, the new plan is to make a shelf where two of the drawers are. We'll see how that goes. No one's going to want them without functioning drawers and with mismatched hardware, and spending money to fix them is not appealing to this cheapskate.

Off I go. The patio is feeling a bit crowded and messy again and the sewing table still needs paint, as do the salvaged cabinet doors. 

As for Thursday's junk, despite the work accomplished, it still has far to go.

Hope you have a junky good day. 

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  1. Liz,
    You scored big on this one!!! Oh my that chair is so adorable and you are so right the fabric is perfect. You got some good bones to work with. Ha Ha you actually got paid for your junkin with the dollar find!!!! Love that!!!!!You just never know what people leave behind when they throw things out!!!!! You have some great projects ahead of you and I know they will come out great with your talent. Happy re loving!!!!

  2. That chair turned out so cute! Nice haul for your painting list, Liz.

  3. The chair is perfect and I can't wait to see how you redo the bamboo chest! If it is sturdy enough, the cute mid-century table would make a small bench or the seat of a hall tree!

    I just know you will make ubber-cool stuff out of your finds!


  5. You really got a good haul, can't wait to see what you with it all. Have great weekend!


  6. Ok this is complete sensory overload here - I LOVE those bamboo dressers - how can you not like them???
    KELLY GREEN please- and green is not my favorite color at all - but I saw dresser like this done in that color and they were out of this world beautiful!!!
    The chair came out gorgeous too - but had to LMAO that you dragged home a laminate countertop - you're too funny!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I am amazed yet again, Liz.
    I am also so disappointed that you don't live could come by and start looting my garage. Please! We aren't allowed to have garage sales due to HOA rules, and I'm never selling anything on CL because I want to remain among the living.
    I've been thinking about putting out an APB to all area bloggers- come and get it!
    Love your chair/fabric and I think Suzan is right on track with kelly green on the dressers.
    Hope you have a good junky weekend, too!

  8. The fabric and the chair were perfect for each other. Please do something with the bamboo dressers! Suzan sees Kelly green. I see your trademark turquoise, raspberry and buttercream with a fancy logo.

  9. The chair is a very strange design, but you made it so beautiful! You got a lot of really nice stuff!

  10. Hi Liz, now that's junking. Loving all you found, great job with the chair, my fav. Loving the bamboo dresser too. Enjoy.

  11. Your chair looks adorable! The things you do for junk.... I love it.

  12. What a nifty little table...very unique! Those nightstands are hideously ugly in those colors! Don;t know what the owner was thinking....nevermind, they obviously weren't! They would be gorgeous in white...or yellow....or maybe aqua! The handles are pretty sweet...:)Your chair turned out great! I love chairs...they are a quick and easy fix! I have redone several and none were over $3! Thanks for sharing your awesome finds! Oh...have a wonderful weekend too!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  13. Looks like you have the same disease I have...which is picking up forlorn chairs. I have a plethora of mismatched goodies in my garage as I type, although they're kinda bad-ies until I get my paint and fabric out. :)

  14. Watching you curb-shop is like playing Monopoly ...first off, Monopoly is a LONG board game; and you know I equate that with your story telling and antics. But, you and I are okay with that right, my long winded friend? ...Secondly, sometimes you get sets of property and some times you end up with Park Place and St.Charles Place ...and you which we both know, alone you can NOT put improvements...but you make do! Then there are those days you come home with some electrified gadget...and it's like getting paid 4X the roll! You make it work in you living room and the nostalgia is a dreamy effect.
    ...Ok... I know it's a stretch...but the dentist gave me some powerful pain meds today!

    but you get me,right?

    Oh, yeah...and i love the chair. You should try and pry the bamboo pieces off and fill in with putty and paint!
    that's all I got...

  15. Love the table chair and side drawers. I love what you did with the art deco chair. the fabric is a perfect match. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest. :)

  16. , I love the bamboo on the drawers,it's so unusual

  17. The "tree" chair looks great in white with a new seat. Can't wait to see the midcentury piece and the chests re-habbed too.

  18. Love your awesome scores and what a fantastic job you did on the chair, it's beautiful!

  19. Another great curbside junkin' day! I still can't get over all the stuff you're able to find. Great job on the much better. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the other strays. I'm thinking that mid century piece would be fabulous with a cushion on top...a nice little seat.

  20. Just look at this load of treasures...darling chair!! Come by on will be featured at my party.


  21. LOVE the chair makeover! What a pretty and unique shape, and I am a huge fan of the fabric you chose. Great job!

  22. Great finds as always! And that chair makeover is GREAT!

  23. I love the fabric you used for the chair! Too cute!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  24. Liz...I can't wait to see what you do with the end tables!!!! This is exciting! Love your finds and I am sure they are all going to be amazing one you touch them with your talents! Hugs...TFS!!! : )

  25. You seriously cleaned up!!! What a fun story about all the good junque!

  26. Liz, the fabric is ideal. I love it! I have such a bird fetish and this is just darn cute. You do fab work my friend! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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