Monday, June 24, 2013

The Wonderful World of Chairs

My friends, Paul and Lynette, brought me two of these beauties last week to use as accompaniment to the grocer's table I've been working on.

I wasted no time and got them painted white and waxed, and then decided to go ahead and create a dipped effect for the legs so they would connect better with the table.

In case you forgot or didn't see it before, the table looked like this:

Now it's basically finished, but it's causing congestion problems for the living room traffic pattern.

I had to move it here for photos because it's too heavy to keep carrying outside without hacking it up, besides, the yard turned very brown this week once our torrential rains subsided. Brown weeds were not the backdrop this table was looking for.

 It's not the greatest setting for my new table and chairs, but you get the picture, right?

Of course you get it, because I keep including one more shot. I'm sure you've seen enough, but I hate to see it go. Where it's going is yet unknown. I may get it to enjoy for a while.
Well, here's a final recap of what became of the pedestal table and the chairs.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

...Lynette and I have been very busy on those cool chairs I picked up curbside on Thursday.
A little worse for wear, you might say. These must have been living outside for some time.

We spent all afternoon on Saturday removing the fabric and the gazillions of deep staples that held it on, not to mention cleaning up drink spills. First, one of Lynette's sons spilled his frozen Coke, then I spilled my Coke, then Lynette set her large iced tea on the floor and discovered later that it had spilled and she didn't know it. Tea soaked up into the curtains and everything. Quite problematic. Then I set my new drink in the middle of the table away from where it could land on a seat or the floor, only to have my elbow hit it in flying attempt to yank a staple out. Yes, the liquid in stemwear glasses can fly across and over the edge of the dining room table with the greatest of ease, especially with the physics of staple pulling behind it. Luckily, most of that spill landed on the waterproof table cover. The "no drinks in the work area" rule from our cropping days didn't seem to stick. I don't think we ever were very good at it. Maybe we've learned now.

Despite our trouble with liquids, we got a lot done. There was a humongous mess left behind from our labor though, even though we cleaned midway. At one point I was standing downwind of the fan as I scraped the old finish off this chair. Not smart, but it was boiling out and our intense efforts were sweat-inducing even in the air conditioning. We needed that fan.

The old finish flaked off quite easily for the most part, and that is where we had to leave the project for the time being. We are considering not putting fabric back onto the backs of the chairs if we can figure out what we want to do about the indentation where the previous fabric was. We're considering our options and will make a decision once all our prep work is finished.

On another daughter reminded me that I left you hanging in my last post.
Which two items out of these five sold at our recent garage sale?

The answer:
The gumball machine and the little mid century table with the missing top! I was over the gumball machine since it was taking up space, but I do lament the loss of the table. Oh well, other stuff seems to have already taken up the space it freed up. I know! You just want to say, "oh, brother!" My kids want to say, "Oh, Mother!" And they do.

I had already decided to keep the globe but I put it in the sale just to see if anyone would pay what I wanted. Since I had included a picture of it in the ad, I figured I should at least offer it. No one even seemed interested or asked my price, so it is still in my keeping along with the three tiered silver tray and the stool with the cute Ikea bird fabric among many, many other items.

That is what is happening here in the wonderful world of chairs. Yes, there are more chairs... I got these last Monday on the way to work:

They could be soooo cute, if only had the time any time soon to work on them. Not likely, but they are patiently waiting in my friend Kathryn's garage.

 This one had no back and is tilting. I hope we can fix that problem because I have a similar problem with a rattan chair at home.

Today on the way to work I found this. It was way roached out - literally. One roach scurried across the road as I started to drag it to my car. I froze in fear but carried on hoping it was the only one. Yeah, right. What is that that makes us believe what we know good and well isn't true. Risky business, to be sure. I got this for the doors and the drawer hardware. Did I take a pic of the front before I tore it apart! Of course not. Here's a shot of one of the cute little doors:

Love that little pull. This will make a great little hook holder or something.

A couple houses down from the nightstand was a giant pile with the much of the contents of a house out front. It looked like the house was being entirely remodeled by a new owner. I was already borderline late for work so I grabbed what I could without digging and got this monopoly game, the jeaopardy game and the reed placemats. They will be good for some sort of project.

Then please humor me while I tell about the one (two) that got away. 

I'm really sorry to say I did not have had the proper screwdriver in my glove compartment. The one I had would not do the trick to turn the screws on the cabinet sitting in the median. It was too pointy or small or something. So sad. You see, the cabinet couldn't fit in my car, but the doors were wonderful and only about 3 feet tall. They each had six panels and they would have had made a great architectural addition to the end of a cabinet or an island or something. They could have made a cute tabletop too! I hated to leave them, but the trash truck was closing in and I was late for work. That'll teach me to dawdle on Monday mornings! And I have got to put a better variety of screwdrivers in my glove compartment. Just after I got the roachy nightstand, I also had to pass up a perfectly good humongous mirror that I couldn't fit in the car. 

Oh, if I only had a truck...

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  1. I absolutely love that little table and chairs! It turned out great! And once again.....I'm green with envy over all your freebies.....except the roach! Lol....;)
    Blessings, Vicky

  2. you definitely need to invest in a truck :) with all the stuff you find and your awesome creativity!!

  3. Love that table and the graphic you added. Those awesome chairs are turning into a real labor of love, but they'll be gorgeous when you're finished. I was just thinking the same thing that Daniela commented on...I do believe it's time for a truck, lol.

  4. Your table and chairs turned out so great! My mom would adore your yellow, white and black combo, and the vintage feel. And I love the way the chairs look with the old finish off - just as they are. I would consider just waxing them and calling it good. They'd be great with burlap in the back, and drop cloth upholstery with the natural finish. MMMM.:)

  5. Liz,
    The table and chairs are beautiful. I hope you can find a place for them at your house to keep them for awhile. They are so cute. I love the dipped legs effect on the chairs. Ties them all together. Another great job my friend.

  6. new follower! fun blog!-aimee {}

  7. You do amazing work. Those chairs, that table, oh, my!

  8. You did a wonderful job on the pedestal table and chairs!

    You don't have roaches living in your car, do you? That would put me off curbside finds for a while! I don't know much about roaches, but I'm squeamish about any kind of bugs in my car or house. Eek!

  9. I had to click on any title with the word "chairs" in it because I'm actually on the hunt for a few. I absolutely love how your set turned out, you are so darn talented. love the writing.
    PS I thought for sure the globe would have sold. I love finding those at garage sales, I collect them

  10. Wow. Awesomeness... answer me this.. What is more fun than digging in a good trash pile? I went to a tag sale and he had an area of junk that looked more interesting than the tag sale stuff. :) While you're out there junking think about me doing the same thing. 3 days ago I picked up some shutters... 8 big long shutters. I was ecstatic!! It turned out they were closet doors but, hey, they look like shutters! Now what to do with them. They are safely in the garage. :) Best wishes to you. Following on Hometalk and Pinterest. Linda

  11. I love chairs too - you know I can't seem to stop dragging them home! and I need a truck too - another fund to start :) Sigh. With so many funds going they grow really slowly!

  12. The table is cute...
    and girl! you'd be dangerous with a truck.
    ...keep on pickin'

  13. i just can't get over all the stuff you find on the side of the road. i pay good money for roached out stuff! lol! That table and chair set came out awesome!

  14. Okay, I only buy a lottery ticket if the jackpot is over $300 million, but if I ever win I am buying you a big, honking truck! I hate to think of all the orphans you have left on the curb. I will even pop for storage. And exterminators. Love the chairs with their little yellow socks. Like little girls dressed for Sunday school. Would chicken wire stapled to the backs of those chairs work? Like Revi above I would just wax them. They look distressed enough.

  15. Well do you ever find screw drivers on the side of the road? Surely someone tosses out tools?

  16. Love your drink story. Wow, that is a ton of work!! The table and chairs turned out so cute! I love the hardware on the roachy thing. GROSS!!!! I had a really bad experience with not one, but two dressers I dragged home with roaches. I did eradicate them, but it was too late, and it was too close to my house. Yep, they got in and I actually had to call an exterminator. It was very small, but I was so sorry!!

  17. Hi Liz,

    What an AMAZING transformation! How smart to dip the chair legs to match the table, and I LOVE the tabletop design!! I don't think I could part with this little ensemble, especially since it looks so beautiful just where it is!!


  18. Hi, Liz

    My word, I love the chairs. Hands down that is my down fall. LOL, you have been busy picking up road side for free. You should really consider selling the stuff you fix up because they are beautiful. You got mad skills my friend and a great eye. Wish I lived closer to you so I can find great treasures, I just live in Polk county Florida and no one is letting go of their things. LOL. Have a great week. : )

  19. I really like what you did with the chairs, it really does tie them together. What a beautiful set. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the other chair.


  20. I have a thing for chairs myself. I really LOVE your table with the writing and the image on it. I just found your blog through, "From My Front Porch To Yours," and I will be following you on bloglovin. I just did a post on new trends from Dallas Market and I think you might enjoy it because of the table you did. You can see it:
    Thanks, Patty

  21. Your table and chairs are fabulous. Perhaps you can keep them and open a cute little bistro in your living room?

  22. Love your chair with the black seat!!!!! Want to try this on a white chair I have with chalk board paint:) Pinning!

  23. You find the greatest chairs! I think you do need a truck! Love the table and chairs you redid and those curb side chairs, so pretty! Have a fun weekend!

  24. WOW!! You are a woman after my own heart with your great finds!! LOVE the chairs and the table re-do!! I wish I had room to do more paint makeovers.....

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  25. LOVE the table.. and the bday gifts above, liz! i would make a mess trying to paint like that! great job! have a great weekend!

  26. The table and chairs are fabulous! The dipped legs are such a fun idea. Can't wait to see the other chairs finished. I guessed right on the little cabinet, but I thought the globe instead of the gumball machine. thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. Great finds! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  28. The little table is wonderful and I love the ladder in the background of the picture.

  29. Wow! This is amazing, Liz!! I love the dipped feet! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof


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